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  • Nevermind.

  • Nevermind. I'm slow.

  • I am also atracted to angels, tarot readings and crystals. I visit every night. I just found this forum last night . My Daughter a Taurus is graduationg from High School Tommorrow and I am so excited for her I can not sleep again! my dreams are so strange lately any one else having vivid dreams lately? is it an astrology thing ?

    Have a Fruitful Day Everyone.....

  • OMG... sound so much like me! (3/7/68 and born in Boulder, CO to boot...) Just fresh from an intense but confusing relationship with a Libra/Scorp cusp and feeling very alone, adrift and like I'm the lone total weirdo (exposed myself to this person more than any other human on earth and he actually "got" me - ack!) Really comforting to read everyone's posts because I realize I'm NOT weird, I'm a true fish to the core and best of all, I'm not alone. 🙂

  • pieces moon says,dump him,unless you want a life of drama........

  • Hi!

    I sure hope your still blogging here because not only do we share the exact same birthdate, 2/23/1959 but my moon is in virgo too! I am a professional singer/musician. Also a writer, songs, essay, poetry. I would love to hear more about you!

  • Sanedrak76

    Those are definitely Pisces characteristics. Congradulations you are a Piscean.

  • Hi there, Swimming!

    My daughter's a Pisces( 3/4/1994), and she told me last night that she's been having intense and voluminous dreaming lately!!!!

    Love you Fishies!

    Lisa, a Scorpion Momma

  • Mrsseaberg

    Hi I'm a Piscean too and I feel the same way you do. My bday is 3-11-93.

  • PiscesPiggy

    I do get mad when I know what is going to happen but I have to wait for others and I thought I was the slow one in the group. LOL.

  • Indepth

    wow. I feel just like you. I mean I often ask myself if I'm here to help people or what? why am I here?

  • I've been having vivid dreams too, very strange ones. I'm also interested in tarot, crystals & astrology. I'm definetely a night time person & even when i'm knackered & trying to sleep anything exciting that is happening just wizzies through my brain & doesn't let me sleep. My friend reminds me to try & stay grounded but most of the time i find this hard & have my head in the clouds!!! Hope your daughter has a lovely graduation.

  • Hi... I'm a Pisces too...March 9..... Aquarius rising.... Scoripo moon......

    Most of the time, when I read about a Pisces, it dosen't fit....

    I wonder where I do fit....

    I'm new to this forum, best of everything to all....

  • Hi Again.... I am also a Tiger... Which does fit.... I'm intensley protective of my family and friends and I tend to live a solo life... I would love to have a relationship but am so afraid to let anyone too close to my family, I guess, for fear of them hurting them in some manner..... I live in Nevada, I don't gamble, and rarely drink..... Unfortunately one dosen't meet many people in the desert, or out fishing here...

    I was wondering if there are any other "fish" out there that are like me?

  • HI jwads,

    My birthday is March 9th too, haven't seen many others born on the 9th. I'm Pisces Sun/Moon with Sag rising, I believe I'm a Boar. I have a feeling you're much younger than I am though. I'm very protective of my family but only my children and grandchildren, not so with my sisters or brothers, or hubby.

    I don't like wasting my money on gambling, but I do enjoy drinking but only socially but not often. I love being alone which is rare but I contantly fantasize about being with one person special, living a happy, loving, fun life. Ideal situation, tropical paradise island, very simple, but with comfortable place to sleep, get out of elements, plenty of food, water, only with someone to love totally and share this tropical island with. We even create/build our own place, get our own food. No worries, no stress, perfect life. Peace and contentment..... Maybe heaven will be like that?

  • I am a Pisces and I like things that end in "ology" too. I have a Pisces daughter, a Pisces Father, and two Pisces nieces. I became interested in astrology in my teenage years. My Mom use to read astrology magazines and she allowed me to read them. But my Mom is a Taurus and she has never completely embrassed metaphysical things.

    I am currently studying Psychology in college. I need people to send me good energy while I get through Math. Eventually I would like to take an astrology correnspondance course through Stratford Career institute, but I have to finish my child psychology course first to get the best discount on the course.

    I am interested in having a Pisces friends too with my same interests. Write back.

  • Desire

    My name is Maliah and I am also a Pisces, I don't know if you've read any of my posts. Psychology is a possible carrer choice for Pisces as I have read. I want to be a School Psychologist. I was wondering if you had any advice for me to give to one of my friends who wants to be a Child Psychologist.

    And any advice on Psychology for me and my 2 psychology bound friends. Thank you.

  • Hello Lori, I love to write to. Pisces, Mar.8, 1951 (who cares about age, I'm 58 and going strong), and, according to Chinese astrology, Rabbit. Have wanted to be a writer since I was twelve. Am currently putting one of my stories on a website, hopefully an editor will look at it and think it interesting. I read somewhere that since Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac, we are entwined with a little bit of the first eleven signs. Wierd, huh?

  • Judgemental:

    If you dont mind me asking what is your occupation?

    Of all things I am a Manager at a collection agency! That is actually a form of helpng

  • HI...... I LOVE FISH.........

    I"m not as young as you may think..... I'm 59...... I don't have a husband, but if I did I would probably be very protective of him as well as the rest of my family.... I guess the Tiger really becomes evident where my children and grandchildren are concerened.....

    I, too, drink socially... but, like you, not often..... Tropical Paradise sounds wonderful... I watch that comercial with the two people sitting on the beach just watching the ocean..... I know that should be me and my someone special.... Maybe you're right that that is what heaven will be like... But until then I will continue to love the desert with all it's wonders.....

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