• Here it is folks: need advice,opinions,experiences etc.

    My former boss and i started a "FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS" relationship since mid-january. We've had our share of up's and down's. Im 10 years older than he, so that plays in some scenerios ( i think) anyways, he'll do the world for me when i've wanted to cut it off, he'll bounce back and will not let me go. He invites me everywhere, meanwhile, was seeing other females, he'll spend more time with me than with them. if he was on a date, he'll call after words, not telling , but i'll know..than eventually, he'd say things to allude to my conclusion. He wants me in every aspect of his life, introduced me to all of his best friends and takes care of me , when we're not at eachothers throats lol. My dear lad has a rovering eye, in which, we r not in a committed relationship, but it does bother me ( just being honest). When he chats or meets someone he acts a little like a butthead, but than i'll put him in his place and he'll comeback to his old self , when he feels like question is if he doesnt want a relationship with me, than why he can't let me go? why be there for me 110% and wants me to go everywhere with him? just curious...serious inquiries please

    BTW: Not long ago , i ended things with him and 5 days later he came banging on my door, packed my night bag and we went to his place. he made passionate love to me that night...he asked me to quit my job and he offered to pay my rent for a month so i can look for another job. One thing is for sure: he becomes paranoid if we dont talk..he doesnt like when i jokingly say ( im not talking to you or im leaving) anything, that'd suggest i didnt want anything to do with him..he goes nuts! completely nuts!


    I feel like he is in lust with you and also happens to enjoy your personality of not letting him get by with much without getting your whip out after him. lol If you really want to break this cycle with him than DO NOT answer the door or phone the next time you say that you are wanting to cancell this relationship, after all he is not use to being told no by women.

    You can also look for another job to complete the sign off.

    Whatever you do you will not marry him is what I am receiving to tell you as you do have another request to dance from another man coming in around you . He is tall and wears a suit so he is a business man and he keeps his self to the 9's Luv , he has the name of Albert or an A in the first name here. Yes he also draws attention of women, but he will not stray onced he is hooked by the woman that knows just what bait to use and I do believe that you have it.

    You will live in the country with him and I see four children , two in which he may already have. You will continue to work, however on your own terms. Don't worry, he is not perfect and that will keep it lively for you both.


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