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  • To ILoveFish: Maybe like one of the other posts noted, we like to choose with whom we want to interact - hence being alone a lot but also being surrounded by people. Or it could be the vocation - I found at one time, while not being surrounded by people in the physical world, I was totally surrounded by those in the spirit realm.

    I have a friend - a sag 1955 who is a Deborah as well. It's a very 1950's name. Blame it on the movies!!!!!

  • Hi all you gorgeous Fish! got to love us (although sometimes we dont love ourselves and give ourselves the hardest time!) I'm a 24th Feb Pisces too..1965 (Sag Moon/Libra Rising). We are way ahead of our time us pisces - sensitive, understanding, empathic, spiritual, mystic intuitive, funny and love with a big genuine heart always. We can smell a cheater straight away and someone not genuine...yet we can't let go sometimes even though they trampled all over our feelings (soulmate ex was an Aries male)...they get inside our soul and even tho we run they pull on our heartstrings (they know our soft nature underneath) and they miss us so bad when we have swam away! We hate being cold to ex partners or friends when we have made up our minds enough is enough and we deserve better. We dont like confrontation either (along with bullsh*t), we like harmony....but we can bark when severely manipulated. We have a great ability to forgive and bounce back and value ourselves and know our uniqueness and inner strength. Fought very hard with my Pisces nature when in my teens/early twenties (anorexic, no emotional boundaries, felt too much other peoples pain, loosing myself in others). Our greatest saviour is learning to understand ourselves (dark side and all), stop beating ourselves up that we cant make everything perfect or we made a mistake, trusting our highly attuned intuition, finding peace in meditation, laughing, forgiving ourselves, focusing on our passions (music, journaling, pets, books, poetry, dancing, shoe shopping!), rest and withdrawing, pampering ourselves and celebrating our good traits. Its a true journey through the soul being a Pisces...and we can get distracted, but when focus we can truly elevate ourselves and enlighten others. We feel everything and thats great because as someone once quoted "you can forget what someone said or what someone did but you never forget how someone made you feel" Make your decisions on how something/someone makes you feel all you Pisces and you wont go wrong - and likeways...stay a true Pisces and you'll never be forgotten for touching someones heart or brightening their world. The world is a better place for us true, brave and sensitive fish! Love to you all xx

  • Hi......I'm born on March 8th, 1958. Mars in Capricorn as well. Interesting to read a post from someone who is 2 days apart from me, in making an entrance. I love poetry, hypnosis, color, light, water, grace, British comedy, and much more else than I want to take time to list.

    Take good care...


  • hey pisceans

    im a pisces aswell and i LOVE my sign- i was born on 22.2.78 and most of my planets etc are in water signs- like sun in pisces ascendent in cancer, venus in pisces......

    its funny to read all the comments cause i feel so home- i also love all mysthical things, music, travelling, ppl in general, im a socialworker - im very intuitive - since a few years i can feel the feelings of others, in the beginning this was very freaky cause u go to the underground and sit there and u feel all the different emotions of all the other passangers -this was not easy... meanwhile i know how to protect myself - im very spiritual but not religious( i was reading the same sentence somewhere ;-)) i believe in energy in nature and that we are all one big family - i found this forum because i get my horoscope every da and it was a suggestion from well im happy to find a forum like this and as i saw by picking a forum this one hast the most comments 😉

    btw im from vienna austria

    have a great day u all

    soulshine C

  • @fishmagnetism U R SOOOOO RIGHT with all u were saying its unbelievable i really feel the same 😉

    its great to be a fish hehehehehehe

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  • Hi San fran pi! U fish r amazing...powerful and so so psychic!

    Hey! How @ the poetry of Pisces and the poems that r composed ( a lot it seems ), by Pisces???

    Maybe someone mentioned this and I missed it...'

    SueBaloo? Did I get it right?

    I am member of another forum, and u can change yr preferences to either descending or ascending order for how the newest post shows up. Perhaps can do on this one??? I'm gonna try!

    I'd prefer newest top, page one also, but that does have some drawbacks too...

    Lisa( Score ) Scorpio Mom

    Be Well, Happy, K u Pisces friends

  • hi fishmagnetism oh how very nail on the head correct u.r alsooooo holy smoke piecis r soooo super bad a......sfp

  • hi score please do score, cause im lost so far bout what u mean ,whatever it is ,just do it ..sfp will boogie wit it or i'll try my best ,i'll no what u mean when u do it ok? take care

  • hi score i forgot to say to give ur pie pie a hug just 4 nothing ,just outa da blue bigggggg huggies sfp

  • Great job FishMagnetism! You summed up quite nicely lots of our characteristics. It's interesting how well we get along being on our own. I enjoy spending lots of time by myself in my own world and it's also how I charge my batteries so that when I am out in the world being loving and kind to all whom I encounter I have lots of energy to do so. I believe we can and are of great comfort to those around us, with our natural way of exuding loving kindness, gentleness, understanding, open mindedness, acceptance, all wrapped up in nice warm blanket of harmony and uplifting enthusiasm.

    The fallacy is that we are weak because we are so emotionally driven, yet the truth is we are exceptionally strong and have a strong capacity for endurance. And moreover when you have a Pisces for a friend, you have an ally, who is no weather friend, who will stick with you through thick and thin,no matter what.

    Another quality which is underplayed is how sensuous we are. With Pisces it's all about the senses. Whether it's being swept up by Enya or a beautiful scenic drive along the coast, having a nice culinary experience, being lost in connection with the Divine, or even being swept up in the beauty of an physical encounter.

  • Dear Fish Magnetism

    You certainly hit the nail on the head!!!!!! Magnetism being the operative word!!! I am a Taurus girl and very drawn to a Pisces man!! We had a bit of a thing a couple of years ago, but i cant forget him!! Its so true what you said about forgetting what someone said or did, but not forgetting how they made you feel!!!!!!!! I long to be with this man again, i miss all that he is and more!!! Any advice would be greatfully appreciated!!!! LOL xxxxx

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  • hi score can i be bold enough to ask what other forum ur on il be checkin it out .....y not lol sfp

  • hi watervox. and all peaceful piecis n friends i sfp say blimey mate, i luv brit tellie watch it all da time eastenders,ballykissangle,doc martin &luv hyacinth.............ritchard

  • I"m a Pisces born Feb. 25th and I love being a Pisces, I"m a lady, I love dancing, like most all music,like reading, I like like doing and being a part of the community and my me time. I have no problems being alone, although I have lots of friends and I chose when I want to spend time with them, I dont like anyone to try to control me, I detest rudeness. I can be funny and love to laugh, I seem to be for the underdog. I dont have sex just to be having sex, casual sex is not my style.The older I get the more at peace I am with myself and I will not allow any one to take my peace from me, at least for not long they got go. I dated just about every sign except Libra,Gemini and Sag, but my best relationship was with an Aries my first husband who pass away and the second was a Cancer, the most romantic to me are Taurus. What sign did or do have the best relationship with Pisces?

  • Hello To All...I just wanted to tell Fishmagnetism and Lightworker6 how you both stated so preciously how I feel. When I read all the positive post, I feel very special to be a Pisces, and it gives me drive and determination to carry on in a positive light.

    I just turned 50 this year and soon my job will be ending, the place I work will be closing it's doors for good. I've been a bookkeeper/office manager for 20 years now, it was never fullfilling to me but I did a good job and made decent income. Now, I want to do something that will benefit the Earth and humanity but I'm lost, I don't know what direction to go. I live in a smaller midwest town and not many options and too many closed minds. It's been difficult for me to find quiet time to mediatate and figure it out, so many people living in my home, and so many people entering my life needing love, compassion and understanding, so I've been busy. Also, lately so many strangers coming up to me telling me their problems, crying to me, I've been hugging and crying with total strangers, but that's where I feel my worth but it doesn't pay my bills. Any suggestions out there? I only have a couple more months left before I need to find new employment.

    Peace and Blessings to you all.

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