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  • Seehorse,

    Oh so wise and funny too!!

    We are very alike in SOME WAYS (LOL).

    We do share being Fire Horses & Taurus North Node.

    I am kinda glad your not psychic, because its not me with the current fish!! LOL again!!

    I just finished writing on another post


    That ego thing, definitely can cause some BIG trouble!! I am giving mine some lessons, believe me! It aint going to control my life!!

    I am glad your not a drug dealer, but are you sure your not just a little intuitive???

    I actually really like the advice you give out, so I will be stalking you around here to read what you have to say!

    Love the cat pic (I love cats)

    Be Good.........and Thank you

  • Marc my firend, just how long can you stay away from this (highly addictive !) forum....

    Piscesfirestar being a fish means being naturally highly intuitive which is the talent given to Pisces to save their a$$ from bad people lol. Crabbies have their shell Scorpios their sting, poor fishies have only their gut feeling which we should always trust ! But hey, us fire horse fish are a breed apart lol after all nearly 1,5 billion asians are afraid of us rofl...maybe with good reason ?!

    As for our Ego, things are more difficult than they seem. You see, it always acts on a subconsious level kinda like the PC's operating system. We see what's happening on the computer screen but the OS is always there controlling everything without us ever noticing it. I've read of an experiment conducted last year in Harvard university if i'm not mistaken where neurologists proved that all our decisions are made in the subconsious level of our intelligence. Free will....hmmm not so sure anymore ! It takes an enormous amount of wisdom and experience to tame our inner beast.

  • Thanks for the replies. Our racial differences don't bother me at all. I don't see him as a "black man" I see him just as Craig. I'm just trying to see things from his perspective. Lots of folks on both sides have issues with interracial relationships. I asked him if his family would have a problem with it, but his words and body language didn't match up.

    I know there are always 3 sides to every story, his side, her side, and the side of truth. Which is why I'm always trying to see things from the other persons point of view. Maybe that's my problem, thinking of the other person a bit too much.

  • Seehorse,

    I told you we are a powerful force!

    Once again your words are very true.

  • Fishlover, i believe everything in our lives happen for a reason and that is to teach us our lessons. Now most of them are not pleasant but that's where knowledge comes from, pain rejection failure even despair. We can choose to forever b1tch about our misfortunes or try to see what really caused them. Some times is someone else's fault, some times ours. There is a lesson for us in either case.

    Piscesstar thank you for your kind words. I believe we should always strive to be humble and pious and serve others as this brings us on the road to enlightenment


    you see many people really have to work on toning down their ego, for most fish out there bolstering it a little is not a bad thing at all as we often end up being everyone's doormat lol

    However for the fire horses this is not so true because of our monstrous ego haha

    As for our sneaky little ego and its defence mechanisms, yes those dirty little tricks it constantly plays on us, there are tricks we can play on it. Ways or better yet behaviour patterns we can adopt to fool it. They are called "mature level defence mechanisms" now this is copy-paste anyone interested in further reading can google and learn lol


    These are commonly found among emotionally healthy adults and are considered mature, even though many have their origins in an immature stage of development. They have been adapted through the years in order to optimize success in life and relationships. The use of these defenses enhances pleasure and feelings of control. These defenses help us integrate conflicting emotions and thoughts, while still remaining effective. Those who use these mechanisms are usually considered virtuous.

  • Time for 2 stoopid questions Piscesstar :

    1)I am kinda glad your not psychic, because its not me with the current fish!!

    English is not my first language i'm afraid i didn't get it lol please clarify

    2)I just finished writing on another post


    In what thread ? I can't find it.....gawd now i'm embarassed rofl

  • Now i feel like him rofl

  • Seehorse,


    Secondly, yeh, I goofed up, like a true Pisces there are zillions of things running through my head and I thought you wrote some thing to me but it was for some one else......too many fishes here!! Sorry about that!:))

    Thirdly....hmmmmm 'The truth always prevails" I have to come back on that one. Too many threads, can't exactly remember which one, but I will work on that one!

    I have to say, I am a better Pisces now than I was in my early years, even better knowing I am a Firehorse.

    May i ask what country you live in?

    Lastly for now, where did you get that picture of me? That was me last week!!

  • "like a true Pisces there are zillions of things running through my head" now YOU are giving away our little secrets dear Piscesstar lol.....i can't help but laugh at other signs thinking of us as airheads (look at that stoopid fish dreaming off again lol) while our brains are on fire ! But it's a good thing for us. A (chinese i think) general once said, never underestimate your enemy, let him make that mistake ! We're like Einstein (a famous Pisces oh yeah) we won't let our brilliant minds be occupied with mundane things, we happily leave those boring menial tasks to other less advanced signs hahaha excuse me people i am having an egomaniacal crisis right now wait till my Aries wife reads this guaranteed to drive her nuts rofl

    As for the better Pisces now same here difficult procedure though....

    I live in Athens Greece. Where do you live Piscesstar ?

    As for the picture, only last week ?! I feel like that all the time lol

  • Seehorse,

    We have a great connection!!

    I sometimes try to explain stuff, but it never comes out like I want it too.

    I do find I am constantly in lala land, the only time I shut down is when I get some zzz's, even then in my dreams, it still feels like I am exerting myself, there I go again, not making much sense, but your smart enough to get it.

    I can tell you are very knowledgeable. (funny too, Pisces have a great sense of humor)

    Another thing in common for us mr Seehorse, I was married to an Aries for almost 22 yrs, were together for 25.

    How long have you been married? Aries women are very smart, good in business, a little frugal I hear!! LOL

    You live in Greece!! Thats on the top of my lists to visit. My best friend in Australia is Greek.

    Well, I am originally from Australia,. Its a long story!! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would end up living in the US.

    I have to thank my ex hubby for that.

  • Hi Piscesstar. Aries women are wonderful, we've been married for 17 years now, but it's in their nature to be a little too domineering for us fish, as we usually can't say no (big mistake) because we want everyone to be happy. Next thing we know we are a doormat. No problem however, when this happens i just unleash the fiery beast lol and everything is back to normal. Most astrology sites say we are not compatible however in the chinese she is a Dog, that gives us a 90% compatibility. Regarding western and eastern astrological compatibility i think the truth is somewhere in the middle.

    I hope you come visit us soon, Greece is a really lovely country !

    So you're an Aussie ! I always wanted to visit your country (or immigrate there if Greece goes bancrupt lol). Now that you know both US and Australia, which is a better place to live? Difficult question i know !

  • Hi seehorse,

    I will reply to you this evening, gotta get to work.

    You have a great day or night!

  • I've taken the advice in adition to what I've learned about Pisces men, and it appears to be working like a charm.. My fish is swimming back to me. 🙂 He is a fire snake also and I'm a wood rabbit.

  • Hi seehorse,

    Finally got a chance to reply to you.

    We are softies, ain't we:)

    I was told Aries and Pisces will never last, its a matter of when. I haven't looked at your chinese compatibility, but you sound like a good match.

    My ex hubby was a good man, I loved his intelligence, he taught me so much.

    Not a very good communicator, a lot of times he had a wall up.

    You asked Australia or America................thats a tough question.

    I love the food and the beaches in Australia, and all my family is there. (big Italian one)!!

    As for America, I love it here, no ocean where I live, very conservative town, but there is something very spiritual here, I can't explain it. It is a very safe place to raise your family.

    Where I was from in Australia, it was one of the safest places to live until 12 yrs ago, that all changed. The crime and the cost of living is high, its just not the same. The population doubled, it just wasn't the same place where I grew up.

  • Hello fellow Pisceans,

    I'm new to this site but wanted to introduce myself.






    Like all of you, I am interested in music, art, day dreaming, creating, analyzing, and anything in the metaphysical realm. I had to laugh at all the posts about unfinished books/novels because I have an unfinished one as well!

    I also read a lot of you are interested in psychology, or in working with that field. Funny because I have my master's in counseling and am a therapist. So I know all about being empathic and sensing someone's emotions.

    We are all so alike it's really awesome!

  • Well, that's good to hear, Fishlover ! Just remember not to trample on your fish when he makes you mad (we are adept in making the gentle bull see red i know what i'm saying lol)

    but then again you should be careful of the snake little rabbit ! As long as both partners respect each other and are willing to compromise in non-essential matters, everything will be fine regardless of sign, life path numbers etc etc. Every human being is unique. And even if a particular relationship does not work out, there are valuable lessons in there too.

    Piscesstar, ooooh yes we are, no point denying it ! As for signs, i already expressed my opinion above. We're supposed to be compatible with Cancers and Scorpios right ? Wrong !!

    Hahaha i can't stand either, but these are people i happen to know. There are billions of good and bad people out there of all 12 signs.

    As for your town well, you can't have it all i guess. I am a city boy i lived in my wife's little town for 4 years, almost went crazy ! But if it's a safe and spiritual place what else could you want ?

    (a mall, cinema, pubs i know dear lol) Hey what's the name of the place ( only if you'd like to say, of course!) i love to see places on google maps !

  • Hey Piscesmoonshine i'm jealous i always wanted to study psychology ! I've even bought some books but stopped reading them when i started to recognize so many pathological patterns in my personality hahaha but seriously it's a fascinating subjects. We fishpeople are naturally empathic i think that makes us very good in this scientific field.

    Astrologically speaking i'm :

    Sun-Pisces (we know moron lol)





    You should check your North node also, The North Node’s placement reinforces where life will be easier for us. The South Node’s placement will reveal where we are more likely to stumble or reinforce a rut. However, too much North Node activity can be just as detrimental to our lives as too much South Node activity. The significance of the two placements is to find balance between the two areas within our life. When we do achieve the balance we begin to feel the powerful effects of understanding the lessons. (this is copy-paste i'm too lazy lol) Mine and piscesstar is in Taurus (and south in Scorpio) i've read somewhere this is one of the most difficult karma.......

    Any good books about empathy/psychology/counselling ? very interesting stuff !

  • Welcome Piscesmoonshine.

    I am in the process of entering the counselling field myself. Applied to do a couple of courses, but I echo Seehorse's request for any recommendations for good reading material 🙂

  • Seehorse, where do you get your Chinese astrology info from?

  • "Chinese s3xual astrology-Eastern secrets to mind-blowing s3x" by shelly wu rofl

    Joking aside, it's a very good read-highly recommended !! You can downolad it for free although that's piracy !

    4 cards for me :

    1. Coyote

    2. Badger

    3. Elephant

    4. Whale

    Hmmmm.... and the wierdest thing PH i was thinking of posting this to you today !

    Nicotine,caffeine,internet and now cards addiction...

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