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  • Come on in, Pisces. The water is just fine.

    This is the topic for discussing life as a Pisces, whether spiritual, emotional, intellectual or interpersonal. We know that many Fish are attracted to the mystical side of things, so don't be afraid to post your imaginings, dreams and questions as well. Maybe there's a Pisces out there who has been through exactly what you've experienced.

    If you're not a Pisces, you don't have to be on the outside looking in. Join in by asking for a Pisces perspective on things or for help dealing with a Pisces in your life ... this sign is known for its compassion, after all.

  • This is my favorite Zodiac sign. Not only are they usually very intellegent, they are funny. I always know what to expect from them. I feel totally relaxed w/these people. I don't think they are very happy single. My best friend in High School was valedictorian, she was a Pisces of course!

  • Hi, my name is Lori and Im a Piscean. My birthday is March 2, 1968 (Im 40). I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota and have for most of my life. I love music, astrology, numerology, psychology...almost all things that end with "ogy", lol! Im very insightful and spiritual (but not religious!) and love to write (and thats just the tip of the iceberg) so...if theres any Piseans out there, get back to me. I would love to get to know more people like myself and see if there are any stories we could exchange about our adaptive/silly little selves, lol!

  • hm, only a couple of pisces...

    im a pisces too.

  • Hi Lori,

    My name is Nev. I was born 3/10/58 and feel like I know you already, though I would add to your list of "things I love" aslo tennis, sewing, writing poetry. My mars is in Capricorn, so I have been extremely driven to achieve. Where is your natal Mars? You can write me at nek14@pittdotedu

  • Hey , we have the same birthday !!

  • Hi Lori ,

    My b-day is march 2. I love horoscope.!!

  • my bday is march 7,1979. a pisces and also a goat.

  • March 18th 1976 Pisces and Dragon (Chinese).

    Yeah, it's weird. I write poetry/songs as well. I've been TRYING to start a book and it's always like you know, I hate it and trash it...Same with my poems/songs. I have started a small website and have kept a ton of writings from when I was a teen. (I've thrown my poems away a million times but the wife goes and digs them out again).

    You know, I can never seem to stay focused on anything for very long. But when something sparks that interest I cannot let go of it until I am satisfied that I found the answer/reason suitable enough for myself. I LOVE researching murder mysteries (not fiction), history, and other oddities that captivate me. I love music (listening) and other poetry/writings but it HAS to be off the wall. The normal stuff is just blah.

    My music listening can range from everything. Including country to metal and then right into Tom Waits all in one sitting...I do enjoy to read but I find I get so frustrated by story lines as I take mental notes along the way. Then I start to question why the story went that way or this or that didn't happen...and it drives me nuts.

    Anyway just another Pisces moving through. Wish you all the best...

    P.S. -any other Pisces here seem to just get the worst luck at just the oddest times?

  • I'm like Pravada: I write loads of songs + come up with loads of story ideas but never finish any because I always end up hating them.

    Music + people are the most important things to me. I listening to everything all the time.

    Me and my mum (I'm 16) are both pisces and really emotional, which is quite annoying since our moods vary together but we tend to keep it inside until it gets to us.

    I haven't heard of pisces being funny before. People say I am but that's just because I act crazy!

  • I'm Pisces & I seem to be like all of you! My b-day is Feb 23rd, 1956 & I've only met one other person who shares the same b-day.

    I can be very funny, I love to read (but the story has got to captivate me), I like all kinds of music & entertainment, I use to write poetry, I NEED to write a book about my own life and I'm not satisfied with just being idle. I graduated college at 45 yrs. old because I HAD to complete SOMETHING! It took me 4 yrs to go through a 2 yr college but I had fun doing it. I wanted to take more classes but my Grants ran out. Now I have to apply for Scholarships if I want to do any more....& I do, but then, again, I would have to "complete" something else. Does that make me LAZY? Or just unmotivated? But once I do start something important, it's like I can't sleep til it's done!

  • Hi, my name is Lora born march 15, 1965. This is such a great site! I love hearing from other pisces. I do believe we are the most compassionate, sensitive, intrigueing sign if your in a positive place. we also can be pretty screwed up if we let negativity rule. So stay positive and away from those that want to bring chaos and negativity into our lives. i'm like a sponge and negative people can drain me mentally and spiritually. I love to help those in need and sometimes I open up myself to very troubled souls. so listen to your intuition closely, when I dont I usually regret it.

  • I've been doing a little digging in our sign over the last few weeks, maybe to understand myself better? I dunno.

    Anyway I came across some thing oddly amusing. It seems like a ton of Pisces get along with Scorpio's? I don't know but I have NEVER, NEVER, NEVER gotten along with any Scorpio I have ever met! My oldest daughter is a Scorpio and we do nothing but fight!

    As for other Pisces...honestly either we are a rarer breed or they just don't come into my life...I think I have met honestly only a few other Pisces face to face. The ones I have met had been great people but we never just clicked. However Cancers seem to have a radar for me...

    Anyone else have problems with Scorpio's or am I just the odd ball? And even moon sign seems to be a Scorpio..What the heck!

  • Oh and in case anyone wants/needs or is as curious as I am that maybe be able to help me solve this oddity. I was born:

    March 18th 1976 on a Thursday at 8:45 pm


  • Very interesting!

    It's really like reading about myself...

  • I'm a Pisces moon, Cancer sun.

    All my life, being a Cancer made perfect sense, but since I've only known one Pisces (and not very well) I'm not sure what being a Pisces moon means for me. I'm extremely sensitive and somewhat intuitive, but I don't really know if that means anything.

    I'm interested in people's feelings and thought processes. I want to be a therapist, particularly a sex therapist. I'm big on fantasies. I'm a daydreamer and I read a lot of nonfiction play a lot of video games and watch a lot of movies. My dreams are very vivid and most people I share them with find them odd, but they are a key part of my life. I have a tendency toward drugs, particularly weed. I've take up meditation and it feels very natural to me.

    I'm not sure if any of these are Pisces characteristics so please let me know.

  • Im soooo sick of this Pisces im dealing with, he always complains and accusses me of stuff that he knws hes doing Im a Capricorn and he seems to not be able to compete wiht me as far as money or intellect and He Cant Control Me everyone says thats his Biggest problems I need to know how do I try to make are affair work? He constantly mood swings on me I need some advice

  • "Im soooo sick of this Pisces im dealing with, he always complains and accusses me of stuff that he knws hes doing Im a Capricorn and he seems to not be able to compete wiht me as far as money or intellect and He Cant Control Me everyone says thats his Biggest problems I need to know how do I try to make are affair work? He constantly mood swings on me I need some advice"

    Whew! Thats some crazy energy kid! I would start by toning it down a bit. Quit trashing the way 'he' is and stop charging around head first. We have eyes so we can look forward after all...

    Not that I believe your post is exactly on the truthful side 😛

    But if it is...slow down and breath! Whew..

  • I recently had the life purpose report done for myself and found that my saturn is in pisces and after reading the report, so much makes sense to me now: my love of mythology/mysticism, the water, my emotions and the ability to pick up and be affected by others emotions.

    I, too, love to write poetry but my story attempts only get to rough outlines or one chapter completed before I hate what I've written and destroy it. Maybe there should be a self-help group for this problem..... 😉

    I love the symbol of the two fish: material/spiritual, as above so below.

  • I am about 20 yrs old and my b-day is 03-03. I like writing poems, although I end up hating some of them but i don't discard them or something, i am quite sentimental so i just keep them. I also like to draw and write about everything going on under the sun. I don't know if it's positive or negative and I don't want to brag but I've just got this plethora of interests which makes it difficult for me to focus on one subject for too long. I know for sure that you all have this range of interests. I'm on my college years now and I still have a hard time knowing what to take. My interests are things/situations which are challenging to the mind such as psychology, crime investigations, metaphysics including astrology, art, music etc. I dislike noisy scenes/displays so I prefer music from the 80's, pop songs, ballads and alternative. Hope to hear more from all of you.

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