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  • Wow! After reading these I don't feel so strange! My b'day is 03/20/67 and though I am on the cusp, I am no where near an Aries! My moon & rising are Cancer harmonious, yet so much feeling. 7 planets of my planets are in water signs! I am so watery I swish! The irony is I can't swim! LOL!

    I have always been attracted to emotionally challenged loners, esp. Aquarians; perhaps because I have no air signs. Is anyone really affected by noises? I am very sensitive to noises and sometimes I get sensory overload by being around a lot of people. One more quick question, do many of you fellow fish feel like an introvert thrust into an extravert’s world?


  • My mother in law is a pisces. I'm a Gemini married to her Leo son. We get on extremely well. However, the most annoying trait I find is that she still keeps in touch with my husband's ex girlfriend and will constantly tell me her trials & tribulations!! I have been married several years now and it still niggles!!! This ex girlfriend dated him for 3 months only so why she formed an attachment I don't know!! I know it annoys my hubby as well. Any ideas why she does this? (The ex girlfriend is a taurus)

  • well i am a pisces and my other half is a cancer. he is so difficult and basically has no emotions at all. me im over emotional., insecure that i have to know every thing or i think he will leave me. or find some onelse... cheat you know the list goes on and on, but my problem lies with this. i have actually snooped through the files on his computer, made an attempt to become friends with the ones of his he dosent mention. find out as much as possible. still i didnt feel like it was good enough nor was i. we love eachother dearly. we are engaged. and i do trust him but there is always that thing in the back of my head that makes me second guess. thinking whats the catch.... what is wrong with me? why cant this just be great. i love him with everything i have and he does the same for me.

  • Hi im a pisces too and feel the effects of being one, i regularly pick up other peoples emotions and feel them as if they are my own, and can get confused with deciding which one's mine and which one im sensing and can take a bit of time, but throught experience continuing with life as i usualy would solves that problem. I find it amazing traveling through all the different relms of energy that i feel throughout each day and figuring out who's energy is who's in collage or at home or anywere. Living as a Picease requires alot of understanding and insight which comes naturaly. Also Being Diseplined and comited to some things untill completion can bring motherloads of the sence of acheivement and feels like you have unlocked a threshhold into something new. Being a Pisces can lead to obsesion and introspectiveness ( if thats a word) personaly, but i also feel feel very extroverted too,

    Over all being a picease is great and i love the many experiences i go through and the increased sensetivity and insight give the responsebility to help others, Disepline Confidence and Beleif Help Being a Pisces very much and being light hearted about somethings helps too.

    I ❤ 69

  • Hi, I'm proud to be a Pisces, I feel like I'm the protector of many. My birthday is 3/9/59, so I turn 50 shortly but I just want a small gathering with family only.

    I love writing, but I have to be inspired, it sometimes just comes to me, a very strong need to express my feelings into words. As a teenager I wrote some of my best pieces, I wrote poetry for many with problems, I certainly wish I kept a copy of each but fragments are still in my mind.

    I love that I have such strong emotions, it makes me more compassionate for others, I feel I've been through it all so I understand. I'm great at detective work too, or research but I have to have a passion for it, or I have to feel that it's something necessary for betterment.

    Music evokes so many feelings inside me and I too love a variety of music. I see beauty everywhere, the wonderful colors all around us, the grace of elegant flowers, the strength of trees, the awesome colors of the sky. I love water, it relaxes, it soothes. I love animals, children, the elderly. I use to have problems with people my own age but now that I'm older, I feel comfortable with myself that I don't feel less any longer. I feel blessed with my spirtuality and I just want to live a loving, peaceful, giving, nuturing life, helping others because that is what helps me.

  • Tabita lol...I've been married to a Cancer for 30.5 years, we dated 2.5 years before marriage, when I was reading your message it reminded me exactly how I was so insecure with my Cancer man, I never felt worthy , I felt so overwhelmed by it all. Let me tell you, when I finally stopped worrying about how he should love me the way I loved him, became independent, starting interacting with family and friends more, started paying and giving him less of my attention, it turned all around. We can be overly possessive to those we love, but like us, they too need freedom and space. Try to feel secure in YOU and once you do then it will fall all into places.

    Actually after all these years of being with my Cancer man, he's only starting to treat me like I've always wished. It takes a while for some. 🙂

    Good Luck

  • This is my first time getting on a forum but couldn't resist when I saw someone with the same birthday as mine, Feb 23 (1959). I'm married to a Gemini which is supposed to be almost taboo according to most genius astrologers. Share a lot of the traits you guys do, but I'm very quiet. In fact, I don't know any other Pisces like myself. Guess its my Virgo moon.

  • Sam,

    It was my first time too...My best girlfriend is Gemini and we get along great, she's very soulful. Both my moon and sun are Pisces, I feel I'm pretty much spot on. Very quiet, I can be very quiet too, I think we need to be to listen to the world around us. Anyway, Happy 50th Birthday, mine is coming up too. Have a great year!

  • ILoveFish,

    I went back to re-read your last post. My situation is similar. We have been married 27 years and my wife is an extremely outgoing and extremely popular person. She always has something going on and is always on the go. Sometimes, business can take her away for weeks at a time. I've learned the same thing (or am learning it now) as you. And Geminis can be a little oblivious to other people's feelings. So, I've been there and can understand what the astrologers say. I agree with what they say about our pairing, as I've experienced it first hand. It's just their conclusion that I disagree with.

  • Sam,

    When we find someone we truly love, we want to give them all we have, and when they don't seem to reciprocate, in the same manner, or even a slighter version, it makes us feel, unloved, unappreciated and lonely inside. One thing I'm most proud of about myself is I deal with my problems alone, well, not exactly alone because I always pray to God and between the two of us, it always works out and he helps me understand. Obviously, you too are a patient, understanding man to be married to the same woman for so long.

    I wish you the best always, blessings to you and your family.

  • I am a Pisces and I hate it! Hate beig so freaking emotional all the time and so damn insecure...hate always picking the needy guys that i think I can fix!!!!! I have dated an Aquarius for 3 years now and what a roller coaster that has been! If I can give any advice to anyone at all...Fish beware of the water they will tear your heart out and not even have a clue that they are doing so. There are aspects, however that I do appreciate about being a pisces. I love that my intuition is usually right, it tends to help with my sense of I also love that I am a compasionate person I give everyone the benifit of the doubt until they screw me over, then its bye bye. i love wrting but as the usual pisces I tend to get side tracked and never finish anything I start. I am always so excited when I get an idea and then it fades quickly. I am also quite the drama queen, but knowing this I can catch myself before I get too

  • I live in a school of fish... I am a Pisces born, March 12, 1959, my other half is a Pisces, born February 20, 1957, and our son is a Pisces born February 20, 1987. Talk about a strange house hold. Luckily our rising signs are all different, I have Virgo rising, my husband has Scorpio rising and our son had Capricorn rising. Living in a house of fish is actually really calm. We all go off and do our own things and every now and then we meet up somewhere in the house and do things together.

    Hello to all you Pisces fish out there and Happy Birthday!!! I know you all have one coming up!

  • Hi all, hope you are doing well! 🙂 I am a virgo, but pretty much an atypical Virgo - don't really fit the standard mold but nonetheless am definitely a virgo. For a virgo I've always been highly sensitive and artistic, recently I just found out that my rising sign is pisces and my moon sign is in cancer. I do have a lot of the traits of my rising sign and now my natal horoscope makes a lot more sense to me. When I was younger I was awarded an academic scholarship (more the virgo side) and later an art scholarship when exploring more of my artsy side.

  • I don't recommend aquarius to the sensitive types, they tend to be on the cold side, typically though there are natal exceptions. I met an aquarius once and got those cold vibes right away and ran the other direction, lol.

  • As a piscean with a feb.28 birthday,i only recently (the last 6yrs. or so) have just begun 2 come into my own. as i turn 32 this sat. only now, i realize how increditable my truth,and purpose in this journey can be. I have an april Aries to thank!!!

    Because of this soul, what i was able 2 discover, smpily was, everything i needed 2 TRUST!!!!

    Because of this man, i know a peace that is True, a smiplicity so pure that words never will be able to give justice too, and what no other will ever or could ever realize i posese.

    And,due to the fact,that i not know this.I FEEL IT.My life now has what my soul requires. A love that is TRUE,PURE,Forever.

    MY BEST FRIEND the real definition of what it means to be soul mates... HE IS MY SUNSHINE...MY MUSE...

  • WHAT IS so nice,is 2 see so many fish who swim with a D.O.B earlier then the yr,1990. not that must of us,have portrayed throughout life a air of years beyond our age. But, as this pisces has walked through her days,with a unspoken awareness that age really was not a # that had much truth to it. Certainly, i always was the norm. when most gals view age "tabbo" and an insult even bein asked.

    I believe just the opposite. finding it utterly irritating and sad. i cant remember any time when i hadn't added yrs. 2 my actual "age". Even at 32. I may not get carded anymore, but depending on who and why thats asking, i still imeditialy think what i always have. Why does society put so much importance in something that, for the most part means nothing.

    and then only 2 lie about it.

    Pisces, truely are unlike most. What we have within,is pure raw Energy. A power that has no limits. With this power comes only 2 choices. Anything greater then the Simple decsion weither 2 swim this way or that way...

  • This post is deleted!

  • I agree I dated one very briefly, thoughsexually we hit off but, outside the bedroom I was so freakin bored. He was so distant it was scary.

  • Hey everybody! My name is Kionde and my birthday is March 4Th 1977, this year I will be turnning 32. I love being a Pisces. I have always loved having my own sense of style and self worth. I have always known the effect that I have on men. We are mysterious, imaginative, and very spiritual beings. I can see some things before they happen and most of the time it's the bad stuff. I can bring long lost friends back into my life just by thinking about them.

    I now have a five year old Scorpio/Sheep son and he has taught me to stop holding grudges and love living life again. He has cried with me, hugged me when I was feeling bad, and helped me when I was sickand he is only 5 years old. 2 water signs living together is beautiful.

    He's father is a Libra/Dragon. He was the only man that I ever had to put in work to get. He had that Libra air sign flightiness but the free breathing power of a Dragon. I'm a Pisces to my heart and I hate to feel like I'm on the back burner for any one. He always made me feel that way. Then I'm the year of the Snake so I can strike back too. My bite is never as bad as his burn and he has never been a father to our child but, for some reason I can't help but love and want to work things out but, we can never stop disagreeing long enough to compromise.

    What should I do?

  • B'day 3-2 and this year I am 60. Can finally quit being excited about birthdays, I made it! Sometimes I wondered. In Chinese Astrology I am an Ox. I love all the mystic sciences, music and people, especially my family and friends.

    I keep up with technology and work for an ecommerce company. Love it.

    I have many many Pisces friends and for me the secret is to not be too close, save that for the Scorpios. I like Libra also. Heck, I like them all! HAPPY BIRTHDAY everyone!

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