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  • Hi fellow Pisceans!! My B-Day is March 14th! I will be 41 yrs old this year but sometimes feel I am going on 100+. 🙂 I love beautiful words and glorious music. We, as Pisceans, are healers and sensitive to our psychic ablities. We are so creative it is hard for us to keep it bottled up. Lol!! My favorite colors are the rose hues of the sunrises. Because of my American Indian heritage I am conscious of the importance of my mystical beliefs. I am adaptable to certain things, but impatient to close-minded people. I am online most everyday! Happy B-Day Pisces!! Muah!! (=

  • Hi 22074, I'm Marie-francoise, I have had these experiences too. No you're not crazy and those voices that you hear and know about things, the feelings that you have, let them flow and learn to handle them and put them where you want. Take Control. It's hard at first, you get use to it. Don't ever forget them, they are your source of power. Who you are. Embrass yourself and feel the gift you've been giving. You're beautiful and a Pisces! Welcome to the club.

  • Hello again to 22073 not 22074 you're answer is above, Thanks

  • Hi Kimn Tam, Bonjour Madame, I have put my first post today and Happy Birthday to you.

    I was born in Noirt, France and have been here forever ( 1965 ) and love music too. I love reading everything about all the Pisces out there. Everyone is gifted. My B-Day is the 7Th a week from you. What are your plans for 41? Mine is dinner with the whole family; my daughter

    was due yesterday. Anything is possible on my B-Day. What a gift, my 1st grand-daughter and

    my 50Th Birthday. Have a great Birthday Kimn Tam!

  • Hi Lori, Im Carla. My birthday was Tuesday March 3. I just reached the BIG 6-0!

    I too love writing and telling stories. I believe I must have been a griot in a prior life. I love anything related to the arts and nature. I live in the landlocked midwest. But when I was taken to Cali as a child I immediately took to the ocean-not even understanding the attraction. Im an empathet, meaning I intuit others emotions. Do you have that same experience?

  • Blessings Mariefrancoise,

    I love your positive attitude, I too will turn 50 but my birthdate is the 9th, so Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to all Pisces out there. I just discovered this forum a couple weeks ago, I try to read the post everyday because I love reading about all pisces. My sun and moon both in pisces, but I also have a lot of fire signs in my chart. This year I feel so full of life and energy, really,good strong positive energy. I feel confident in myself, something that took absolute years to achieve but for too long in my life I was surrounded by negative people, I've finally learned how to deal. I also have 3 children, all daughters, we are a close knit family.

    I wish you the very best, what a horrific experience having a liver transplant, but sounds like you are doing so well. Blessings to all of you.

  • march 19, 73 here, pisces and ox. i've always liked to joke that being on the cusp of the first and last signs is my excuse for being such a f!@# up! oh, and i blame my mom.


  • Hello ILoveFish, Happy Birthday to you too! I do understand about negitive people, they make my

    body sick. I stay away or at a distance. The only way through life is by being good to others and your family. Karma is so important. As a Pisces we like doing good. Thank You for the Good Thoughts and back to you and family. Happy Birthday To Us 50 years old!

  • Hi! I and my eight year old daughter are both Pisceans, my birthday is 8 March and hers 15th. We both love to sing, dance, play music and all that arty stuff. I'm training to be a psychotherpist; I am a natural healer, typical of Pisces as we have natural sensitivity and can tune in to others. My other daughter is Cancer and the three of us have a ball swimming about together!

  • Hi, I loved reading all the Pisces entries. I chose this one, however because my birthday is also March 18th. Coming up! I like to do the birthday month. 🙂 I love being a mermaid, sensitive, mysterious, beautiful eyes, sultry, and able to "leave" this world through fantasy. I also enjoy reading and writing poetry, music, art, beautiful Nik-Naks, mermaids, the ocean, and my feet! I have been blessed with so much sensitivity and empathy that I have fibromyalgia - I've taken in too much "stuff" and overloaded my body. any Pisces out there with fibromyalgia - need lots of sleep and down time. Also been blessed with a womanly figure, but now at 54, it's getting too womanly - I love the pleasures of food and drink, material possessions and ***. Any advice on how to get about 50 lbs. off! It's so hard for a pisces.

  • I'm a Pisces too! My birthday is February 22. I am just 59. I look about 45 or so...that's MY estimate! haha! I love living in the mystical world. Good thing I have at least one good friend who understands that and actually even asks me from time to time "...what realm are you living in today?" I'm highly spiritual...I'm a professional musician...opera singer, voice teacher, piano teacher, modest organist and choir director. I also work for a church as unfortunately all the artistic stuff doesn't bring in a full-time income. I too have a nice, womanly, post-menopausal figure. I too keep working on those 50 lbs, and yes, Pisces has trouble losing them after a certain age. I also have never been able to keep a romantic partner for more than 3 years. I always wanted to be married but I can never seem to find someone who understands me as "me!" I am compassionate and many people have come to me for understanding and advice. I am always flattered that people trust me in that manner. My sister is also a Pisces so we understand each other. Love it! Love being a fish!!!! Love the mystical side of life!!!!

  • Hi Lora, I was born March 20, 1948. and when I read your message it was like talking to myself -spot on! I have several Pisces friends and relatives and all of us have had a heavy 3-4 years of challenging transformation which the rest of the world is suddenly experiencing. Did this happen for any others of you out there?

  • reading all of these makes me feel not so all alone. thanks. about the scorpio thing. i cant seem to get away from them. we butt heads alot, but they feel good. i think its partly a water sign thing.

  • i had to respond about the noise thing, because it drives me crazy. if some one is talk i cant seem to not listen. i like to realy here what someone is saying when they talk, but when they are just talking at you... i cant think untill i get some quiet. if any one knows any tricks to help this please let me know.

  • Hey Serenity120,yeah I have a lot of change and transformation in the past 6 years. Uranus has been transiting Pisces since 2003 and I think that has much to do with it. It has been scary but a time of wonderful growth and I believe it stays there for another year or so. Even the worst things have become great lifechanging experiences so I plan to keep going with the flow of this energy.

  • Pices is a sign that is mysterious sign. I am a Virgo so maybe that is why I find the fish hard to understand at times. They are loyal friends to have, very loving and caring, almost to a fault. I find that theygive me an excellent opporunity to practice patience, something which I am sometimes short of. Thanks to all of the Fish-People in my life, for being there and being you!

  • YES, I met and fell in love with a Pisces...very mercurial, like a fish in water that you try to grab for and find that the light caused him to be "just out of reach"...constantly changed his "look" everytime I saw him...came on incredibly strong and then disappeared as quickly. Very romantic, very artistic, very sensual, incredibly delusional...still dreaming about him.

  • Hello All You Pisceans! What a treat it was for me to read though all of your March posts. I'm a Pisces/Goat, born March 3rd, and I love seeing all my traits in this giant school of fish! I'm interested in knowing how many of your are in spiritual training at this moment...whether it be Shaman, Clairvoyant, Reiki, etc. I need to know that there are more of "us" out there, those who are raising the vibration on Earth, then those who keep the world in fear and rage. I'm currently a teacher student in a clairvoyant program, and began teaching my first clairvoyant meditation classes this year, in the bible belt of all places! There are so many people in need of this kind of work here.

  • Woops! Typo! "I need to know that there are more of "us" out there, those who are raising the vibration on Earth, THAN those who keep the world in fear and rage".

  • Hi SpiritualA....

    I love coming to this forum, I truly wish there were more whom expressed their thoughts and ideas...I felt the first 2.5 months of this new year were incredible for me. I felt so sure of my life, I felt peace, contentment and entirely excited about the direction the future would bring. I felt peace would soon take over all the confusion and chaos we all currently live. I believe the goodness and clarity was due to the fact that I started to mediatate on a daily basis. It really helped keep me grounded and centered, unfortunately, I haven't been meditating and I feel like my life is falling apart.

    I recently found out my job,which I've held for the past 10 years will be ending, my boss will be retiring and closing business by the end of the summer. I'm not overly anxious or worried, but I have discovered that every decade when I turn either 30, 40 or this year 50 my jobs have all ended and I'm faced with finding something new. I don't want to continue in the field I currently hold which is bookkeeping/ffice mgr. I feel a deep need to do something humanitarian, but true to most, I still need a paycheck to pay my bills. I live in a smaller community, so opportunities aren't that available. Unfortunately, I still haven't figured out what I want to be when I grow up.

    I guess I need to start mediatating again, my answers will more than likely be answered. I feel in this world we all live in now, we can only hope for better tomorrow's and no matter what, I will try to always remain positive that goodness will prevail.

    Blessings to you and all.

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