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  • Hello all!

    I did a tarot reading for myself and would like to get the opinions of other forum members on the outcome as I'm not sure what it's saying really! I can read the cards fine from cards 1 - 5 but I can't see the story beyond that. It would also be nice to know if my original thought on those cards is correct.

    My question was on a new contact I have made and whether they would be good for me in furthering my career aspirations.

    Here is the list of cards in positions:

    Card 1: Heirophant

    Card 2: Hanged Man

    Card 3: Queen of Cups (NB: Position 3 for me is the 'root' card below card 1)

    Card 4: Chariot

    Card 5: Ace of Wands

    Card 6: Queen of Wands

    Card 7: Judgement

    Card 8: The Wheel of Fortune

    Card 9: Devil

    Card 10: King of Wands

    Things I've noticed is the high number of Major cards and the minor cards are all wands except for the Queen of Cups. In addition, except for the Ace, all the other minors are court cards. This is making me think that the reading is more about me than the contact/organisation?

    It's worth mentioning that I don't read reversed cards.

    Please let me know if you'd like anymore info. All help/thoughts is appreciated.

  • Hi, What I'm getting is a need for more structure. There is also a need to get away from dysfunctional people. You're being pulled in that direction at present. There is alot of creativity. So who does the man and woman represent. You have two people here, I believe, other than yourself. I believe your a loving, nurturing type person. You're being shown as the queen of cups. In any given area in your life, your going to have to judge with your head rather than your heart. This is where the trouble comes in. I see the major arcana cards meaning life's lessons that are coming thru. I get a feeling that there is some real creative force at hand here and am curious as what this is. I can pull some cards for you and see what I come up with. I can better explain the positions that the cards land in.

  • Wow, thank you Daliolite! It's quite interesting as I don't know much about the company/contact in question. I am at a loss as to who the two other people are. I can only think of my current teacher who is female or another woman who is keen to work with me. The man could potentially be the new contact I have made?

    To give you more background, I am a belly dancer and am currently trying to become self employed in that area of my life. I have a full time job and i work in my spare time teaching and performing. It would be a dream come true if I could ditch the day job and focus on the dancing. The 'contact' in question could open doors for me as they run festivals internationally etc but I don't know if this is a reliable person with my best interests in mind. Hopefully this gives you a better idea of what the cards are pointing to.

    Do you need me to give you permission to look into the cards more? If so you have my permission 🙂

  • Sabrynah, I'm getting an indication to watch for what you wish for. It seems that your coming from a place of security to insecurity. You really love this belly dancing but the challenge here is not to be in submission. I would pay close attention to the devil card you drew. I didn't pull any major arcana cards. I believe in some way you are being criticised from others for leaning towards this belly dancing. Your need to make a mature decision here (queen of swords in future position.) Money somehow is a block. Maybe you just don't know if doing this is financially sound and that's a major block for you. Ace of Coins is blocked in money/material. You are walking away from something that you truly love. I truly get the impression that you are at a stalemate regarding this decision. When I draw the Moon in present it often means a decision. I would get more info if you can about this company.


    present--7 cups


    below--5 of rods

    situation--9 of cups

    past--10 coins

    challenges--6 of coins

    future--queen of swords

    blocks--ace of coins

    friends assoc--7 of rods

    advice--8 of cups

    outcome--queen of rods--you may encounter someone creative who would be of support in this decision, I feel, that will give you good advice. Do you have friends in this belly dancing. This could also represent you.

  • Hi Daliolite. This is very fitting to my situation. You are very right about the criticicsm! My family are not supportive (it goes against religious beleifs etc) at all and money is a concern for me as I don't know if can make it work and sustain myself. I'll think on this more and see what I can find out about the company. Many thanks for your help- its much appreciated!

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