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  • I've got 3 Gemini friends that have a Taurus cusp, so they have a little bit of that in them.. I LOVE aquarians, my brother and one of my best friends is one, but I haven't kept many as close friends, as they are relatively "detatched" I suppose.

  • Hi, everyone. I was born February 22, 1991. The sun sign is Picses, my moon is Gemini, and my rising sign is Aries. My husband is a cancer, I know nothing about his moon or his rising. Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself.

  • Hello to all my fellow pisces! 🙂

    How are all of you?

    DonkeyPoofed, I agree with you. Somtimes being a pisces is hard, being so emotional. I am highly sensitive and a very emotional person.

    I also have a deep love of the water.

    AngelaVictoria and DiamondWolfess, I also have gemini as my moon sign. 🙂

    My rising sign is gemini.

    and 8 is my Life Path number.

    As a pisces, do any of you feel misunderstood a lot of the times?

    I would love to hear from any of my fellow pisces.

    Joy and happiness to you all.

  • Well, my birthday is in 2 days. I hear your energy is higher closer to your birthdate.

  • Both my sun and venus is in pisces and I feel overwhelmed by my emotions almost ALL THE TIME! It's so frustrating and maddening! 😞

  • My sun and venus is also in pisces. My mercury and saturn is also in pisces. I am overwhelmed by my emotions also and it is very frustrating and maddening. You're not alone ConfusedPisces33!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Being overly-emotional (as we all seem to be), is, I think, our test in life - overcoming it. And boy, what a test !!

    I'm find it a teeny-tiny bit easier as I get older - but only a teeny-tiny bit.

    I also know that now that I'm older, I'm a little bit more fussy on picking my friends.

    Did any of you find yourselves having a hard time going out after the age of 25 or so? (I did) I'm curious, as I've heard this about Pisces.

  • Hey you guys, Im a pisces born on march 7th 1991

    But donkeypoofed , I am only 20 years old and I already and soooooo fussy with friends,

    I pick and choose and over annalize everything, I used to be very socialable but I feel my

    friends have to be great quality otherwise its a no go , Also very much in relationships ,

    it gets hard for sure.

    But I had a question for all, Has anyone had a Sagittaius relationship work out? been friends with the guy for years, and now started dating only a month so far , but so good !

  • Sagittarians love fun and excitement! I was in a relationship with one for two months, but he was always partying and I wouldn't go to more than one every two weeks or so. That was just him though, remember his moon sign and rising play a role too!

    I just wasn't as "awake" as he was... I love regular sleep and need as LITTLE chaos as possible, but he thrived on all the excitement! If you're adaptable (which you most likely are, especially if you like him) then you'll be as good as you make it 🙂


  • i am allso triple fish march 15 1960 my mother is the10th now that i am older i know my path most triple fish are on the last life.... i am spirit messenger work for the otherside once you relize your path and stick to it it is not so bad being that fish love and respect!!!!

  • "I can't even begin to explain the up and downs

    the lost and founds

    reaching the top and struggling to stay

    the need to rip myself away

    the love and hate I have for pain

    the timid progression found in change

    who i am is misunderstood so I am Damned.

    I roll like a stone at the bottom of the sea, a single current changes what's planned."

    That's something I wrote today out of frustration -_-

    Maybe someone can relate to the words.

  • I can relate to those words Generic4mike.

  • Me too 🙂

  • There you are again pisceanhealer ! Destiny brought us together agin !! Interesting...(or weird?!). Okay, time to introduce myself. Born 27 february 1966 fish, chinese Fire Horse (one of the worst in chinese astrology haha) north node taurus (oh, it's important believe me, something to do with that karma thing). Seen lots of ups and downs in my life so far, consider everything that happened to me an experience and a challenge, many bad things only made me stronger. Never had any real interest in spiritual matters (must be my Virgo ascendant) but lately something weird happened, like an on/off switch. I suddendly felt an enormous urge to reach out, connect, communicate. A message from a higher power or mid-life crisis ? Well, let's find out !!

    And a message to all fellow fishes out there. Whatever does not kill you only makes you stronger ! So stop whining (our favorite pastime) about your misfortunes, thank whatever God you like for not living in Japan, stand proud on your own 2 flippers and FIGHT !!

  • Do any of you Pisces have a hard time flirting? I seem to flirt when I don't mean to but I can't flirt when I try.

  • Seehorse,

    I am a Pisces Firehorse too!

    Long, long time ago it was viewed as bad, but not in todays modern Eastern astrology.

    We are actually a powerful force!

    Just wanted to mention that.

  • This post is deleted!

  • That happens to me too, doeyeyedpisces.

  • Piscesstar, i think we are stubborn and set in our ways, we have great strength and determination. Personally i would like to learn to be more patient, i want everything done yesterday ! As for our other aspects, rebellious and obstinate, i wouldn't change a thing !

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