• This is what I pulled on my situation:

    present--10 of swords

    above--2 of swords

    below--5 of swords

    situation--wheel of fortune

    past--5 of cups

    challenges--knight of swords

    future--king of cups

    blocks--3 0f coins

    friends--7 of swords

    advice--8 of coins

    outcome--4 of rods

  • Hey Dal,

    Sorry to hear things aren't going so well at work. Just from the first glance at the cards you pulled, it was really just mostly showing this other person. All those swords!!! It looks like this person has been yelling or belittling/talking down to you and it has you feeling run down or overloaded by the energy of it. The advice card really stuck out to me as well -- like saying just keep your nose down and focus on the work instead of getting caught up in the drama. The Wheel of Fortune said the same thing to me -- stay centered within and let everything whirl around you on the outside. I think this other person may have some stuff going on in their personal life that is affecting the situation as well.

    But when I tuned in myself, what I got for you was that you really don't want to be at this job. There is something else that is speaking to you and you have not acted on it - either because of self-doubt or lack of faith due to the economy or your own economic issues. Self-employment of some sort? I am being told that you know what it is - know what to do - and just need to start taking the steps. Maybe this upset at work is supposed to be a catalyst for you to get focused on what you REALLY want so you can get out of there.

    I have been dealing with difficult people at work as well - one of whom is my boss - and my personal advice is this: Stay centered! I often catch myself reacting to the verbal abuse with anger, frustration, etc. Fortunately I do catch it and remind myself that this is just my ego responding to their ego. So I take the time to just "check in" with the TRUTH. Often, I know in my heart what to do and the reason I know it is coming from my heart is because I am in a calm place rather than in reaction mode. This is not to say that you should allow someone to walk all over you or push you around. Just speak up for yourself without any underlying anger or even fear. And just recognize the drama you can walk away from and let everyone else waste their energy on it!

    But like I said, Spirit says you have other fish to fry and this is just helping to motivate you.

    Hope this helped. Let me know if you have any other questions.


  • I pulled some cards for you from my Archangel Oracle Cards and my Guidance from your Angels Oracle cards...

    Archangel Cards: Prioritize ~ Career Transition ~ You Know What to Do

    Angel Guidance Cards: Entrepeneur ~ Creative Project


  • WG, Thanks for responding so quickly. This is a great job other than this one person. Others have had problems with her before so I was warned prior to working with her. It is her drama and I've been handling like you mentioned. In challenges, what do you see the knight of swords representing. I only work with her 2 days a week which is a blessing. In general, I've always wanted my own business and have run restaurants successfully in past and am leaning in that direction. I'm juggling whether to make light of the facts w/this person to managemnt. I think I'll let it be unless I'm questioned. The one over us told me that if anyone left, it would be the other girl but I haven't spoke to her about her. I'm just gonna leave it. If I try to set boundaries with this girl it upsets her. I see her as insecure. I do think she's a good employee although a character.

    My father passed in May. I wasn't able to get away in time to see him. He fell and died a week later. I see owls usually pictures of owls before a passing or when someone is going to be seriously ill, etc. I am curious as to what your ideas on this are. Some native american people saw the same thing. I did pray that I could see him after death. I did see him but only as he was standing by the door thru the window. All I could see was his right arm. It's funny because previous to this I would go places and see pictures of owls by doors. Anyway. on his right forearm there was a darkened area. I called my sister and she told me that after he fell he had a bruise there. That was God's way of answering my prayers.

    Thanks again for responding. I had to take some time out here. This is a great place for support and reinforcement.

  • Hey Dal,

    Sorry - been busy at work. The Knight of Swords as your challenge represented this girl at work - her personality and possibly her age (is she young?). Yes, the keep your nose down message was about keeping to yourself and focusing on the work at hand rather than the drama.

    I am so sorry to hear about your father. Owls for me have always shown up to represent wisdom as well as clear sight -- seeing through the dark which would represent seeing past seeming appearances and thru to the truth in something. However recently, I have been given owl images along with youthful images -- I believe the Owl is my grandfather (who passed a long long time ago) and the youth is me. He is trying to communicate with me. Doors and windows in your dream to me are passages and about his passage from this life to the Spirit world. The mark on him arm was a validation to you that it was him.

    I am not at my house right now so I don't have any of my cards with me. I will try to do a reading for you on your career path without them -- will post later. But take it with a grain of salt! 🙂

    Blessings of Peace and Love to You,


  • Thank you. I'm glad to hear you've experienced owls as well. Your right about the passage. I think he wanted in my house. He couldn't knock so he came before someone else. Right after I dreamed this someone knocked on my door. It was his way in. Another reason for my belief in synchronicity. The person knocked at the same door I saw him walk up to. Also, the day after the funeral my sister told me a strong wind blew in her front door--she said, dad come on in.

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