• Dear Blmoon, I read the reading that you gave to Asia and I was wondering if you could give me a reading also please.

    I was wondering as to what do you see ;in regard to any business opportunities from now until December.

    Also in regard to romance, (I have not been dating for awhile) do you see me dating, or in a relationship this year?

    Thanks In advance 🙂

  • I see pretty much the same--getting by by the seat of your pants. I do not see anything concrete and steady as clockwork. Actually, this is the climate for most folks right now. A lot of uncerteinty. I see something will always come through for you--you do have luck in money but often it comes at the last secound before the final deadline and disaster. Stressfull for the security loving Taurus! But you also can get comfy and bored and that is worse so despite the uncerteinty--it motivates you to often extend yourelf in ways you wouldn't if you didn't have to. Your stressful time are when the money is not on paper yet---you can panic and this has body efects--back aches--neck pain--headaches.. I think Dec will be good for buisness but January slow so put some away. August will be a rollercoaster but it will pass so do not take anything too seriousely in Aug, Sept will be much smoother and you will connect with people not seen in a long while and a new job idea fills your head. This will not replace your current work but will be seperate and excite you as you will feel it will fill in the gaps. Oct will be both happy yet drama---connected to this new side job idea--someone difficult to deal with pushes your button--the advice is sidestep drama in oct. Watch your temper and resist having to be right or have the last word--that person will blow away like a bad storm on their own. November will bring a financial increase that will peak in Dec. And an attraction in Nov as well will have you daydreaming but do not see it turning into anything--in fact they may be already married or attached. Sorry, I do not see a new romance but spirit is guiding you towards mentors---strong friendships with the opposite s ex that are nurturing---stand ins for a missing parent influence? I get a possible marriage in 2 years. And it will stick. Other advice--try to be more faithful during the down times and have faith. Also, have an outlet for energy during down times as you have strong energy and it needs a healthy escape. You also need more sleep than most! Being without enough sleep changes you big time and you are not yourself and everything looks different. So when the worl feels like it's falling apart--tell yourself a good deep sleep will change everything BLESSINGS!

  • Thanks A MILLION BLMOON!!!!!

  • Dear Blmoon, I have several questions regarding the POWERFUL reading that you gave me.

    You mentioned about September; and, that I will connect with people whom I have not seen in awhile. My question is...have I worked with these people before?

    You also mentioned about a new side job in October. Could you please tell me what this new side job will entail? Will I be working with animals?

    Also you metioned that I will be working with someone in October who will push my buttons. Do I know this individual from the past?

    The reason as to why I am asking is because there is one person by the name of Tina who REALLY pushes my buttons ( I know I should not have this attitude, but she is SO disrespectful) I try my best to avoid drama, and I am the easiest person to get along with in the world....however, when my buttons are pushed, I go into RAGE mode!!!

    Thanks In Advance 🙂 🙂

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