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  • In which case, she should change her name to Shelly Wu-huuu! 😉

    I've had a quick look around the Internet and discovered I am an Earth Horse. Very cool.

    Coyote is the trickster. The one having all the fun and games even if it's at his own expense. Coyote teaches us to find humour in everything, especially in our own mistakes. What better way is there to learn from them?

    Badger's medicine is about aggression. Specifically how to channel that aggression as a force for good. A force for healing. Badger is the one that will effectively cut to the chase and tell it like it is. Badger is also the caring parent that will never leave the side of a sick child until he/she is healed. Persistence and perseverance, Badger will see things through to the very end. Badger medicine also sees beneath the surface of all things including people.

    Elephant teaches us about good memory, how to honour people and places with memories. Elephant also teaches about power and family, particularly the caring of the young and elderly. Family can and does extend to our human family. Those that care for the elderly in the community have strong Elephant medicine as do those that care for the young in hospitals etc.

    I'll get back to you on Whale's medicine, I need to read up some more. The words "Keeper of records" is associated with Whale. It's a very old and powerful medicine.

  • Don't worry about that Mark, i can google them allright i have become a googlemaster lately ask Myjourney rofl still many thanks for your time i appreciate it ! I was wandering about the spread thing. In the book it says you shuffle and then simply pick the first 3 cards (or as many as you feel you should pick). Is there another way say like the tarot spread ?

  • Whale teaches us to go deep within as well as - and in order to - connect to a higher level. Whale teaches us how to get in touch with our creative side and our intuition. Like Elephant, Whale also espouses the medicine of family. Whale also teaches us about songs and rhythms and the creative force of emotions and passions. In honouring Whale medicine you will be asked to hold strong and move swiftly, to not hold back on any of your endeavours and to release your inner beauty to the world.

    On a spiritual level, Whale is as old as the seas, if not older. Tribal legend says that Whale once walked on land, something that modern day biologists are also coming to believe. Whale could be found on the motherland, Mu (Lemuria), and when that land sank beneath the waves, so to did Whale take to the waters. Thus Whale is our sacred record keeper. She knows all that has been encoded in our DNA, she knows the histories of our souls.

    Whale medicine is closely linked to clairaudience, the so-called psychic hearing. In true X Files fashion, the Truth is out there, but it is also within us all. Will you allow Whale to show you how to listen for the answers?

  • There are many spreads. There's the daily card, where you pick one card for your daily meditation. There's the Father Sky, Mother Earth spread, in which you draw two cards representing the medicine needed to balance your male and female sides.

    There's a pathway spread, which shows you where you've been, what you've learned, where you are heading and the challenges you are about to face.

    There are various 5 card spreads that let you look at your spiritual pathway, how others view you, or to see how your project or endeavour is faring.

    There's the 3 card past, present, and future spread. Recently I have been experimenting with the Celtic cross, the most popular tarot spread.

  • Thank you so much for all that information PH i'm just so impatient want to learn everything in 2 days well i guess some more googling is in order lol

  • Howdy seehorse,

    (first clue where I live)......that will be the howdy!!LOL

    The pisces I know that are partnered with Scorpio seem to do well.

    I know I won't date another Cancer, thats a done deal.

    (second clue).............I live 20 mins from a very famous monument, it has 4 famous faces carved on a mountain.

    When someone deceives you or wrongs you, how do you handle that person?

    The 3rd clue..........cowboys and Indians still roam the town.

    Lets just see how smart you are Mr seehorse.

    Do you know where I live?

    So, are you Greek or just your wife?

  • seehorse,

    Another question for you.

    Why are we the most difficult karma?

    My personal year # 7, I heard the Greeks worship this number because its very spiritual, do you know if this is true?

    Are there good psychics and mediums in Greece?

    I have been told England has the best mediums, psychics, the world, what is your opinion?

    Sorry, that was more than question:))

  • Don't do this to me brain hurts when i think too much rofl

    I choose....CUSTER SD ! right?huh?

    Deception hmmm....i always want to talk face to face with that person in such circumstances. To see his/hers point of view. Sometimes it's our own behaviour that creates problems but our ego gets in the way with its oh so subtle cunning ways so we don't see the truth. If it's not my fault and the person insists so or it happens again i don't bother anymore, period ! People who really deserve 2nd chance don't need it that's my motto.

    We are an all Grrek family. We would like to adopt a Japanese tsunami orphan but the Japs would prefer them to die of radiation than hand them over to gaijins i think.

    Our Karma is difficult because our south node is in powerful passionate lusty and seductive Scorpio. We need an extremely strong will to ascend to Taurus peacefulness, hard work, stability integrity realism haha boring right ?

    7 sages of ancient greece, 7 wonders and many other occult meanings to that number. In numerology (founded by Pythagoras mind you!) this is the number of thinkers. The 7 Life Path is the searcher and seeker of truth. You have a clear and compelling sense of yourself as a spiritual being. As a result, your goal is devoted to investigations into the unknown, and to finding the answers to the mysteries of life.

    Loads of mediums here, imported ones as well lol are they for real don't have a clue, so new to all this yet...

    Now i'll think of 45 questions make you type all day lol

  • Blinked out J a p s lol....

  • I don't know about best in the world but we have some great mediums and psychics here in the UK. Some famous ones include Derek Acorah and Sally Morgan

  • Hi PisceanHealer,

    How are you doing?

    I haven't heard of either one of those psychic's, I will have to look them up on line.

    So you are English? They have the best comedies ever! I grew up with so many of them.

    There are so many great things about your country.


    You make me laugh!!

    Very close, not Custer! There is a huge carving of 4 famous faces on a mountain, and I live 20 mins from that particular monument. Try again, I know your a brainiac!!

    Being Pisces, when it comes to love and if you do me wrong, you are done!! No second chances there. Forgiveness takes a very long time in my books.

    An all Greek family, that is so cool. Did I tell you my best friend in Australia is Greek and he is a psychic? I have many friends back there too who are also Greek, we all get on well, its the European thing! I miss that culture so much, of all the places for me to live in the US, D! If I was on the East coast, at least I would get some really good Italian food! My daughter loves Greek Mythology, when I told her where you lived, she said to tell you "your so lucky". I know one day we will visit Greece, no doubt about that!

    As for you adopting a little baby, that would be so cool, that culture confuses me!!

    So what did draw you to this site, unlike me a broken heart? Not my divorce either, that I had no qualms letting go because of the circumstances, when I am done, I am done!

    I still have much to learn, I do need to better myself, everything you said about us is so accurate.

    I disagree on our Karma being negative, you see thats the stubborn side of me and I refuse to acknowledge that!! I know your right, but I am still not going to tell you that!! 😉

    Hmmmmm what else can i get your noggin thinkin', I will work on that!

  • Hello Piscesstar,

    I'm Welsh actually. But I agree with you, we do have the best comedies. You can't beat the British sense of humour 🙂

  • Hello my little fishies,

    Some good reading material that is not so technical and boring is:

    First Person Plural. (its about DID and very interesting!)

    Quiet Room: (about schizophrenia)

    Skin Game: (cutting)

    When the Rabbit Howls


    False Memories

    As far as technical material, anything on Carl Jung is amazing!!

  • Hello Piscesstar ! Still braindamaged from tax filing, (close my eyes still see numbers lol) my last guess is Deadwood. Now, if i'm wrong again and you insist not telling where you live i'll reveal to the world you really live in the Dreamworld (where all us fishies really dwell ,much better place to be than real world rofl) but nah, i'm a good boy, i'd never do that !

    I said difficult karma, not negative ! Take a look :

    Scorpio sign: (old patterns)

    Taurus sign: (new possibilities):

    • Manipulating……………………………………………Values self

    • Raging…………………………………………………....Creative

    • Withholding…………………………………………….A builder

    • Fanatical………………………………………………..Resolute

    • Secretive………………………………………………..Patient

    • Too intense…………………………………………….A finisher

    • Loves chaos…………………………………………….Loves the earth

    • Jealous…………………………………………………...Sensual

    • Possessive……………………………………………….Warm-hearted

    • Revengeful……………………………………………..Reliable

    • Judgmental……………………………………………...Loyal

    • Caustic………………………………………………….Creates security

    • Distrustful………………………………………………Serene

    • Paranoid………………………………………………...Stable

    • Intimidating…………………………………………….Loves home

    And don't tell me it is an easy thing to get to Taurus if you begin from Scorpio..... i was all that Scorpio stuff (still am who am i kidding) but i'm getting better lol you see Piscesstar whoever dwells in the darkness of his/her own overgrown ego manytimes fails to see he/she may be wrong sometimes. I used to judge everyone around me based on my own beliefs. I knew better, that's what i always thought. Everone else who had a different opinion was an idiot. Until a dear friend of mine showed me that i was the real idiot haha. We can't be right all the time. (Or wrong!!) We are all selfish beings, even if we say we love somebody and we give so much we really give to put that person to a cage to be forever ours satisfy our every need etc etc. And if this person happens to be just a little different from OUR expectations we rush to condemn him/her. I've seen too many people who suffer because they are drowned in their own ego, constantly thinking life is unfair, cruel etc, never realizing their actions contribute to this. Oh man, tax filing now philosophy lol now my poor head really hurts !

    Congrats to your Daughter Piscesstar, maybe she would like to start reading some philosophy too. It's amazing how many things in modern life were discovered by ancient greeks, it's amazing also to discover how christianity did its worse to bury that wisdom. Plato's academy a place where the wise men of antiquity gathered to exchange wisdom was closed thanks to the Byzantine emperor Justinian. You see those ideas of the perfect democracy was too dangerous to a theocratic monarchy. Ancient Greece represented the light of knowledge, the Church (every church or dogma or religion) the darkness of blind faith. Byzantium=Iran lol that's the truth !

    Hey i wish you can visit us soon ! No place like the Meditteranean Piscesstar no doubt about that and i wish for me to win that damn lottery to visit you lol maybe you should ask your greek psychic friend for some lucky numbers, you never now !

  • Piscesmoonshine many thanks for the suggestions ! Boy it's really embarrasing to know what other people are studying, i speak of greek philosophy and all i care to read is the Karma Sutra rofl

  • Seehorse your awesome!

    NO I DON"T LIVE IN DEADWOOD!! (still LOL)!!!!!

    Try the other way..................

    Didn't the 4 faces give it away!

    Good for you doing your taxes, your a smart Pisces, me I go to the tax man, less stress, anything thats an easy way out, I'm there.

    Nice chart there, much easier to understand now. Looking at it like that, I see it is difficult for us. Also what you wrote is very true, my ex hubby told me I was rigid and stubborn with my ways, but he could talk!! There i go again, I have to be right and just when I thought I was getting betting at letting go with my ways......sigh

    As for my little girl who is 9 yrs old, we were sitting in the bank the other day, (thought it was a good place to hang, and she started talking about all the Greek Gods, she blew me away!!

    As I mentioned, her sister loves Greek mythology and was teaching her all about it, which now they are teaching me.

    I believe you, no place like the Mediterranean. People need to visit Europe for the History and culture.....I am so proud!! My dad was from Southern Italy, my mums parents were also from there, they kept up with there culture In Australia, a little sad that this generation won't follow.

    You and your family can visit anytime, where in the states would you like to visit?

    I think my Greek friend is still trying to figure out those lottery

    It is funny, how a psychic can't get those lottery numbers and yet has the power to be a psychic.

    Growing up, one of my favorite dances at weddings was the Zorba The Greek, I love the energy it brings.....memory lane, the good old days, so different now, the lifestyle here is so different, but I chose that and shouldn't complain, its okay to reminisce from time to time. Oh and Nana Miskouri (spelt that wrong) my grand mother loved her singing, we would listen to her music.

    Hopefully your head is clear from the taxes.......I have a question for you, maybe more that

    If you were born and raised in Greece, how did you learn to read and write so well in English? The relatives I have in Italy, can't speak or write in English, you think this would be something learned? I write very little Italian, and am losing speaking the language, because I don't speak Italian here (only bad words when someone does me wrong) and yes a bad mum, I only taught my girls a few words, (that would be the good words!!:)

    Oh seehorse, one other thing, you spelt Mediterranean wrong, but I know that had to be because your brain was in over load, I do know I am right this time!!! I just can't help myself!!

  • LOL you're awesome!! I have tons of books on that subject as well 🙂

  • Piscesmoonshine i wait for the titles lol (seriously i am!)

    As for Piscesstar time to let the firehorse out : GRAAAAAAAAAAAARRRGHHHHHHH !!!!!


    Okay okay calm down ssehorse Piscesstar is probably ROFLHAO right now because she lives in San Francisco or something and she's pulling your leg (or in athens cross the street rofl)......

    Zorba is a great song ! It's "Nana Moushouri" you know there's a thread called "Seehorse an answer to your question" started by my good friend MyJourney for me (awwwwww now that's sweet isn't it?) i don't remember the page but i've posted some youtube links to some great greek oldies but goodies when you have the time visit it lotsa funny stuff there too !

    As for my english...oh man i'm so embarrassed to reveal that lol when i was in middle school i used to spend a lot of time in my Granny's house. My uncle still single back then, stayed with her. Now i am a nosy guy and when he was not at home i used to search around (i know, shame on me) and one (glorious) day i discovered he was a subscriber to Penthouse magazine. Roflmao you understand of course after that i visited Granny everyday hahaha i used to went to a cram school to learn english but i dropped out i said "why do i need english for?" well i got the answer some time later lol. Of course i couldn't read the stories (yeah like a gave a **** about the stories hahaha) but i was really curious so i went to granny with an english-greek dictionary, spending hours "studying". My best friend used to read Marvel comics so that was also a motive, i started to pay attention to the dialogues not the subtitles at the movies etc etc. So there you have it i'm self taught and well-cultured roflmao

    As for visiting the US that is a dream of mine, i would like to visit Pittsburgh i know not much to see but my Grandfather from the side of my Father worked many years as an immigrant there. I don't think i would like to visit places like NY i already live in a big city' i would like to see life in a small traditional american town YEAH LIKE YOURS DON'T START THE MIND GAMES NOW LOL

    Oh man you're right about the mediterranean...googled it, it's from latin "medius" and "terra" meaning "Middle Earth" how about that !

  • Okay Seehorse,

    Time for the truth!

    Something tells me your not from Greece!

    Your story is hilarious, but I think your full of it...LOl

    I know you are American!!

    You can't fool me!!!

  • Seeing you guys posting your venus moon etc.. I decided to do some research. So my fishy is a Pisces Sun, a Taurus Venus and an Aquarius Mars. No wonder he is soo confusing.

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