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  • To All Pisces male or female. I have a new Pisces friend who has odd things happen to him. Similar to me as a caulbearer. He doesn't think he is one of us, but wonders if it's a Pisces thing.

    People he has never met will hate him for no reason. He has the psychic dreams and empathic ability too

  • Fishlover, our ego sometimes play dirty tricks on us. I don't know what's going on with your friend, i don't have the right to comment or judge or give advise. I can do that only to myself. Now what happened to me ? I used to think some people were jealous of me,suspicious of me,hostile to me. But you know what ? It was ME having these thoughts, ME being preoccupied, ME performing one of the most primitive, immature ego defence mechanisms. Projection. Very nasty and subtle. I projected my own fears, hatred, jealousy to others. I acted weird and CAUSED other people reactions towards me. I repeat i don't speak for you or your friend here. Every person has his/her path. Lao chi (or zi, something like that lol) said "to know others is experience, to know yourself is wisdom, and the road to wisdom is a rocky and lonely path. We must question and judge OUR thoughts, emotions, urges before judging others.

    "He's one of us" what does that mean ? Who are "we" ? We the gifted, we the weird, we the saviors of mankind, we the persecuted because we're different ?

    Every human Being, better yet every Living Being has been blessed with the sacred gift of Life. In the eyes of the Father no one is better or worse or different, to think so is to feel pride, a deadly sin. A Pisces thing ? That's another label, another illusion. Every human being is unique, much much more than just a Sign or a Birth date. I believe we are the sum of everything we have experienced during our many lives, our many reincarnations. In my mind, we truly are the sum of the choices we make to the challenges life present us. If your friend has psychic abilities he has the choice of using them for the common good or selfishly for his own gain. To find love inside him so he is able to find this in others. Same for me, same for you Fishlover, same for everyone. Life is a stairway, going up but down also. It really is our choice which path to walk.

  • when I said one of us, I meant a caulbearer.

  • Fishlover, you are not a caulbearer. You are YOU. And "You" are an immortal spirit inhabiting a mortal body for the duration of your current lifetime. Now this spirit happened (or chose) to have a number of attributes, one of them is the caulbearer. What i'm trying to say is you can't define yourself only with the caulbearer aspect of you. You're so much more than just that. You're the sum of your decisions to the challenges life presents you with. If some people judge you or your man based on just the "caulbearer" thing, forget about them. If you only think of bad or lost people and their actions, you attune yourself to darkness. Think of the good things you have in your life, be grateful for them, strive to better yourself and the people around you and you have tuned yourself to the Light. Wonderful things will start to happen to you then, try it. I believed in the law of attraction (think bad attract bad and vice versa) when i started to tune into the Light. And it works, believe me !

  • Hello Pisces,

    Please advise! I am currently (or at least I think) seeing a Pisces man (3/7/77) for 6 months now. Our relationship was going really well with the occational disappearing act that I am being told is very normal for a Pisces, but last week exactly he just stopped answering my calls and text messages. The week leading up to this I did feel him a little distant so I gently asked him if he was getting to overwhelemed or what and he insisted that he wasn't and that everything is good but the poof, vanish! He has always told me that when he does go missing it never has anything to do with me and he will always come back but he has never done this for more than three days and never has it happened when I didn't do something, even small to make him mad. He recenty told me, why would he leave me I don't complicate his life and he is comfortable with me. Not sure if I should like that but I went with it just the same. I made many attempts to talk to him over the last 6 days then yesterday I sent him a text saying: I am sorry, not because I did anything wrong but because there is something going on with you, I am going to respect your obvious need for distance from me and hope that when whatever is going on clears up, the feeling I think you have for me will still be there and you will contact me, I miss you and still want to be the happiness in your life. So please tell me what do I expect? Did I do the right thing?

  • Hmm. I'm sort of getting this in reverse. I am a Pisces woman (born 19 Feb 1954) but have a very close friend who is a Leo.

    This is not a romantic attachment I hasten to add - we both have life partners we are committed to - but I care about him so much He's been working overseas recently, and the contact - calls and e-mails - between us has dropped off. I guess it's 'out of sight, out of mind' but it is hurtful after all the years we've been there for each other, like brother and sister. We have cried on each other's shoulders during the bad timers, and celebrated the good, and our rapport is usually excellent, I simply can't believe that he would just wipe out fifteen years of friendship on a whim, and his silence is because he is just too plain busy or hassled by work to keep in touch..

    So my advice would just be to hang on in there and wait. It's not very satisfying and causes a lot of self-doubt (as in 'was I in his face too much while he was trying to juggle a busy workload and coping away from his wife and kids', or 'is he taking the opportunity of his sojourn abroad to de-clutter me from his life ?' etc. etc ) but if he still cares, he'll come back.

    Just keep the faith and wait. We Pisceans tend to be loyal, tender hearted and our consciences won't cope well with hurting others.

    Hope this helps

    Ro. xxx

  • hey Lorie I'm a pisces too Feb 24,I live and work in Vancouver Canada,I am a stand up comic,actor,and painter. I'm divorced and I have 4 grown daughters and 3 grandchildren, nice to shake fins with you

  • virgo is a very good match for pisces also scorpio just look on the zodiac usually whatever sign is directly opposite is good for you. There are good cancer men just like there are good people in any sign,it also depends on their rising sign,their upbringing, environment etc. A prison Im sure has lifers that come in every sign,lol.


  • its just like anything there is good and bad about everyone,I would never pick a man based on what sign he is and also there are so many external things that can affect us no matter what sign we are,lol. Scorpio has a common theme that their awesome lovers but it doesnt mean they are,lol. Although,I have to say I've never dated a scorpian but Ive always been curious about that rumour,lol.


  • Truer, wiser words were never spoken. We Celts rule. 😉

  • I am also a Pisces,

    my birthday is 3/3/69. I am sensitive I will cry with everyone who has a sad story to tell. I see myself in each and everyone of you. I have been writing poetry since age 12. I find I put it down and pick it up again. What motivates me to write is life's situations that touch my soul. I find that I am strongly sexually attracted to Pisces men whose birthdays are the same or close to mine. (What's up with that)? MY closest friends are most times Leos. I find myself to be quite intuitive and discerning a quality I feel all Pisces possess we just need to learn to listen to our inner and spiritual selves. I love people, but it is very important that I have some time to myself or I feel I might go crazy.

  • littlej

    My fish does the same thing. I haven't spoken to mine since the 22nd. Haven't seen him since April. I asked him directly why he doesn't want to see me. He said he does, that he has been busy with his Dad who has cancer. (whether that's true or not, idk) I let him know that I'm here for him, but he has disappeared. I sent him an email, and I know he read it.. he read it twice, but no response.

    It's very frustrating. It's hard not to take it personally, Makes it hard to trust your instincts. Causes you to doubt his feelings and intentions. Crying yourself to sleep every night gets old in a hurry. I'm actually trying to move on and have started seeing someone else. Is that selfish or insensitive?

  • Hello,

    It's been a while since I've posted, but I was wondering anyone could give me some insight on my pisces.

    I have been dating this pisces on and off for a bit - his bday (2/25/74) but even when it's off we are still the best of friends talking every day from morning until night. We go out to dinner. He came to my son's graduation. He''s done the 'off' thing' to me two times before telling me that he needs his alone time because he has issued he needs to deal with, so I gave him just that. We still talked though. I know pisces need their time time to retreat. I recently found out that he just started dating someone a Libra. They have been friends for 10 years and have many mutual friends. They haven't dated that long, he was in an 8 yr rel. prior. I only found out because I saw their pic on facebook. He's told me he didn't want to lose me, or hurt my feelings, which is why he never told me. Yet, none of his friends know me. She doesn't care that he lied (or omitted to tell her about our bff status and thinks I am a liar. Needless to say, I am kind of numb and in shock. This is the first time I have allowed myself to be vulnerable for years and I followed my heart.

    The night before I found all of this out he told me he never wanted to lose me. The week before he told me he wished he could follow his heart and not his head. Do you know what any of this means? Should I just move on? Technically, no cheating was done, since we are not currently dating. I honestly thought I loved this man, and that he cared for me as well.

    Could you please tell me what my chances are, you all being pisces? If I should just walk away with my tail between my legs? I know pisces are known to be pulled in two different directions, never known to make up their minds, but one lions pride can only take so much, I care so much about this man, but it's so hard now after find out all of these lies...

    Thank you in advance.

  • Hi there,

    Sorry this fish is being a jerk! I have this book on pisces and we are often known as "the drifters" among many other things like the zodiac's waste bin because we are all signs in one. we are screwed, but quite lovely, sometimes.

    from what i know of myself and dating other fish is that we tend to not be very direct. we drift from one person to another and back again. this usually means we are not willing to commit, to anyone because of the trapped feeling it gives us. though, once we find someone who clicks with us on all levels, we pretty much stick around and are dead set in making something work, even to the point of clingyness.

    so, what i've learned to do with these big dumb fish is cut them off. he'll come swimming around eventually and you can give him a piece of your mind, or you can write him off completely. he may not want a full commitment with anyone, so that's why he's being distant and seeing other people. (there could be other women in his life that you and the other girl don't know about).

    hope this helps.

  • Hi, I am a pisces with ascendant leo. But the fish men i know are different than the woman. And i am a very direct and honoust woman but that is not a fish trade because they sometimes lie because the want nobody to get hurt. I also find that a negative point of pisces. The are the soft healers that makes wounds stink. I also love astrologie and psychelogie etc... but also the interest know your selve...... You must first find out if he is really interested in You? And tell him what that is doing with you if he can be completly honoust with you? I hoop that you can read what i mean because my englisch is not that great. I also dated a pisces man and he also broke my heart because he lied to me for several reasons and i cannot cope whit that, and after 1,5 i broke with him and al sort of contact. This was not a relationchip that was good for me. I was a year alone and then met a scorpion, whit ascendant cancer.... and i was never happier in my life. Honousty above all!!!!! The best friends and the best lovers. Equal partners and we love and respect each other above al. I don"t think that you would really be happy with a pisces man because you want a strong and dependable man and that is not a trade of a pisces man. But like me , this me not be the case with him but what i read from you.....let him be and find the right guy for you, i advice you to break al the contact because you wil stay in love with him if you do because thats something the have as a gift..... the can be great partners but not for everyone. Good luck in your choice

  • I thank you both for your comments. As of now, my pisces won't even return a text or a call. He asked me to come over last week to talk, and didn't even open the door to me. Sent me two texts from inside asking me to please leave because he didn't have anything to say to me right now. I asked him if he wanted me to leave him alone permanently, but he never responded. I have made a few more attempts, but I am on the verge of looking desperate here. I have apologized. I know he feels bad, however think he might be giving me the silent treatment to get rid of me forever. He already told me that he treats me horribly and that I could do so much better so I would not put it past him to cut all ties with me making the decision that it is the best thing for me without my consultation. We did click.. so much on every level. I think that is why I am having a hard time letting this one go.... thank you for all of your advice.

  • redleo, wow i am sooooooo sorry this guy is doing this to you. i cant believe he invited you over and texted you from inside. what a cowardly little fish he is. you deserve a MAN. someone who will look you in the face and be honest and upfront with you on everything in your relationship.


    this reminds me of a breakup i had with a crab. he was dodging me and wouldnt respond. he was scattering around like a scared crab. i gave him every piece of my mind, and hopefully sent him running for good. water signs are weird and im sorry you've had to put up with that!

  • I am very sorry for you to....but also don't remember he is a man( al signs are bad man when the are not interested enough in you) not only the fish. I do astrologie for 10 years now and this reaction is more a men thing than a sign thing. After my break up with my piscean i began to study men and i have so much learn from it, insides you can not learn from astrologie only. the communication between man and woman is totaly different. I can recommend it to you. Al men do test woman out , is she strong or let she treat her self as trash?????? Men like strong sweat woman who love them selves and have a high self esteem, if you apologise when he is wrong what does that say???? so man run over this kind of woman because the are weak and not praught of them selves..... the want a bitch , a nice bitch if you know what i mean .....haha if you don't i hear from you oke? thanks talking to you

  • Hello everyone, I'm a fish as well. 🙂

    I love my Zodiac sign, truly, I do. ❤

    I'd like to talk about this guy I like right now...hes a Scorpio. Haha, big surprise. 😛 He has the most intense green eyes with a ring of gold surrounding the pupil...hes so beautiful, inside and out. Sadly, I barley know him and hes dating another girl. I think shes a cancer...I'm honestly not sure though haha.......does anyone have advise for me? I want to start getting closer to him. I want to be his best friend...of course I wouldn't dare go further because he is in a relationship but I really like him...any ideas of how to strike a conversation that's interesting with a Scorpio male? ❤


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