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  • I think that "start something but don't finish" is typical Pisces. I'm not bashing us. What I'm saying is that there's something genuinely brilliant in most of us. We come up with these wonderful ideas and lay the groundwork, but then the details become so pedestrian. They're better left for someone else to complete. Which is odd that we are so bored by details because we also possess such a powerful attention to detail, when it's called for. For all of you feeling unfulfilled about all the projects you've started but not finished, I say you need to alter your perspective. Feel good about the brilliant ideas that you had. You've seen or heard those ideas in your heads in their full glory, so don't say you didn't create something great.

  • I am Piscean Sun and Leo Moon, chinese rabbit, numerology #1.

  • Hi everyone.

    I'm pretty new to astrology, but so far it's proved insightful for me. My birthday is March 4 '91 and I think I'm very piscean indeed. I definitely am someone who has a hard time finishing what I begin. I get a great idea for a creative project and always run into a wall. Something becomes impossible to overcome and I often obsess over details in every aspect of life. I'm definitely drawn to the spiritual and emotional aspects of life.

  • To My Fellow Fish Brothers and Sisters -

    Don't hate yourselves so much for not being able to finish projects. The problem is actually that we all have the ability to dream so big. Keep the dreams alive.

  • Hi I'm mike, my birthday is feb. 28th 1991, I've gotta say I've never felt so at home. This forum is full of ME, I share so many traits with all of you.. From overwhelming emotions to inuitive predictions, I CAN RELATE.

    I find that people who are hurting cling to me, and I am very good at tending to emotional/spiritual pain, although sometimes I feel like I myself bear pain that is uncureable. My emotions are a rollercoaster of positives and negatives (nothing too much to handle of course) but it's definitely a RIDE. I feel compelled to help others and to be strong for those who are weak-willed.

    I am having a hard time finding my direction and path in life.

    I feel a pessemistic sense of uninterest some days that I fight away but It leaves me wondering if It has anything to do with being a pices. (?)

    I feel as though I am a natural born optimist, but also a pessimist in it's own right. (is that odd?)

    I smoke pot occassionaly, it gives me inner-peace.

    It is almost ironic that I feel like such a strong person when compared to most, but at the same time I feel so weak and compelled feel other's emotions.

    Will I ever have MY feelings in order?

    I'm 19 and desperately trying to figure myself!

    thank you 🙂


  • Hi I am a pisces too birthday Feb. 23 Am I on the cusp? I feel like a pisces more than not! Mother says I have multiple personalities does anyone else ever hear that?

  • Gee, how I can relate to you, I am pretty much the exact same way. And I long to find my own way I don't want to discourage you but I am 52 and still trying to find direction. I used to feel safe being a Nurse but that was taken away from me by a drunk driverso I am on the lookout for my new meaning to this world! Good Luck, Debbie

  • This is great!I feel all alone living in my world of fire and air signs,how wonderful it is to swim in waters with fellow fish.Yes yes yes.We are chamelions,my moon and mercury are also in pisces Mike you sound like me.thats how we areit's hard taking in all the worlds pain.yes,those 'people who hurt and want to hurt go right 4 us.they have a radar that goes right 4 us. i'm 50 and still looking for mt path,and God created smoke just 4 us.If any sign is deserving of it ,it is us.Feeling in order thats a real hard one,follow the moon phases ,that helps alot to inform on how it will effect are still young,follow your heart and getting into something creative is best.helping others is good,just be careful which way you go with that because it can DRAIN you,take care my fishy friend

  • hi mike,i'm a fellow fish and wrote to you,but in picses fashion i wrote below .the posting is sept.26,2010 at 11;05 pdt,hope i was helpful

  • thats interesting,what sign are you?to know what to expect from a fish and it be correct is very unual

  • why do pisces have so much problems in love... or at least i do... why is that... can someone advise me or help me and tell me what i do so wrong... everytime i think he is possible, i think i blow it someway or another... i am actually going out of my mind to why and how i blew this relationship... i just wish hed give me another chance... even my wishes never come true when it comes to love... well another subject is, i love psychic readings... and my intuition or psychic ability goes in and out... for some reason im a better psychic when trying not to be... when i try to hard it doesnt work... when i let it go and let my senses go forget it, i get told by psychics that do do readings on me say im a sponge... they even tell me to stay out of cemetarys... well thats hard when you do have a couple of loved ones their and want to show respects and bring flowers... but anyways, thanks for listening and anyone again who can offer me some advise would love it... jaffeebella

  • March 14, 1976 Dragons & Fishes; Haha, Chinese Dragon Fish!

    Just like Pravada in that, yes I've been "working" on a book for years; nope not finished. Neither is anything else I start unless it holds my passions captive. & I think my library on 'ologies' needs to encompass an entire room. Never complete. --- So, my Moon is Virgo and Ascendant, Leo. Maybe that's why everyone at the bar knows my name? I'm the only Pisces in the family, so I'm either loved or hated, but completely misunderstood. I understand them! But do I REALLY want them to truly understand me?....Na! 🙂 That's our edge. Otherwise they'd never leave us alone to 'swim'. They'd smoke us over their coals and serve us up for dinner. So do any other Pisces out there have that problem; of people w/ nets? And anyone w/ similar Moon & Rising signs? It seems the Leo really impacts how people see me/ or, I guess, how I come across to others? It feels like wearing a very exuberant mask. No regrets, just curiosities.......

  • Pisces Sam / The "dreaded" Pisces-Gemini Relationship: Haha, my Moon is Virgo, too(SunPisces), and I've been in love w/ someone for 17 yrs! He's ALL Gemini, but w/ a Pisces Moon. When we're together, I feel like I'm w/ my soul-twin. I mean the connection is so strong, I can feel it across the miles, across the years, across our beings! And when we're close; AAHHHH! PURE MAGIC!! I'm talkin singin and dancin in the moonlight, kinds of things. We can be in a crowded room and on complete other sides of it, and everyone just assumes we're "together", just by the electrically charged connection. And never need to speak to know what the other wants or needs or is going to say. He'd hand me the glass of water right before I say it. I'd hand him the pack of cigarettes or a beer before he even had time to let the words cross his lips. It's palpable. But there IS that element that all the astrologists warn about. We've been great lovers, best friends, worked together, lived together, sister-brother. His family feels almost like a second family to me. But no, we're not married. Not boyfriend girlfriend. I found that it would never work that way. He's the Yang to my Yin, but only if I follow the rules of the tide. And right now, the tide's out. But we love eachother that deeply, so the tide will always come back in. I can still feel him; so it's as if he's never gone. I love being a Pisces! My son is a Gemini, and ALOT! of my really good friends are Geminis, so it can work if you don't push it too hard. But then, they're all guys and I'm a girl. I'm thinkin that matters. Now Aquarius's and Libra's I have problems w/ VERY, VERY MUCH!

  • Wow, I wish we swam in such 'in-sync' form (the househould) An Aquarian/Taurus rules the roost, so unless your there in person, and 'really' there, which I never am in personality anyway......Well, I'm a Fish out-of-water, I guess. And the only Pisces here; in any aspect. Sun, Moon, Rising. I could be in the same room and still be harassed for not 'involving myself w/ the family' . It must be nice to exist in an arena where everyone understands that your 'there', even if your flashing your own scales....Haha, I hear San Francisco's nice?

  • Haha, why can't people see? : If you run into a lake or ocean and try to chase the schools of fish to catch some of them, the whole school is going to sense you coming long before you get there, swim off in the time they know they already have, watch you from a distance as you flounder in the waves, and all your left w/ is a person carrying a bucket and when they scoop, all they have is water! And so.......your left with my Water-Bearing Aquarius mother!

    OK, i know I have ton of posts all in a row, but I'm still going thru this forum; lots to read! Anyway, I looked up the website that was mentioned(on pg44, haha my favorite #'s), on Twin Flames, and realized that I wrote about that above, when talking about my Gemini "friend". Tho I used the term 'soul-twin', and I've only heard the words Twin Flames once. I never asked what it was, cause the person talking to me was one of those pushy, gab-gab, say nothing kinds of conversationalists.! That was a neat feeling to pick up on something and then have it....what's the word?.....seconded?

    I'd also like to comment on all the posts about male Pisceans. My stepdad was a Pisces, just like me (Me-F). My mom is an Aquarius/ Taurus-I think I said that already. Anyway, he was alot like what others are saying about Piscean males. He was great w/ his hands and could build anything! And he HAD! to have his space and peace and quiet; haha, just like me. And! a piece now and then; just like me. And any loud noises drove him completely batty, unless it was music and he was alone; just like me. Me, I like noises as long as they're doing something productive. Or conjuring meaning, somehow. Music is my mentor and my Houdini's Box that I use to "hide" in so others know that, "I can't hear you....!" But we both are/were very sensitive to noise and it's nuances. Does that make sense?

    Now see, my proud mother, who's extemely noisy, can't see how much me and him were so much alike. I saw it from the moment I moved in w/ them. I'd think to myself "My God!, I'm her 2nd husband!" She still can't see it, cause she's too busy trying to get me to 'come out of my shell, and love her, again". I never stop loving anyone. Hate and anger literally make me sick, and Love.....well, I like the love-luck I feel. But I'm about as out of my shell as I'm going to get w/ a bullish water girl.

  • March 4, rising libra moon in taurus

    Hi to all pisces out there.

    I love to be a piscean but sometimes the mood swings just destroy my life. I am in a relation with a gemini (rising leo moon in scorpio) for 3 years we had fights but we couldnt be appart longer than 2 weeks and I dont really believe long term break ups can be good for relationships. I admire ours in this way.

    One day I really want him to be with me but the other day I want him to stay away. Negative things my friends or my family say can easily effect me and my realtionships. Although pisces-gemini is not a good combination, I believe with my adaptation ability and his ability to talk and state out the problems helped us to come this way. He showed me to that I need to stand out and talk instead of sit and wait. I believe all pisceans have to this. When something happens we just swim to our safe cave and wait for the storm to calm down, or wait for someone to save us. We need to state what we feel and think, instead of waiting sb to understand us because this never happened and will never happen. We feel so deep inside, fragile and caring but no other can understand the things from your side. So dont be shy dont wait anybody dont let time to go by.

    Sometimes it can be tiring for us when we are in love with sb with personality/mood swings. But with little afford you can show what you are feeling when you want to run away and they can easily understand that because they feel it too.

    So much things going in my head i will write them another time.

    And open to comments and advices anyone with gemini bf/gf.

  • hello pisces and friends,wow theres 5 or 6 pisces born on my b.d. feb 21,so cool.i can relate to all u fishes,i to daydream alot,even when talking to people,well december is here and its time to socialize,i've got a capricorn wife,and oh yes,congrats to my hometown s.f. giants. sfp

  • Hello- I am not a pisces, but just ended a relationship with a pisces 😞 (not by choice)

    He still contacts me though. Would I be able to join your forum to get some insight/guidance?

  • Hi,

    Brand new to this site, and to any forum or public discussion for that matter.

    In a nutshell, I am everything you can expect a Pisces to be, right down to a very pronounced T.

    Three years ago my online penpal, whom I consider a brilliant man, asked me one day, what my sign was. I responded with arrogance, " You don't really read that stuff do you?" And he said, "I don't live by it, but it is something I find interesting. You might want to just have a look."

    So I took the time to read my sign. I shall say, I was stunned. I felt like an open book! My oh so complicated person was explained in detail before my eyes. My whole life, I spent wondering what the hell was wrong with me. Why was I always feeling misunderstood? Why was I always wondering why people did not grasp my explanations, my philosophies, my logic? Now it had become so clear, in an instant I understood. BECAUSE I AM A PISCES!

    A full blown one at that, hihi!

    A pisces dragon to be exact, age 46.

    I am quite functional, responsible, witty, and most of the time I can appear quite normal,

    unless ofcourse....

    you see me walking down the path to the woods barefoot,

    or building huge castles with the neighborhood children out of cardboard boxes, huge ones, 6 ft. by 6ft by 6ft!

    Or digging holes out back in the woods for my sons BMX jumps, wearing dainty dresses and combat boots.

    Those are maybe some physical aspects that may spark a question mark.

    I have never really assoiciated with another Pisces, and this place seems so very interesting. I have read that a Pisces is very compatable with another Pisces in the ways of love relationships. I have never dated one of those, but probably every other brand. I am so curious as to what that would have been like. It does sound wonderful, and since I have never felt understood by any of my companions, ofcourse I fabulate on how it must be to be able understand one another, to share in such depth, with the one you're with. I am married, with four kids, but I would just like to interact with Pisces friends, just to have a taste of what the potential of such a communion would be like if that makes any sense. It is certainly not flirting that I am referring to, and I do hope that is not what it sounds like because I would like to share with men and woman alike.

    Well, today, mmm, in a rut. I bid on a job to write articles and got it! I sent out my first article. But, mmm, he responded saying he wants only articles about technology, and I don't think he could have asked me to perform on a more unattractive subject that that.

    I have imagination, I am creative, and I am capable of adjusting to varied situations with ease, but TECHNOLOGY is definitely something I have run from all my life, as if it were the Bulbous Plague! Now whatever am I to do about this? Goodness, he said, 'You don't have to write just about computer technology.' Well thank goodness, because what I would probably write about computers would be on how to paint prettty flowers on them, or how to avoid embarassement when sending it for the fifth time to the technician.... (The answer to that being, 'send your husband, who unfortunately has to deal with the embarassment, because it seems that when the man opened the screen and started looking at of what I am capable, he yelled to the back of the store, where there is a curtain, 'Hey, come here a minute, you gotta see this! And slowly one by one, the manager and technicians, come around to look at the screen, smirks, giggles, etc...Yep, my husband said it was the LAST time he was bringing it in.) I have to write 5 a day on varied technical stuff, no way, I don't see how. He had not mentionned that in his ad, elst I would have surely went right by it. And my horoscope for today?

    Thursday, Dec 16th, 2010 -- You may be placing too many unrealistic expectations on your job today. Even if you are receiving some recognition for your accomplishments, it's not wise to think that this trend will continue unabated. Instead of trying to please everyone by taking on more work than you can deliver, setting boundaries will help you be more effective. It's better to demonstrate excellence at one or two things than mediocrity at many.

    So what's a girl to do?

  • Hello, all!

    I'm also a Pisces but my moon is in Virgo. My DOB is February 23, 1997. Yah, I'm kind of young.

    I absolutly love astrology. I used to think that something was wrong with me until I learned that I was a PISCES!

    I've been told countless times "You need common sense!" or "Stop day dreaming!" I've always felt misunderstood. I have a hard time phrasing my ideas into words that people will understand.

    I have about 6 or 7 good friends. I tend to like talking to adults more though. They seem to like to theories about how the world is a dystopia and how we can improve live for all people. I also like to talk about life itself.

    I have noticed that I give up easily. I have started countless stories and never finished. My friends have read them and adored them but I lose the motivation to continue. I also tend to give up when it comes to relationships. I'm more of the 'gaze from afar' rather than the 'initiator'.

    Unlike most Pisces, I like to be the leader in things.

    But I am also very easily depressed. I've been depressed since age 9 but never told until April of this year. I'm also very empathetic.

    Hmmm. I dont know what else to say but...I am a Pisces. 😄

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