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  • Seehorse, you are right!

    I definitely need to learn to have more patience! I am getting some what better at the stubborn thing. I had to laugh at the "I want everything done yesterday", that is me too!!

    I notice as I am getting older, all these traits are getting better for me.

    I am reading a very good book, here are some things they say about PISCES, I want to share with everyone. It's not in any particular order.

    Pisces is about returning to your true nature becoming what ever it is that rises from your soul and speaks to you.

    The need of the soul to walk alone, to find strength with in it self and not with others, is the Pisces path.

    Pisces are mean't to stand alone.

    They are mean't to be independent and in charge of their own destiny.

    Pisces has a WILL.

    I like this one: If you're ignoring an experience, fate will create a way for you to experience it.

    Pisces need to know how to protect themselves. Solitude is a popular choice.

    Pisces must learn how to deal with life, rather than hide from it.

    The ability to access the feelings, thoughts, and soul of another is what makes Pisces great healers and humanitarians. They can feel the pain of a single soul and the emotional collective cry for help. They're the ones at the forefront of a crusade to save mankind.

    The key is to remain close to your true nature; learning what to emphasize in your life is how you shape your story.

    Your song must come from your soul, unconcerned with what you will get in return.

    Without a worldly or spiritual purpose, you become a lost soul.

    The inner journey is filled with excitement and passion, everything they have experienced and achieved in the world is there, and more. To gain this state requires work and personal discipline. The Pisces must be able to set limits and boundaries, depend only on himself, be able to say no to temptations, and to know himself so well that he can allow his instincts to decide even major decisions because body, mind and Spirit now work as one.

    Pisces must keep learning and growing and perfecting themselves. Through self- knowledge and mental discipline, their goals will be achieved.

    A great way to train the mind is by taking risks. Risks force your thoughts into the moment because something new is being confronted. The more practice you get adjusting yourself to the unexpected, the more centered and flexible you become and the closer you get to your natural rhythm and true nature. When you can meet the moment with out resistance, you could mold it to your inner will and shape it to your purpose. The more you do something, the less self conscious you become and the more your body gains an intelligence all its own.

    Attitude is the key. With confidence, the world is theirs. Without it, the world imposes whatever it chooses, uplifting or destroying.

    Within that sensitive exterior is a strength and a will that are invincible, precisely because they are flexible and committed to whatever they do.

    A Pisces in touch with his soul has learned the secrets of the universe, and what he has discovered is that there are no secrets at all.

    When he faces problems and finds something of value from every experience, God's grace will help him through.

    When he learns to mold life to his purpose, he raises his consciousness.

    There is so much more.

  • Another 10 March 87 Pisces here! ^_^

  • Be able to say no to temptations.....not me definitely lol ! But i agree with most of the other things mentioned, except the mind and body union. In my mind, our body is just a vehicle for our spirit, nothing more. The body is the car and our soul, spirit, intelligence, whatever is the driver. But the car has needs. Gas, maintenance and enentually it breaks down. Then we take another car (next time, i'll go for a Porsche) and drive some more until our final reincarnation when we arrive at the Light and be happy everafter. But if we do not pay attention to the signs, we are lost ! Many of our needs are just encoded in our DNA and all they do is confuse our spirits. The self-preservation instinct for example, makes us selfish. The reproduction instinct forces us to look for an attractive mate, so we tend to concentrate on the "car" and not the "driver" inside it. Our spirit does not need sexual intercourse, but compassion, knowledge etc.

    So i don't really know if a mind-body union is really a good idea. Then again are all these concepts true ? I really have no idea, they just make sense to me ! I've recently discovered a very interesting subject, Karmic Astrology. Check where your North Node is on your astrology chart. It's the same with chinese astrology, changes each year. If you was born in 1966, its Taurus, so google it.

  • My North Node is in Aquarius... Which intrigues me!! I read about some of the South Node traits I'm supposed to avoid (the less desired of Leo traits) and realized that at least half of them were issues for me at some point. But I'm definitely getting more and more "Aquarian" as I embrace more of the GOOD in life. When I focus on hurtful or bad things I do notice more arrogance and pride-walls closing in and sealed with some judgement... 😞 BUT I recognize that and I try my best to change it in the situation.. which I used to be too stubborn and angry to do!

    I'd like to learn more about others', as well, though!



  • Well, first time i read mine i was dumbstruck. It was all so true.....i have (according to karmic astrology anyway) a difficult path. My south node is in Scorpio, and i have to admit, just about everything negative, i had it !! Yessir, i was jealous of wealthier people than me, manipulative with people, used to lie very often just to earn people's trust, all this and more. I dont exactly know how or why it happened, but it did. It was like waking up from a very long, deep and troubled sleep, look yourself in the mirror and feel horrible with what you see. Since then i decided to make a genuine effort to make myself a better human being, which is not an easy task, that's for sure !!

  • Libra is my North Node, making Aries my south. Still haven't fully figured that one out to be honest.

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  • Seehorse,

    Thanks for telling me about Karmic Astrology!

    Yes, my Nth Taurus, Sth Scorpio,

    Quite a fascinating subject!

    I read some interesting info, will look into it some more.

    Do you recommend a good author?

  • I don't buy books anymore, google is my best friend ! You can find tons of information on the web. Just be patient and cautious. Not all sites are safe ! A good antivirus program is a must.

  • Thank you Seehorse, having read that site, I realise I am living up to my potential. Yay! 🙂

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  • Hello all pisces I am also a pisces born Feb 24 1981. When the thing happened with the moon and the spring equinox I felt very intuned with everything. I could not go to sleep .I was just wondering if anybody felt the same way I did

  • Oh and my name pops up as taurean because that is my husband name and he is a Taurus lol

  • I have the same problem , I love talking with people and always lending a helping hand or ear when some body needs one, and some people seem to take it as flirting and they get a mix message,can't people just be nice to other's with out it meaning as flirting with them.

  • If people flirt with you that means you're attractive, so just enjoy it ! just explain from the start that it's not your intention to flirt and everything its oK. (And just forget friendship between boys and girls.....if there is attraction involved, instincts kick in, there is no helping it).

  • New here. Bd 3/13. Just turned 56- am soo tired! But am glad to be Piscean-moon in Scorpio. Just looking thru the past posts...I love Scorpios, can't get along with Cancers or Libras. Taurus, Virgos, & Sagittarius' seem good, Gemini's seem interesting, and that's about it for my experience. Have Aquarius rising. Have a lot of female Piscean co-workers, and to my surprise, we barely get along!

    Maybe it's the pressure, stress, & personal problems, but there's so much negativity--gossiping, backstabbing, sabotaging, etc. Our manager is Pisces, and she seems to encourage that negativity by her own behavior, although officially it's prohibited. Anyways, I'm like a sponge, sopping up all those bad vibes--but on the other hand, when someone is friendly, encouraging, helpful or cheerful, I'll soak that up too, which is good. Obviously, I need a lot of time alone.

    Thanx/PEACE & LOVE

  • Love this! Thanx!

  • Hello, my birthday is 3/11/72. I am currently single for the first time in my life. I have always been in serious relationships, I am having a hard time judging men. I feel as though they all think I am so nice, pretty and special but they never work out. I was married to an Aquarius for 18 yrs. I seem to attract Aquarius men but they don't last.

    Recently I have been seeing a old friend who is a Taurus and I really like him and we have an awsome spritial connection but he said he isn't ready for a relationship... WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?

  • When a man says something like that, it usually means he is not attracted to you sexually, or he is really hurt from a past relationship and afraid to commit. You're doing nothing wrong...

  • Can someone PLEASE help me/give me advice on my pisces man? This is the second time, in a few months that out of the blue, he is all worried about "what we are, what we are doing, how we will end up" when I am just taking it day by day. Don't get me wrong, I care for him deeply, however take it one day at a time. He also keeps telling me that he doesn't think he can give me what I want? I have no clue what he's talking about since he won't elaborate. He was in a very long on again/off again relationship for 8 years. It's almost been two that they have been apart. He has told me that he does not think he is capable of love or worthy of being loved. I SO want this to work out, however his not opening up to me, or explaining what is wrong (his insecurities) just leaves me...hanging. Do I stay with him and fight this battle with him? I have offered, but he still wont open up... or do I throw the towel in since he doesn't believe he is capable of love? Is this a cry for help?? He's told me he doesn't want to let me go or lose me.. but he's so confused. If he only knew how I felt... any advice is GREATLY appreciated.

    Thank you......

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