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  • Hello,

    I'm a pieces born on 2-22 and I had a numerlogy chart done when I was 18 yrs old and was told that the 2's in my birthday would make it hard for people to communicate with me and for me to be understood. I did well in school and liked to hang with the brain childs . I like music, and dance and being joyful even though there is noting to be joyful about.

    I love to read books about movie stars and animals, also methphysical books which touch the heart. I'am a good friend and I can give as good as I get in most cases with the fire signs. I would just rather ride my horse trough the green meadow and slip off in the the pond for a swim and than lay on my soft blanket and tan , while I read the story of Henry Fonda life. That's who I'm.

  • Swim freely, my young friend, gently against

    the tides we call life. If you learn to fully understand

    all the others, and really listen to the unspoken,

    as well as their words, then you will find what

    they need to understand you.

    For the present, is it not enough that other

    Fish, myself (birthdate 3/16/1945) included understand you?

  • It is very nice to read all these from you Pisces....kindred spirits. I am Pisces Sun, Sag Ascendent, and Gemini Moon. I found it interesting hearing about relationship choices. I have a tendency to have Virgos all around me. I think their grounded, reasoning aspect is a stability factor for me. I had a very passionate and emotionally fully relationship for a period of my life with a Pisces man but must admit it was roller coaster of emotions. I felt the breadth of all emotions with him and although we could not continue I learned a great deal about myself from being with him. I am highly intuitive, compassionate, sensitive and do like diving into mystical waters. Being with him allowed me to become aware of my dark side, which I didn't want to be aware of!!! Tend to be "light" person but this was good....even though painful. I also wanted to say that I related highly to someone who posted about being sensitive to energy and not always knowing which is my own and which is others. And lately, with all this moon activity wow....feeling a lot. I have a need to get away from people to regroup and resource when I feel all this stuff. I haven't found it always easy to be a Pisces...lots of feelings and sensitivities but I also see these as incredible gifts. I have just had to learn how to be with all that I am experiencing and honor it. Nice to have a little spot to connect with other like souls. Peace.


  • Lori!

    I like how you're interested in talking with more pisces... I have many pisces friends (some of whom don't have the most logical outlooks) and I tend to run hot and cold with them. My moon is in gemini, like YogaWoman's, and it makes me delve into the reasoning behind my emotions so I can form logical conclusions. I'm friends with many virgos and geminis. I like how open and talkative geminis are and how practical my virgo friends are.

    I have been single for a while and tend to find dating and relationships too exhausting to try. There's always something I feel I must figure out myself, and I hate thinking I might even be a tiny bit dependent on somebody. I either feel free and completely content most of the time... or melancholy and alone occasionally. But I find pulling myself back up is not a problem after a little lone-sulking.

    Best Wishes!

  • And something I noticed about Pisces guys.. I know it's generalizing, but I find that most of the male fish stray from relationships. The one's I've become friends with anyway. Lots of cheating. My venus and mars are in capricorn and I'm a scorpio rising, and I've come to believe that it creates a much more loyal personality to those I love. It makes it hard to trust guys in general, but a biased outlook towards guy water signs has cast a shadow on my acceptance. I do find scorpios terribly intriguging, though, partially due to everything astrology has uncovered for me. The scorpio water sign is so intense and understanding at the same time and each of my scorpio friends are wonderful with their expression of themselves...

    anyway, I'll stop rambling.

    Thanks for reading!

  • Hi EmpressBs

    I am Libra, after reading your post, I feel our situation is very similar. I have recently ended a relationship with a Pisces man who I am in love with. I had to end it to keep my sanity. He was in a relationship with someone else (before i met him, waiting in the wings) but would not admit it. He is still seeing this person, He will not talk about the situation, I think he just wanted me to accept it. He still loves me & we are in contact. However being the Libran, I play 2nd fiddle to no one. so I ended it, & do not sleep with him. Hopefully he will come back & we can have a committed relationship. Your Pisces man cares for you, but do not be fooled some people do not mind their bread buttered twice. Yes, He's such a lovely kind person, HE CANT HELP IT, same way Libran's can't help being attractive, & leo's cant help being generous. He is not committed to the other person they are committed to him. My only advice would be, be strong, love yourself, but do not demean your self to gain his love. Wishing you love & light


  • omg we have the same birthday!! 03/07/1992,

  • hi my name is tt i am pisces born march 17 and i have read a little of you guys forums and im so glad to see that im not the only one out here that is so emotional and hopelessly in tune with that side of me. i just wonder why we are so emotional and that sometimes we let our heart get in the way so much. with me sometimes well most of the time i choose the wrong people to give my heart to. but im learning the older i get to choose more carefully what battles to fight and when to let go. that part is still hard but im learning.

  • I really enjoyed reading your post. I was born March 2, 1955. I am a musician, I play Greek, Blues, Rock and East indian music. I have done many extrodinary things in my life. I studied Yoga, and right now I attend a black church, I am the guitar soloist and have been for ten years. I ride the wave of pieces and have learned how they move. Thank You!


    Jonathan Shea

  • Hi

    I'm Pisces woman dating an Aquarius Man.... any insights? I find he is kind& attentive but emotionally guarded & guards his independence.

    Blessed Be

  • Aquarius people are so guarded with their feelings. But, be very careful I find them to be not very faithful as far as the men are concern. Over all just have fun and enjoy his company.

  • any Pisces going through rough times right now... emotionally? physically?

  • i have this sun signs book by Linda Goodman. once i read this i almost felt my life change. open me up to see myself better and others. it was written in like the 70's so its worded pretty funny, but i really enjoy it. whats awesome is u can go online and see the entire book chapter by chapter pretty much. he's the link..

    enjoy life

  • Hello everyone !! I've got to say that I've never been in the company of so many pisceans before!! It's a pleasure.

    I know that sometimes I find being a Pisces hard. It's hard being so emotional and I feel it's my lesson in life to learn and grow and try to control it as best I can.

    I have a deep love of the water and want to be in it every time I see a lake or ocean.

    Another thing is that my son is also a Pisces, and when we're both being overly emotional on the same day - watch out! - we can really butt heads. lol

    My Life Path number is also 11 - and I don't know if that has anything to do with the fact that I need time alone, every day, to de-compress and think and process, or I don't do well. Do any of you do this, too? I'm curious.

    It's nice to be here and I look forward to seeing you all around the threads!

  • My life path number is 7, so I'm naturally inclined to need time alone. I can't have too much stimulation or else I get cold and kind of despondent... BUT being a Pisces with my moon in Gemini keeps me at least semi-social! I love talking. And I love listening... Basically corresponding in general.. That's one reason I love this forum, it's the perfect place to just pick an interest and talk about it! Well, wright about it.

    I have a couple pisces friends that I adore, but when we disagree it really is ugly. The feelings and tension is so strong! And my temper is a tad short sometimes... :

    DP, do you have more of one of the twelve zodiac signs as friends? Like say mostly Capricorn or Saggitarius?


  • That's interesting ! and true !! How'd ya know?

  • sorry, Angela - that previous post was for you. My best friend in the world is a Capricorn. How DID you know that? Fascinating !

  • DP-

    I've got a few Capricorn friends that I respect and admire for being so loyal and down to earth. I actually just threw a sign out there! I have many Virgo and Gemini friends... My Virgos love to joke and plan things like I do, and my Geminis enjoy wit, conversation, and philosophic discussions like I do. 🙂


  • It's funny, but I hardly ever meet any Taureses. In fact, I only know one. I always thought that was weird.

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