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  • ok im probably wrong but,...

    Breezie, by chance were you ever locked up?

  • Hi Kiki~ Did you still have a dilemma that a pisces lady can help with? I'd be happy to help if you still have a question 🙂

  • Pisces female here (02/24) dating a Pisces male (03/01) ok, I had always sworn I would never date my own kind (Pisces) a week after saying it I met this one...yes, I jinxed myself. In trying to understand him after 4 months of together, I try and apply what I would do or say...yeah no, the male of our kind is much different than our females. Yes, I like my quiet time very much and try to provide that to him, but I am an open book, I share my feelings, he on the other hand he is secretive, and will not open his mouth about anything that bothers him. he is beyond being wishy washy, he flip flops...wants this relationship and then doesnt. So I offer to end it and he gets angry over that, yet he doesnt want to spend time with me or even seem to want to talk anymore shrugs its cool tho because my embers have cooled as well and I am ready to swim off to other shores; I love him but am not in love with him anymore. I have been working on giving him his space, I dont have a problem with that, but when he treats me like crap, well I just dont wanna deal with it. Told him there are no greener pastures, just life and living it, making the best of it and trying to make it work. Funny thing is, he showed me all his best in the beginning and now I see the real him. Granted I am a Pisces and live in many fantasy worlds at least I know what the real world is about and most times can face it...

    Some background: he is in the military, we have been together 4 months and we had an unplanned pregnancy (12 weeks) we just lost on sunday, he was very good when I should have gone to the hospital but didnt, so he cleaned up that day and was right there for me. The next day he had turned it all off towards me. The following day I drove myself to the ER as I wasnt feeling it, he was only there via text message and didnt roll into home until late, today he isnt even responding via text, so I gave up on it and just didnt bother.

    ok, thanks for listening, you know how it is fishpeople we like to share!!

  • So sorry to hear of your lost, GoldnGoddness. You have a strong spirit and it may be a blessing in disguise. You surley don't deserve to be treated that way. Your better without him. You seem to be a burst of sunshine.. If he can't see that it's his lost not yours. I've been with my first Pisces guy for 5 months and at first he was a little shy but opened up pretty quick. After 2 months we became close exclusive, then a month later he told me he loved me. We cuddle alot and talk about are dreams and goals. When my guy is feeling down depending on the nature he will come over and share talk with me ask my advise, there have been times when he totaly shut down and didn't talk at all. When he goes tru that I just send him a simple text thinking of you and your in my prayers. I give him his space and he always come back. We are both learning from eachother. I am a gemini but at times I feel like iam so many different signs, I help him with the reality of the world. and he helps me slow down and enjoy my dreams and fantasy. I wish you the best.. have a wonderful Summer..

  • A pisces does not seek balance in life...that's an unrealistic endeavor.

    A pisces seeks meaning...

    When you understand this is what makes you tick, you will be at peace with yourself.


  • Hi Texture!

    You remind me of my Pisces man so I wonder if you can help me...

    He's 20 years older than me and he was in a long term relationship with someone before we met (but I didn't know!) he's still with her but we have been seeing eachother for about a year and a half. He doesn't really talk about his situation or our situation, what we have is what it is. What I need to know is if he cares for me or is using me. He's such a lovely kind person to everyone so I worry he thinks Im too sensetive to handle the truth. I feel a very deep connection to this man and he told me he feels the same but is very distant so I wonder if he's only telling me what I want to hear.

    I'm feeling guilty for having a relationship with him when he is committed to someone else but I have tried to forget him and I just can't, I'm stuck! Any advice?

  • I'm a Pisces 02/21/40. Been married to a Scorpio for 45+ years. Have a Scorpio son and a Cancer son and a Leo Daughter, that bosses all of us around! lol

    Also have 2 scorpio grandsons. so. . . . . knee deep in Scorpios. Love em, but we have had our ups & downs!

    I find they are flirts, jealous, possessive, fun, sexy, hot blooded and on and on.


  • Can anyone comment on a Pisces woman in a relationship with a Aquarian male?

    Blessed be

  • wow, im exactly the same, my b-day is on march 17. i love all thats like secret and occult, like you could expect to see me walking around reading a book about dreams. my hobbies are just about anything that lets me be creative, i just love it, im only 15 but im already certain that in the future i wanna become a pshycologist because i feel i have a very empathic nature like i can just sense when theres something wrong with someone, im fascinated with philosophy and the spirituality inside every being. im extremely open minded, ill sink into just about anything, probably because im gullible but also because i have good intuition, and well yeah I think pisces rocks and its my favorite sign, not cause i fall under it, just beacuse its totally me 🙂

  • Pravada oh my god you were born on edgar cayces birthday and just a day after mine, haha, being a pisces is great, theres so much creativity and spirituality in the sign, it just feels great

  • yes they are, pisces are very susceptible to drugs and alcohol since they can be very dependent at times and very emotional, also pisces is very into the supernatural(me) and its greatest trait is compassion, ps i too wanna be a therapist

  • haha i do the same, i always start something but never get around to finishing it, i get bored, i play piano and i always seem to just learn the intro to a song and then quickly move onto another, as with writing a book, lol i totally understand you 🙂

  • Hey I thought it was just me who start something and don't finish . The only thing I started and finish was child birth there was know stoping that. I would like to know if any other pisces are able to comsume other people emosions , pain, feel there thoughts some times that can realy drain you.

  • Hi, i'm Deb. My birthday is 17th march 1985, although i'm only in my mid 20's i do feel so much older and wiser than i should. I try to rely on my gut feelings and intuition as they are, most of the time, spot on. Being a pisces though my emotions can tend to get in the way and cloud my judgment from time to time. Sometimes i have my 'psychic' moments, like knowing who's calling before i pick up the phone, or knowing what someone is thinking before they say it, or if my close friends and family are in trouble i'll 'know'. I used to find this strange but its just normal now and i have accepted that its just part of who i am.

    I love writing, from keeping diaries, writing poetry and books (which i hope to do). I love art, music (any really, my taste is varied), dance anD so many other things. I've always found that i cannot seem to make my mind up on what i want and how to stick at it, mainly because i've found i'm quite a good all rounder and never really struggled with anything i've done (sounds big headed but i'm really not!)

    I've never had much 'luck' but i've always had what i needed, even if i haven't seen it at first. I love life and what it teaches you, even if the lessons are sometimes hard and painful. i'm spiritual but not religious. Being a pisces is great but i've found that not everyone understands a pisces, we're way too deep ha ha. Anyway i hope that gave some insight!

  • yes, i have to try and switch off if someone is down as i can easily take on their emotions, which is quite draining

  • but wat sign is the pisces reallllly most attracted to?

    have to be scorp or aqua for me!

  • Traditionally, fish like water. We like crabs, scorpions and other fish. According to Linda Goodman we also like virgins (opposites attract was her theory), but that hasn't held for me.

    I am definitely crab food. I can spot a Cancer woman at 50 yards, but I think they see me first. I also tend to get tied up with goats for some reason, but that's not for all Pisces.

    Scorpios are fun to watch but the sting keeps me away from tying my life to them.

    I love other fish dearly, but we have a bad reputation for being wimpy and indecisive which is well-deserved given how so many of us act.

    Remember though that the sun sign is just a part of the equation. The ascendant, Moon, Venus, Mars, Mercury and the North Node are also very important in determining compatibility.

  • FoolishGuru,

    You and I have a lot in common! lol

  • Hi! Lori!

    Greetings, to all the Pisceans Time Traverlers, tranversing this plane or planet if you prefer.

    It's a good thing to satrt something spiritual on a full moon.

    Lori, glad to hear and know something about you...

    Keep smiling!

    So long and have a good journey!


  • This is such an interesting forum! I am a Pisces (mar 19) sun/moon, and Scorpio rising...Aries in mercury/venus... I know the myth of the cusp, however i feel like i have strong Piscean and Arian ways! I CANNOT i mean CANNOT get along with a Cancer-it's just impossible. The Pisces part of me will try to everytime i meet one, but boooy it never ends as nicely as it began lol...I also can't stand Scorpios, once again I try and i can tolerate them- but they hide their feelings like easter eggs and are more dishonest than April fool's day tactics! THEY SHOULD HAVE THE MONTH OF APRIL AAAALL TO THEMSELVES lol. Two of my beeest friends are an Aquarius, and an Aries...and i love them dearly! But indeed i don't like authority (much like an aries), yet i don't like having too much control all the time lol (pisces).... If there is anyone else who can elaborate, please do! 😃

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