Vivid Dreams!!-Really Vivid.

  • I met a man a few months ago. And when we met it was such a strange, attrative comfortable feeling, really. For whatever reason the night did not permit us to obtain any contact information from one another. Just the circumstances (lecture hall, he is much older I am much younger, the people lessening by the minute in the room with only a handful of people left-it might have put him on the spot had he asked me out right then and there-although I am CERTAIN he would have-Trust me, you had to be there, lol..) He did not have a wedding ring on and I am certain he made a forced attempt to see if I had one. Anyway it has been months and I still think about him occasionally. I went to a Turkish restaurant not too long ago and a woman read my coffee (its like a tarot reading but with coffee-very cool) and she mentioned him! (at the time, I had no idea who she was talking about but when I went home it hit me like a brick) It was the strangest thing because up until that point I had forgotten about him. Well I had a very vivid-lets call it explicit dream before this reading with this man and it felt beyond real! Like we visited some alter reality? What do you guys think about these kind of dreams? The Turkish woman said he has been trying to tell me something, but we have not ran into each other since. The possibility of running into each other won't be for another 7 months or so. But the dream had such intensity that wouldn't some people agree we sometimes visit one another in dreams without inhibitions? It was very odd! lol.. A little guidance would be cool, thanks!

  • "Vivid Dreams"-sometimes when we want something so intensely(which it sounds as though you really want this guy to come back), during our dream time we have "waking dreams".What I mean is the person really visits us while we are awake in our dream world! I believe the person is really there. It doesn't happen very often unless you were to practice "waking dreams." I also believe you can communicate your thoughts to this person and vis-versa. Try before going to sleep to go back to the dream and remember what you were dreaming. Then say to yourself exactly what you want in this dream,what would you say or do.Then go to sleep and see what happenes.You may have to do this each night for awhile. You can also make a firm intention while awake that you want this person to re-visit you. Then if the Universe deems it will happen and it is meant to be, then it happens. Or the vivid dream could mean you had to see this person 1 more time!

    That is it for now- but let's talk more! I'll be looking for you- Skydolphinflyshigh

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