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  • Hey, How is everyone doing? I am a pisces to my b-day 3/15/80. It is cool to read about other pisces. It is like I am reading about myself!! I love to read great stories and I write poetry all the time it help to let things out. I love people that I have just meet. People have this pull tours me for some reson. I love to laugh And I like to 🙂 much People Always tell me that they have never meet anyone like me. That I am a one of a kind. But I not I am just like yall!! It Is so cool to hear about other people like me. People come to me and ask me question about them self. LIke what do you see in me. Can any of you see people for who and what other people are?

  • Wow i see so many people with B-days in March I am Feb 24,1978 trying to explore my sing. I am having a personal battle trying to let go of my cheating ex-bf of 3 yrs. I met someone new and his great but this ex his a true Aries. ADvice pls

  • Hi, am Feb 23, 1942....a lot older, probably not wiser...need to kick cheater to the curb...only more drama there, true pisces creates own...needs no one else to do it. If new boyfreind does not hold interest...why be there? Must be something special that does attract...look within you for one can complete you...That's all I've got.....Watch for Pegasus overhead...explore murky depths of Piscean pool....the earth awaits.!!

  • A pisces of few extraordinary. Why so mute, friend?? Cat got your fingers?? If free them...tell a bit about yourself.....dare you

  • hi my b day is 25 feb 1951. it is great to be able to relate to another pisces. just celebrated my b day as you can see. but the way i am feeling is crazy. for the last weel i have been feeling doom and gloom. i cry all the time my emotions seem to be everywhere. not many understand a pisces feelings they can be hard to understand at times even myself cannot understand. the new moon on the 24th i should be feeling it is a new beginning but i dont feel this at all. if someone out there can help me to reason out my feelings please i would be most grateful.

    ps i am not depressed.

    west midlands

  • I am Azli. Just to impres my intuition here that Pisces should make use this year 2009 as the most potential period to start something profitable on obtaining wealth in the future.

    The light is turning bright

    Now is the time to face a new phase of life objection

    This is the right moment as you will be able to regenerate yourself

    There will be no resistance to your way towards success

  • All of my long term and best relatonships have been with Scorpios , My soulmate is a scorpio ,he helps me stay grounded ,i in turn help him to be less intense. Our passion runs wild., of course I give my all heart ,body ,and soul to those I LOVE. I have all the traits mention about our sign my B- Day is FEB 24 , my inability to make and stick with decision is my wrost trait as a fish. Music does for me what me what nothing else can ,except for S_X , I rather read a book than watch TV , Am a great listener , and others are always aking for my advice , total strangers tell me their life stories . Am funny and like to laugh and tell jokes I always have a great come back,. My job ((9-5) is to help others , am a great Sales Woman I run my own Business part time . The insight into others is sometime scary , I will not talk to you for months if you have pi-- me off . Lastly , it is my fantasies that keep me going , but those who are close to me have a hard time with that part of my life.

  • I can truly relate too your statement. It's just something about the Aquarius human being. The one person that I've had the opportunity to met. At first, I pictured him as the pictured prefect man. But then later I found out threw his harsh display of words that Hey, move on and let him roam. It sadden me at first, But then I said to myself. Sometimes people need to be to themselves to understand the real qualities of a Pisces Person. I don't hate him, I continually everyday pray for the people who have be wronged me and even for the one who has no clue that they ever hurt me. Because as a Pisces, It's our sprituality that feed the other 11 sign in the cosmo. And I am truly blessed to be apart of a sign that feels, understands and who is always willing to give a hand to all mankind. When my life is over here on earth it would be my honor to rest in the dwellings of almighty high. And thank him for using me to touch the hearts of so many who didn't have anyone else to turn too and God choose my ears to hear their cries. So to every Pisces at the sound of the type of my computer, Just know, You're not different, you are chosen, May God Continue to bless you....."Where ever their is a Pisces, you can surly know that you're in the company of a great and understanding mind". 3/10 Pisces who's full of life and one who does not have any regrets about listening, loving and laughing at all of life circumstances.


  • hi i have been involved with 2 men who are both pisces...but i think they are different,one is abusive and insecure but tries to show his love in a different kind of way, the other is gentle but seems to have so much love to give and has a tendency to have affairs bec of what u call compassion. i don't know why i get attched to these two pisceans and him to 2 leos...funny but really i'd like to know why

  • also the other one is a jealous freak and paranoid and the other one trusts me. i don't know they are just not the same at all

  • Wow, a whole school of fish-awesome! I am a double Pisces(sun and ascendant) that also has Mercury in Pisces. I study astrology and the more I learn the more I realize there is to know.My parents gave me my first astrology book when I was 16 and I basically focused on sun signs like many people do. When I was 18 and waitressing, an astrologer came in and guessed me as an Aries and was shocked that I was a Pisces. She did my chart for free because she was so certain I had alot of Aries in my chart. She was right, Mars and Venus in the first house which is the Aries house. I have a Leo moon and Pluto in Leo. It is so interesting to know where all your planets lie, and what that means. I use it for self-understanding and for understanding others. As Pisceans, we do intuitively tap into others and this just cements what we seem to 'just know'. I have a lot of fire and water in my chart, some days I am very outgoing, and other days I want to hide and be invisible. Loved reading what you Pisceans have posted, could relate to you. I am proud to be a Pisces, it is an awesome sign! My bday is Feb.26 and I was 56 last week. I am having the time of my life! Got divorced less than 2 years ago, moved to a bigger city and learned to Salsa, am taking acting and voice lessons, Yoga, and astrology classes. And men do like Pisces women so that has been fun. Love this forum already!

  • I also am a Feb 24th child. About the cheating mate problem, trust me... you keep thinking if you wait this out it will get better, it won't. What you will find is that one day you will have had enough and get out of the relationship. I decided to stay single for a while after spending 7years each on two men that were cheaters. I came to trust myself enough to know that I deserved better, I was worth more, and that I wasn't going to settle for anything less than a mate that loved me the way I needed to be loved. It took me another 7 yrs, but I found him. Once you relax and learn about who you are inside yourself, the emotional roller coaster will level off. You will learn to trust in your intuition, insight, and the hardest lesson for me, was that I really don't have to try to save the whole world. Life is much more relaxed and peaceful. I still feel everyone around me's feelings like my own, I just know it isn't my job to try to make them all feel better all the time, and that's ok. And I agree with whoever on here said age is just a number, I believe all pisces souls are ancient. That is why we feel we have been thru everything everyone around us is experiencing. And, yes, everyone does always tell me I am funny, and everyone I know comes to me for advice, although they may not take the advice I give. I am a quadruple pisces.

  • Im a Scorpio who is afraid to love a Pisces man, ...The first time i saw this person i knew he was destined to be in my life. When we met i was in a relationship with a cancer who was his close friend, 3 years down the road I learned that i needed to get away from the crab and fell in to the arms of sexy Pisces, after what seemed to be the best 3 months came short and sweet sweet pisces disapered : ( . Suddenly he is in my life again and I Dont know what to do. I am a sensitive, stubborn, jealous scorpio who's afraid to have her big heart broaken again.

  • Im a Pisces born March 15, 1950. Happy Birthday to all Pisces! IM very intuitive, and can sometimes see things before they happen. I love to read and will read anything. I do like mystery and action stories and flicks. IM easy going and peaceful. But when provoked, people regret that they provoked me. devoted friend, but I chose my friends. I get bad vibes from virgos, scorpios are too emotional, capricorns are too cold and unemotional. But I can get along with any one. I like taurus and just as bullheaded. Pisces is the last sign and a combination of all the signs, and I am that. When I was young this was hard, now that I have grown up, I have control of that and have kept the good and thrown out the bad. Im told I have a great sense of humor. IM told what Im feeling and thinking at any given time shows on my face. IM not emotional, but think and feel deeply and love to show people I love them. I have physical traits of a pisces, very female, with soft delicate hands and feet. I also have trouble with my feet. My immune system is also very delicate and I must be careful. I love swimming in the deep water and find the intense things in life invigorating. I love a challenge. anyone like me?

    Love to you all!

  • Sanedrak76

    I have been married for 33 years to a Pisces man and can realte to the characteristics that you describe. They seem to be very, even extremely budget minded, maybe to some extreme on some things. He thought that propane prices were too high this winter, so we didn't order any, and MAN it was colder this winter than it has ever been. Also, we've been renovating the house we have lived in now for 20 years.....we are in our 5th year of working on it now, he refuses to 'hire' any extra help, wants to do it all himself, but does not have the time to do it that way. On a more postive note tho, pisces can be very attentive to your emotions and are good communicators, even best friends. It is difficult to get them to see sometimes that they are not 'always' right about everything!

  • Well, well...if it isn't the fish So amIi. Born 3/20/57.iIwas ancient when born...and reborn,now that EARTH says I am ancient.I am water, but also have a good dose of Arian fire.This forum rocks, I can see all the facets of me reflected in all of you. I am a poet, I play piano,have very passionate, driven empathy for all who come into my sphere of life.Am not always able to let go of other's personal pain and need. I am sure you identify.yes, I knew I was chosen, called, and led EVEN as an abused child.I just felt...more.I need to make friends with those of my ilk.My children are: Capricorn, Cancer, Scorpio, Aquarius.My mate is Cancer..I adore all of them, am the biggest cheerleader for their dreams.I stay so in tune with them, I am like the only mom their friends trust. Such a great honor to be so to me, please...happy birthday, Pisces Water Babies!

  • hmmm... maybe some of you would like to get to know me better,(as if)..we ARE pisces, you know.

    even so, i am the crazee woman in the above post.i made so many typos i feel like one...anywayze, here is my pic....

    i go by "mysterianne''...ooohhh...mysterious, huh?

    nah..i have always said, (and boy do we fish say).."old people make me look bad.."

    reply much??

  • Happy Birthday fellow Pisces! I'm a Pisces (birthday's in 8 days) and I LOVE being a fish...although most times I don't feel like one. I've actually learned that its your moon sign and ascendant which determines who you really are, emotionally and to the world. Either way, I love my chart, because I feel I have a good mix of the elements (mostly air and water so I'm VERY wishy washy with some things and firmly fixed on others). Go figure!

  • Hello all new to the forum. I was seeking some assistance with an issue that keeps reoccuring and honestly I feel like Im losing my mind. As many Pisceans out there I am highly intuitive. I can read people who are extremely close to me, my loved one especially. I have dreams that on occassion have come true, said things in conversation that were fiction ( Suprisingly not intentional) only to have what I said come true a few days later. I have heard things not spoken and answered out loud (the voice was auditory to me) I have seen things in my life at an early age that down the road have actually happened. I feel at times like a channel for some mystical being and at times I get no peace especially when my dreams are not positive. Help I am a highly intelligent person but I feel like a Whack.......Anybody have any insight into how I can better control this???

  • Hello To All Pisces And Happy Birthday. My B-Day is the 7Th and my soul is a 7. I too, am an old soul. I will be 50Th and have 3 children and a Scorpion husband. I study numerology and other " ology's ". I love to draw, cook and Garden. My biggest job is being mom. I picked my Children, if you understand. I know things before they happen and I have a real good radar on the world and people. This year I will be Three years old in my new life, I had a liver transplant in Oct.06. I died and came back a few times. Outer body experience. I'm much wiser now; it changed me. I thank you, all the Pisces out there. We are real and very strong as fishes, and are very talented and never, ever forget what a gifted person we all are. Peace

    Please reply; I'm Marie-francoise

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