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  • is someone ever going to answer my question? i need some guidance on pisces right now... and now my question has kind of changed... is there anyone here who will help me out? please?

  • Been dating a Pisces guy for almost 5 months. He is very affectionate, kind and protective. He is 14 years yonger than me and at first I had an issue with the age differance. Now, the age differance does not bother me at all. Actually, since my divorce 5 years ago, I've dated men my age early 30's a Cancer, and a Sag and the Cancer had emotional issues, the Sag was a user.. He is more mature than all the men and he is only 22. I've been told that I am a cusp baby ( Taurus - Gemini ) and that Pisces and Gemini are not very compatible. I believe we both have a very strong spiritual connection. When I'm hurting or need him he always seems to call or be there. We both respect eachother space and freedom. He has shared deep feelings and emotions with me and has revealed that at times he feels ensecure around me. He told me he loves me and that caught me off guard. Pices men are very charming, I just hope that he truly loves me.. not in love with the thought or fantasy of love? Does that make any sense? His actions shows he is very genuine, maybe I'm not ready to be in love just yet. Love for me is loving with my all.. not fantasy but reality. We shall see, only time will tell. Thank you...

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  • Yesterday on the way to the Library a crow was on the neighbor's rooftop as I walked pass he was crowing as if in conversation, The Library is not far from the house about a block he followed me with the crowing conversation he was having I wish I knew what he was trying to tell me. I dream movie dreams where I actually feel I'm looking at a movie. Does anyone have strange or odd happenings to them?


  • I'm not sure you can base behavior on astrology signs. I'm a Pisces and I'm self reflective but I'm also communicative. Self reflection doesn't automatically mean pulling away from someone else, however, self reflection does require being away from others. Your boyfriend could be using this as his excuse to create distance because he doesn't have the communicative skills to be honest, or it could be self reflection and have nothing to do with you. I, as a Pisces, have learned that being social is important but I need time away from people in order to maintain my own identity and find my own place in the world.

    I hope this helps a little.

  • My reply was for curiositykilledkiki

  • Hi Sharon 212,

    i,m a Pisces and feel the same way. I can do so many things, yet I'm not being inspired nor motivated. I make Jewelry, write Poetry and short stories, and my dreams. I can make a book alone on just my dreams. I'm alone, but not lonesome I enjoy my own company cause I can beat myself down or bring myself up. People can be really cruel to Pisces people our genuine love of life our gift is to give, and people mistake it for a weakness. I hope this has been of some inspiration for you and God bless you.


  • Margefarrish, your comments are SO TRUE. Pisces people are giving people. Our kindness is taken advantage of many times in life. Finding things that motivate us is the secret. I like volunteering, painting, watching mysteries, exploring the West, and music. I seem to know what a person is thinking before they communicate it. I seem to pick up on a person's feelings easily but yet doubt self confidence at times. I don't like a lot of noise, and stay away from people who talk alot but say nothing. To me, those are the most boring people in the world. Also, I know instantly if I connect with someone, by what they do for others, especially the less fortunate. I have a low tolerance for selfish people.

  • I agree with you 100% Margefarrish. I've always been a vibrant and creative person for as long as I remember. Since I've been an adult, painting, sculpting, and writing have been my passions. I used to paint or be working on a painting all the time, especially when I was in college...I was full of this desire to express and be free. I got married when I was 20 and my spouse and I were often apart due to disagreements and such, but that was when I was most free. Then he and I started living together again when I was about 24 and my inspiration became stifled. Then I found out I was pregnant in Jan 2008 and I lost all inspiration and started feeling extremely lonely, especially when my son was born. I expressed to my spouse this utter lonely feeling but he didn't get it or didn't care. Fast forward to now, and he and I are divorcing. I couldn't be any happier. But I'm still struggling with finding purpose and inspiration. And I've almost come to terms with loneliness as a companion. It’s so interesting to see what you wrote about being lonely, and what loneliness offers you. Loneliness does offer protection against all the things that other people could do to you. When it’s just you, you don't have to worry about being vulnerable which I'm sure is a relatable Pisces characteristic. But there is a sadness that comes with being lonely...I often feel like I want to connect with people but they just don't understand me or don't care to understand me...its almost like everyone has a special something that I don't have, and I'm out of the loop for some reason. Oh well. But as I’m finding freedom again, I am slowly becoming motivated. I've been writing a lot about how I feel about my current life situation. As well, I've recently signed up to mentor a young person, and I am very excited about that. I am slowly refinding myself, or refinding the new in me, and its always fun but it can be tricky. I think Pisces think more than anything. I can sit and think and be lost in my thoughts. I could probably fill up a whole notebook with all the things I think about, just the concepts that is (perhaps I will start doing that), but the point is we are very intense people with intense emotions and sometimes it’s hard for us to go with the flow like other people. But I think we're the most important of the zodiac because we think and feel things that others may ignore. That recognition is more important than anything.

  • Hi! I'm Rae Ann, born March 6, 1988. I've just started to explore astrology and I am fascinated so far... I love reading these posts because it really is like I'm reading about myself. I think all the time and sometimes think I may even be a little crazy! Haha Anyway, I am about to graduate from college with a bachelors in history. I want to know everything... some day maybe I will! I'm really concerned for our country and think we really need to make some changes. I have a lot of acquaintances and a few very close friends. My best friend has the same birthday as me, but was born in Korea. We seem to have some sort of telepathy which is a whole other story in itsself. We are so similar in our actions, thoughts, and life experiences- it is bizarre. I'm not sure how we found each other in this world, but I am thankful!! I am starting to see how different pisces really are from everybody else. We will give everything we have to others, and often get taken advantage of. As much as I hate being a pisces sometimes, it really is amazing. I always know how people are feeling even if they don't tell me. I notice everything, especially noises. I often need my alone time because I hate excessive noise and people who talk a lot but say nothing. I know there's no room for them in my life, so I'd rather just avoid them:) I have a passion for life and experiencing and knowing everything. I crave love and a relationship but reject it at the same time. Does anyone else have that problem?

  • Hi Rae. Reading you post was like I was reading about myself. Uncanny.

    I also see that there's Lori from Minneapolis.I had a pen pal in school named Lori. She too was from Minneapolis.We corresponded three letters each. Sent each other our photos too. Just wondering.

  • Hello honeys 🙂

    My name is Hope.I was born March 2nd,(Dr.Seuss B-day :D) I am a very creative,loving teenager. And though i enjoy writting I have recently been leaning toward the Scientfic field. It seems as i age I have been becoming more cynical toward love,marriage you know the whole sha-bang. Most Pisces tend to be romatics in real life but I can only seem to believe in love on paper.(The words I write and books i read) Or on Tv. Is this typical?

    *When the world says give up, Hope whispers try one more time......"

  • Hi thanks for the reply, so glad I'm not alone in my quest for our purposes in this life.

  • Hi, truepiscesgal we have so much in common. I don't like being around negative people, or conversations. I don't like sittin around people who talk about others and they are in the same boat as the person they are talking about. It's if magnifying someone else's lifestyle makes theirs better. I make beautiful Jewelry out of gemstones, rose quartz, amethyst, mother of pearl, and stones I can't even pronounce the name. It's interesting learning what these stones can do for our well being. In the beginning long before we were born the egyptians were wearing these stones for all kind of purposes in life. What Month were you born in February or March? I have 4 sons which I raised by myself. I chose being a good mother as opposed to being a battered wife I left and raised them myself. They are grown now. I'm helping one of my son's now, cause his wife just had another baby their 4th. I've been here in Virginia with them for over a year. I'm ready to move back to N.C. They have truly tested my Pisces nerves. Well write back when you get a chance.

  • Hello,

    My birthday is 3/20 although on the cusp I'm very much a pisces in everyway My partner of 24 years is a Aries we are like night and day. I have been on the fence about marriage but when I fall in love it's with all my heart and soul. he has been the one who has shown me what pure love and patiences is through out the years ( trust issues or maybe just a free sprite to love). About 3 years ago I met a fellow fish we clicked from the moment our eyes met the friendship became so much more it was like we were one, the force was so magnetic that both of us were torn. We are both in realationships over 20 years and could or would not cross the line which was close everytime we saw eachother so much that we started to meet only in public. what is it with pisces we love to suffer within?

  • Hello

    My DOB is 02/25/1970 100% pisces I have to say. Everything that I read about Pisces fits me to a T. I react emotionally to everything . So much so, my boyfriend says I wear my heart on my sleeve.I guess I would say that I am very much a dreamer. I love to write songs, poetry & I have tried short stories. Didn't like the out come & tossed them. I am extremely loyal and caring.( often think TOO much so)I have read that Pisces often possess uncanny intuitive or psychic abilities. I wish I was more in touch or in tune with mine. My mind is more open these days , than in the past. I often can feel some sort of presence I guess you could say. I often shake it off because my family thinks I am silly. Growing up I was taught that it was wrong or sinful to fill the things that I feel. So I often just chalked it up as to a daydream. There are alot of things I do not understand & do not know how to explain.

  • Thank you patzak. it did help. thanks for not completely ignoring my question like just about everyone else.

    he said that he cant handle a relationship right now and needs to find himself again. and it took a while to get him to tell me cuz he really wasnt tellin me much. he does have alot on his plate. i know that somewhere in there he does love me. somewhere. and i know that im both the longest relationship and the only that really mattered to him. he's graduating this year. he said he really wants to be friends (tho the future could go anywhere) and i just dont want him to put us on friends then just leave me hangin. and i dont want to be one of those girls who are wrapped around the dudes finger either. he means alot to me, and i dont want us to grow apart, but i dont want to be a toy. i am not sure whats going on exactly between he and i. he had ensured that his bout had nothing to do with me, and im tryng to not crowd him. i dunno... when you said that it made me think maybe once he figures all this stuff out he will want to pick up where things left off, so to speak. and at least now i know a thing or two.

    any other comment Patzak? =]

  • As a borderline astrology-skeptic, I have found it pretty spooky reading about all these Pisceans who sound just like me! Anyway you seem an amiable bunch, and I like to chat to amiable people, so I am looking forward to talking to you all. I was born on March 18th 1947, like Art, making music, I write a bit, like boats - surprise, surprise, and have a family which are mostly Pisceans.

    I would love to hear from any other ancients out there. Growing old doesn't really suit Pisceans, I think. Any views? I may take a while to reply as I am just off for a weeks holiday.

  • Hello,

    I am Breezie, i was born March 7th '94. I am very artist, love music, and love to cook. i Haven't read everyone's post, but for the most i read i can relate to. I am always, always day dreaming. I love it though. I grow frustrated sometimes when people don't open up, because i myself am an open book. I love learning knew things about people and understanding why they do the things they do.

  • When he/she in negative mood ignore it,don't even try to look his face because it will ruin your day........

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