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  • Hello ILOVEFISH!

    Sounds like you know how to get your answers meditating! All you need to know is there, in your DNA. You are ahead of the game 🙂 Thanks for writing!

  • My Birthday is also March 3rd but I am a Pisces/Leo. I have had a small battle with myself lately. I am a healer I also do reflexology. There is something about my touch. I am also psychic or sensitive? I battle with myself with both sides of my life my reality and my spirit or other world that is constant to me. So not only do I deal with "normal" stress I also deal with the spirits or outworld everyday. I do protect my self but I do know when I try to block myself it gets worse. I saw our birthdays are the same do you have similar experiances?

  • hmmm, I looking for the underlying question here...well let's start with the overt question.

    Yes you are psychic, everyone is, but so many have been socialized out of their God-given gifts.

    I think the key words here are "battle" and "protect". Your struggle is within, not without. Integrating the two parts is what is necessary for balance. So integrating reality with the spirit world, as you put it, is what is necessary. You must bring in the sacred to the mundane. How? Tai Chi, meditation, saying hello to the light everyday instead of the dark, writing, dancing, singing and praying.

    One more point, if you become neutral to those energies in the spirit world that affect you, then you will no longer be affected by them because they will have nothing to attach to. Right now they are attached to (among other things) your resistance. If you can be neutral and find some amusement then you have won! You are in charge of your own space. You are senior to those spirit energies because you have a body and they don't. Be the sovereign in your space. 🙂

  • oh and yes, I did have similar experiences...i was fighting for my space as well. Then I got some tools and now I own my space! My Space! Ha! That is the basis for Flamenco - the gypsies were angry about being pushed around and taken advantage of, so they created this dance, and the stomping said "my space!" They were claiming their space. Maybe you need to stomp around a bit and claim yours!

  • Hi I am Pisces, my birthday is on March 5, 1971. We are GOOD people. We are giving and also caring. People will take advantage of your goodness if you allow them. We are a combination of all signs and that's what makes us easy to get along with everyone.

    We are a glutten for punishment and we can be our own worse enemy. I tend to over analyze things instead of just doing what my heart tells me. Once you are my friend you are most certainly a friend for life.

    Thanks for listening to me carry on in another rant. Happy Easter Everyone!!

  • Yes we are good people 🙂 and your comment of mind versus heart is well taken. That is a major theme in life.

    The battle is not with other people. They are divine mirrors who can reflect back to you what you need to work on. You can have boundaries with others so as not to be taken advantage of, but the main reason for boundaries is for defining who you are, not creating distance.

    "Before peace in the world, we must first have disarmament within ourselves" Dalai Lama

  • Hi I'm a Pisces born March 7th...year of the Monkey... While I know that I am a True piseces in every aspect... when you read the description of a Pisces woman you will see my picture....

    The one thing I love & Hate about myself is the prespective I live with on LOVE. Its my end and my beginning... a curse & a blessing... it dictates my life fully and sometimes i wish it didn't.... come se me at my Forum topic "cancer man left a hole in my heart"... I could use some help

  • Greetings and Blessings to all here! I'm a Pisces, born 23 February 1956, also a Year of the Monkey. I'm married to a Leo who is far more a Cancer, so I can possibly relate to the "cancer man left a hole in my heart" issue; I'm another "true Pisces", though with all the yin and yang of Piscean life, I'm not sure I know what wouldn't be a "true Pisces"!

    It's amazing to me that the majority of us seem to be interested in so many identical things -- even the mention of tennis in one of the posts, though I haven't played since my knees blew out about 30 years ago! I hadn't heard that "gypsies" (more correctly called Roma, perhaps?) created the Flamenco out of frustration or anger before; that sounds like an interesting line of thought. Personally, I always assumed that the Flamenco sprang from the Celtiberian step-dancing, tempered with discipline from the ever-studious Moors...but that's by no means proven!

    Happy Easter, Joyous Passover, and Blessed Spring to all!

  • Hey, I'm a Taurus, but I'm also fascinated in Pisceans. So this is for any of you guys/gals who would like to answer this question. Do you ever feel like you're psychic and can read other people's minds. And if so, be specific about it. Thanks a lot!

    )--( <---symbol for Pisces

  • I got that info from a Spanish Flamenco teacher who talked specifically about the "gypsies".

    So - I'm sure it is up for interpretation, as anything is, but it did apply to owning one's space, and like all good stories, it helps demonstrate the point.

    And yes, if you have a human body, you have psychic abilities, but many of us have been socialized out of our God-given gifts. The good news is you can learn to use them again.

  • Ooh, thanks. You do make a point.

  • I have a question re:Pisces. I did one of those sign compatibilty quizzes and it came out Pisces based upon the answers I gave. I'm a Gemini who married a Pisces and the marriage ended in divorce, When it comes to compatiblity shouldn't Moon and ascendant signs also be factored in ..I don't know my ex's other things because in Pakistan they aren't into astrology and time and day aren't always accurate because perhaps the parents may be illiterate or maybe day and time isn't such a big deal in the more rural areas like Punjab Province of Pakistan , the way people are in India possibly in the more urban areas in that part of Asia in the Indian sub-continent are and that and India uses Vedic and not Western astrology anyway. I sometimes wonder if I made the right decision to let him go so he can marry his 1st cousin so he can start a family right away. /geminis and pisces always a bad match because of the duality of both signs?

  • Hi! I was born on the 20th of February 1982 and I hate that I am so sensitive and like this emotional sponge. I hate that I can't let people go and I'm always forgiving and stuff.I feel like a door mat. Was recently involved with a Libra who turned out to be a jerk. I can't stand how emotionally detached he was.He made me feel insecure most of the time.

    I guess it's nice how compassionate and creative pisces are but I don't like the fact that I love too much and feel too much.It makes me feel alone.

  • I dated a Libra also, he totally charmed me but Libras are an air sign, which usually makes them more detached( unless they have other water or fire signs in their chart to warm them up and put them on the same wave length as a Pisces). After being engaged to a Gemini and married for over 28 years to a Leo, I have been seeing a Taurus and for the first time really felt connected in my spirit to a man. Our charts are very compatible, not just our sun signs. But the energy of the sun signs is important for having basic understanding and closeness. A feeling of just "getting" each other. So don't give up, you just need to experience someone who feels deeply like you do and will appreciate you kindness and deep feelings and deep thinking. They are out there, keep swimming!:)

  • JasminMoonGlow:

    So my understanding is that he married his 1st cousin already? If that is the case - as painful as this may be for you...what's done is done, no matter the reason why. You cannot change it now. Regrets only keep you tied to the past. You can research compatibilities, but that will not change what is. I hope you find peace with with this issue.


    You need Emotional Boundaries. This will allow you to love and forgive without allowing others to use you as a door mat. Own your space. Notice the use of the word "allow".Why are you allowing it to happen?

    You have the right to be here and take up space. You do not have to apologize or ask permission for your presence. And you are not alone.

  • "Good on ya" Neptune Rules 🙂

  • Neptune is awesome. very deep. I also like Mercury, but mercury is a bit superficial...

  • oh, I was replying to the person called "NeptuneRules", not stating that Neptune Rules- but I guess either way! 6 and 1/2 dozen!


  • Shannen08:

    Because you are thinking in abstract realms that not everyone can reach or comprehend.

    Why does it matter if they are ok with it? If you are really ok with it, then it won't matter to them because you won't be giving off the "something's wrong with the way I think" vibe. You can only change and affect your space, but the cool thing is, when you shift, they have to shift too because they can no longer relate to you in the same way.

    P.S. When you use all CAPS it looks like you are yelling at us 🙂

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