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  • "If he only knew how I felt" well, let him know girl ! Do what a lioness does best .... ROAR !! Having a serious, determined, honest talk about everything is always the right thing to do. People must honestly express their feelings and what they expect from each other in a relationship. If one of them or both cannot do it, it's not worth the effort, it's bound to end in pain. There are people who can give us what we need and others that cannot. Neither one is wrong, it's just different people, but you have to talk to discover these things.Just remember Pisces is 2 fish, one lives in the material, the other is swept up in the spiritual world. It sounds weird but it's true. Sometimes especially when we are young and inexperienced we cannot tell the difference between the 2 worlds something that is very hard for all who care about us. And all this crap about not being worthy of love...i really think that you're right, it is a call for help, or reassurance that you really care. If he won't talk, throw the towel as you said....if he doesn't pick it up, walk away. Don't waste time and energy on lost causes.

    I don't want you to think i'm preaching or telling you what to do dear Redleo. I only said what i would do if I were in your shoes. I don't know you or your friend, only YOU do. Consider what i have said, but the decision on what must be done must always be yours, and yours alone.

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  • Thank you Seehorse and doeyeyedpisces for responding, I do appreciate any and all input and no, I am not taking it as preaching...

    Just today I went over there and he told me that he has made his decision and he has to do what's best for him right now. He needs time to himself to figure out what's going on in his head/etc/blah, blah, blah. I'm not trying to put down any pisces (two worlds), however I just don't understand what he's going thru/needs to figure out because HE WONT TELL ME!!! He also did this once before. We didn't talk for a while and he came back. I allowed him to. Although I do have feelings for him, I cannot allow him to keep doing this to me. It's not fair to myself. I have told him time and time again that I would be there for him, not leave, help him thru whatever this is, but honestly... now I think I just need no contact what-so-ever. I seems harsh, but.. he'll never know if he misses me/wants to be with me, etc.. if I continue to talk to him on a daily basis.

  • In a decent relationship a person doesn't look only after himself but his/her partner as well, at least in my mind. For better or worse, when 2 people decide they like each other and start a relationship there must not be "me" or "you" anymore, but US. And if you are there for him, he should be there for you, also. It's ok when a person has problems and need time for him/herself, we all need that sometimes, but we must share everything with our partner, make him/her understand. Again, what i say is just my personal opinion. A little trick i used when i grew up (i still feel 16 lol) was to imagine me being married to a person i liked. Then i tried to assess if this particular woman would be a good mother for our future children. I'm not saying i intended to marry her, but this thought changes many things in the way you see any potent partner, you don't just take into account a person's look or if he makes you laugh or whatever, but you start taking into consideration other aspects such as responsibility, integrity etc. Well, enough blah blah, follow your heart, hope this helped !

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  • I need advice from a male fish. I'm in love with a Pisces man (3/13/77) I'm a Taurus woman (05/2/75).

    He has been chasing me for 7 months. We have had 2 official dates, a few visits now and again, and a few chats online in between.

    He is a sports enthusiast. He coaches high school baseball (head coach) and coaches football. He is also working on his masters degree, so he is a very busy man.

    On our last date, which was a few weeks ago, he said that he has strong feelings for me. That he wants a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship with me and that he doesn't want me seeing other guys. When he expressed his feelings, I made the remark "what lust". He said it twice and I responded the same way both times. (we have never been intimate -- lots of affection, kissing, but no sex) He also asked me if he was my baby, of which I didn't say yes or no.

    The following week, he stopped by after his game. Which I refereed to him as my man. The week after that, we chatted every day. It was nice. So I planned a romantic date for us (home cooked dinner by candle light, bubble bath, foot rub, then me taking the lead in round one and his turn to lead in round 2 (I'm sub in the bedroom, and he likes that, so he has said) I had been resisting him for the last 7 months, which he said he liked..

    When I told him about the date I was planning for us that Friday, he said sex is not what he's thinking about when he is with me, Something did happen the Thursday before, I'm guessing at work. He never told me what it was or if it was good or bad. Anywho.. he never showed up for our date. Didn't call or text to say he couldn't make it.

    Since then he has been distant. I apologized for being cold and insensitive when he expressed his feelings. All I've gotten lately is a hey cutie on messenger.

    Now, generally, my first thought would be that he's a jerk, who is either married, has a g/f or just isn't into me. However, what I've read about Pisces, has me confused that maybe, just maybe there is another explanation. Haven't had the opportunity to have a conversation about it, and don't know how to approach it anyway.

    Any insight and/or advice will be greatly appreciated.

  • Confused is an understatement. The two of you are confused about your feelings for each other. You've both enjoyed the thrill of the hunt, being chased and doing the chasing. Nothing wrong with that, but now the game is coming to an end and you're both facing the next level.

    Fear and confusion reigns. All of a sudden you became available, everything he wanted was right in front of him, but he was too scared to go for it. Hence the distance. The retreat.

    I have to say, I feel a level of deception going on here as well. Or is that you feeling you've been deceived? If you don't mind me asking, how is it that after 7 months you don't know if he is married or not?

    At this point, in order to best move forward you have to ask yourself; now that you've stopped playing hard to get, what do you want out of this relationship?

  • Fishlover, what you've read about Pisces is just general information it can't accurately describe millions of people born 19/02-20/03. Every person is unique, astrology cannot tell you if someone is a nice, honest, grounded guy or not. Assess everyone by his actions. I really cannot offer any advise other than you must demand an honest conversation as well as an explanation why he didn't even bother to notify you he wasn't going to make it for your date, which wasn't polite at all. All else is just speculation, and it is always better to focus on the facts. If he doesn't want to talk, walk away. Silence always hides unpleasant things.

  • @seahorse. Thanks. I do realize that. However, every Taurus woman I've met is so much like me, it's scary. I dated a Taurus guy who's birthday is one day before mine. He and I were so much alike, we could practically read each others mind. Unfortunately, the timing was bad. He was 16, I was 20. He lied about his age.

    Of course there are always other factors such as how they were raised etc.

  • @Pisceanhelaer Thanks for the insight. You expressed my instincts lol. I honestly don't believe that he is married. It's just that's the natural reaction. I've met a lot of married guys who lie about being married, so I'm a bit paranoid.

    My trust issues with him are from stem from the fact he was 3 hours late to our first date, what should have been our second date didn't happen. He got caught up helping a friend. At that time he at least called and said he would be late, which I said don't bother.

    At the time we met, I was in a relationship but it was rocky (with a Scorpio). He (the Scorpion) and I got engaged a few days later. My fish showed up at my door without warning the night I got engaged, and he said he wasn't giving up on me til there was a wedding ring on my finger.

    That relationship ended for good not long after, but I've been seeing someone ele over the last few months but it wasn't serious. That ended recently. He (my fish) just popped back in at the right time when I was ready to start dating again.

    In his defense, although not good enough, his phone was broken. He got a new one a week later.

    I do love him, and want to be with him. i would like to have a future together..I don't know how to proceed, what to say or how to say it when he and I have time to talk in person or even to get him to see me again. I know he will swim my way eventually, he always does, but I don't want to wait.

  • The i like most about taureans is you are careful people. You don't jump to conclusions preferring to carefully estimate a situation before acting you have so much patience and endurance it's really inspiring, Many years ago i dated a taurus girl, it was one of the best relationships i've ever had but i was too immature with my head up in the clouds (so typical of us fish lol) to hold her. But i learned a lot when she dumped me and this experience really helped me in my life. You are a fixed sign, that probably means there aren't so many differences between taurean individuals, that's not the case with mutable signs such as Pisces however. My ascendant is virgo and this makes me quite down to earth ( thankfully!) when i compare myself with other fish i know. Chinese astrology also plays a major role in a person's character. At least in my case i feel my chinese sign describes me a lot more accurately than western astrology does.

  • fishlover,

    the problem with your guy has nothing to do with being a Pisces. He sounds like the kind of guy who likes the chase and then doesn't know how to go to the next step or most likely doesnt want to go further. I dated a Virgo who had the same pattern. He actively pursued me until he got me and then he didn't want to go further in a relationship. Found out later he did that with other women. Lesson I learned was to not chase back after someone.

  • Well, that's can any guy who really likes a girl not want "to go further" ?!

    After all that's what all men think of lol....

  • Thanks Seehorse and Ibeliee2. I know that a possible scenario. I'm open to wherever the truth leads. I was engaged to a Pisces a long time ago. He chased me, so to speak, as well. When I met him, I wasn't too happy with men in general, so I wasn't nice to him at all, but he persevered til he won me then he proposed. Problem was that he is from India (Brahmin caste) and his family forbid the union.

    I forgot to mention that my current fish is black and I'm white. He also works at a school that is 90% black. I know there are still taboos with a lot of people when it comes to interracial relationships.

  • Seehorse,

    I just wanted to thank you again, you helped me in more ways than you know.

    You actually helped me get through "stuff" I wasn't getting.

    Much needed changes and finally the help I needed.

    Thank you so much

    Love and Light

  • Me ?! Thank you Piscesstar, although i do not understand how i helped.... but it's really good to know someone is feeling better !! If there is anything i can do for you just tell me, although i'm not psychic or clairvoyant or anything.....yet lol

    Fishlover, i believe the truth always leads us back to ourselves. What i'm trying to say is we must question our actions, have a discussion with our ego, because very often that's where the real source of trouble is. Not so long ago i believed i was a nice guy, hard working to provide for my family, down to earth regarding ambition, more mature than many people around me etc etc. OK i'm not a drug dealer lol but when i started to question my real motives about everything i discovered i was selfish beyond belief. It's amazing how many things we do believing we are oh so giving persons while it's our ego that really drives us in the baqckground. For example, why am i kind to a person i like ? Why i give so selflessly ? Because i want that person to be mine, care for me above all others, i won't tolerate this person to have any feelings for anyone else, i want him/her to provide forme, care for me adore me praise me be everything I want him/her to be and not what he/she wants etc tec me,me,me. I'm not saying everybody thinks that way, i sure do !! But that's selfish isn't it ?

    It's exactly what a friend in this forum here did, giving something to a person he liked to bribe his/her love. (i talk/type a lot, sorry!)

    As for your "current fish" (maybe start a collection lol) him being black really bothers you ? If you take away the skin there's no difference between people. Our only real difference is there are good spirits (souls, whatever) bad spirits and lost spirits in my opinion, and there is a reason i said spirits, not people, because in my opinion we are not our bodies we are eternal spirits temporarily inhabiting a body, a different body in each reincarnation.

    But the important thing (and i finally conclude lol) is fishlover if his color is bothering you, youshould not be in this relationship. Whatever anyone tells you is right or wrong you have the right to choose what's right and wrong for YOU. No one has the right to judge you or force you to walk his/her path, that's our pride talking, we always think we now better haha but you make your own path (and suffer the consequences good or bad lol)

  • i go preaching again....and i hate preachers lol

  • You're not preaching, you're teaching. Preachers talk to you, teachers talk with you.

    @fishlover, you know your feelings, you know what you want. Since you're open to the truth, wherever it leads, you now need to let him know.

    Let us know how you get on 🙂

  • Hey my man PisceanHealer !! Long time no post lol My sister ordered the Power animal cards for me they arrived friday i'll visit her tomorrow to have them i'm soooooo excited then i'll become your e-stalker and flood you with all kinds of stoopid questions about them so prepare yourself rofl

  • lol maybe now is the time for me to go on semi-permanent vacation?

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