Hanswolfgang-I wondered if You could do a reading for me?

  • if I have the chance to move in a few months: yes.

    DOB....7-10-1953-N.N Va. 628pm: You have great intuition, good organizational ability and the desire to serve and nurture others with some form of knowledge or information. You have much authority and power. But your power comes more from the receptive side of your nature. You know things before they happen and operate on a high mental vibration. You can be high strung and impatient.

    It can bring success in any of the communications fields. It can help make you more receptive to your intuition and make you feel like serving others more.

    This may be a period of extreme crisis in your life, if you have been attempting to hide certain inner forces from yourself or from others. The psychological changes that take place now may make it desirable for you to undergo psychotherapy or a similar treatment in order to get more in touch with yourself. With this influence it is extremely important that you get more in touch with yourself!

    On the purely psychological level, you may find yourself face to face with aspects of your personality that you have chosen to ignore in the past because you thought that they were "evil" or "weak" or otherwise unacceptable. But they are real aspects of yourself, and their energies can only be suppressed for a time, not entirely eliminated. Under this influence the energies will surface.

    The process may start with compulsive actions that are hard to understand. Strange drives may emerge that seem to take over your life, without any regard for your conscious intention. Sometimes the compulsions are so subtle that you are not aware of them at all, except that they affect people around you; in fact you may only encounter them when others respond to you. This can be very upsetting, and you may feel that you are being victimized by some outside force, although the force is within you. Even under the best of conditions, you can expect your relationships to change considerably as others encounter the changes within you. A close relationship such as marriage may undergo especially great changes at this time.

    The best tactic with all of these effects is to recognize them and try to understand how they fit into your personality. They are there for a reason, and if you understood yourself thoroughly, you would see that they have a positive purpose in your life, if you allow them to be expressed. Now is a chance to release these energies and make them a positive part of your conscious personality. Even if the effects of this influence are a bit difficult, the final purpose is positive.

    Nothing is going to come about suddenly, when it is not part of an internal flowing.

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