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  • Hello to all my fellow fishies... I am also a Pisces, born 02-27-81 and am in heaven to find a place that understands my quirks. I am very in tune with others emotions and feel like sometimes people drain me of mine. I am kind hearted and generous (to a fault is what I have been told) and I love deeply. I also am into all things mystical, spiritual and psychological. I enjoy analyzing my own thoughts and feelings, and particularly my dreams. I have a knack for helping others with their emotional baggage but can't seem to discard my own.

    I look at music and poetry, writing and reading as an escape from my confusion. I write poems that never seem good enough to me but others love; as well as short stories that have a bit of an erotic twist. I am married to a true Scorpio but in love with my best friend, a Cancer male. I feel like the friend is my twin flame soul mate. He just understands me so much better than anyone else ever has. I get confused with my feelings because like others have said here, tend to pick up on others and can't figure out whose is whose. LOL Anyway, great to meet you all... I have found my little pond to swim in... woohoo!

  • another Pisces here, March 18th 1956. the past few years has been rough. I was forced out of a job i thought i would retire from. I just found a new, part time job that i love so far. i guess i am your typical Pisces. A HUGE daydreamer! Love music, reading, especially historical novels. Seems like I have always been attracted to Leo and Virgo men. I have been married to a Virgo (9/18/59) for 31 years. It was very difficult at times. I stuck it out while he decided to mature and he has done so remarkably. Glad I found this forum! and for someone who said they did not know any funny Pisces, Wanda Sykes........

  • 18 march 1943 should have been 1 april 1943 but I'd rather be a joker than a fool...My Grandfather was disappointed he was Irish and I arrived the day after St Pat's

    mnorma, you were doing really well, discribing me, except for the marrage bit.I could never run fast enough to catch one....

    Hugs to everyone,


  • I am in love with a pisces man I am a sag lady we have a great relationship but I feel as if hiding something all the time. How do I get him to open up with me but where I don't scare him off. Is it normal for pisces to work so much up until the point they don't have time for their significiant others. I try to be understanding when he has a hard day I rub his feet and back. Which he loves and really appreciates it. I try to treat him like a king and he treats me like a queen. But the mixed signals he gives me confuses me sometimes I even think he is cheating. Should I be concerned or is this normal and how best should I cope with his ups and downs and confusing nature. I love him very much and want to give this relationship everything it deserves. Any suggestions would be great and thanks.

  • Hi UgliKitty429

    I am a pisces man with a sag fiancee.

    Two troubles with pisces, they find it hard to say no so end up doing lots of extra work at work.

    They communicate in body language and subtleties and not directly all of the time. Also if things are not great at wotk they will not alway admit it to themsleves - let alone anyone else.

    Find out what his rising sign is from the time of his birth - he should know being pisces as well.

    My rising sign is sag so my outward ego is pretty direct and to the point for a pisces and communication with my sag is easy even if sometimes her directness is stunning to say the least. I would rather be with someone who wears their heart on their sleeve than someone that cannot be honest.

    We both also have a need for personal space and keep our own interests going - that is a great part of sag support - if I want to go and do something my sag is there supporting me 110%. Like wise we have a huge social circle and love visiting everyone.

    If you are still his queen then you are the centre of his dream universe and there will be nothing he would not want to achieve for you. However if his reality has cracked his dream world then rather than confront it he may just want to hide from it and not deal with it - we have a protective shell that come in to play and we would rather be in the dream world than reality.

    Share his fantasies and he will let you in

    Hopefully thare is something there that helps - I am pisces and know what I want to say but don't always get a point across to a sag as they will say whay didn't you just say that.

    I read somewhere that pisceans are the easist man in the world to fall in love with but the hardest to live with. Good luck x

  • That sounds about right. Lol he's great and actually the more time we allow each other the more he opens up. I think I can get used to it. Its all worth it.

  • Why do we get depressed when everything in life is brilliant?

    I hope is isn't just me!

  • hello, i was born 11 march 1979 rising sign taurus moon in leo. for the past few years have been very difficult. i m happy i found this pond where i can dive freely with no fear and i hope to find here someone to talk to as all my friends have turn their back on me or me on them i m not shure i m just extremely lonely. i find water a very good healer. my mars is on fish as well so i m into love and peace for everyone.

  • i am.

  • reply astrodame,

    yes that sounds about right, we re out of control a force washing away everything we cherish only bringing back loneliness and fear

  • Dont know about you guys, but heavily resenting the saturn square pluto thing. went bananas during the weekend, really depressing

  • Greetings Picses!

    I have a question..for any Picses that cares to answer..."Do You Believe in Soul Mates"

    For years I have felt a Strong Connection with a Picses Man.. Despite, its a connection I'm unable to break.. I did a lil research on Soul Mates on the Internet... There is no clear cut answer, because the World is divided on the subject... For me I thought what better place to get some feedback..but to ask a Picses direct...

    Picses...Do you believe Soul Mates exist?


    A Scorpio

  • I myself believe that my soulmates mother believed in Pro Choice

  • Just Kidding about the pro choice thing.

    I myself am a Pisces. Enjoying happiness, kindness and honesty. Sometimes, reading what people are thinking about before they say it. Often times,finishing their sentences. Living in a fantasy seems like realty and when it doesn't come true, disappointment is the only feeling that comes to mind. Then, I have to realize, it is my own dream. My heart gets broke quite often because I want to believe everyone is just as loyal and honest. I haven't found my soul mate yet, but in my dreams he is there.

  • Hi, I'm a Pisces too! My birthday is Feb.22 and also a goat! I too luv a bull.

  • Hi Everyone, I'm enjoying reading the posts. Another Pisces here (3/1/53). I too have had a really rough two years. 2009 especially. Lost my job of 15 years in May. Lost my house, couldn't afford the mortgage and now trying to file bankruptcy (for the first time in my life - before this always had an excellent credit rating) but my lawyer is backed up. They've had my papers for 8 weeks now and still have not filed. I've been in a two-year, long-distance relationship that is going nowhere. But being a Pisces, I'm hanging on hoping that things will soon improve but as far as the relationship is concerned, if I don't see a positive change in the very near future (I never wanted a long-distance thing, but was sort of talked into it - he said it would be long-distance only temporary. Well, 2 years later...), I will be moving on.

    Well for all of us Pisces who have been having a tough time lately, this is supposed to be a banner year for us and not only a banner year, but this month Feb is supposed to be really really great according to AstrologyZone. If you are looking for some positive news and want to get your hopes up, check out the website. My hopes are definitely up, but so far (other than feeling optimistic about the future) nothing has changed.

  • i, as a pixes think that we REALLY have a world of our own inside of us wich is probably called neptune, where we build things(like relationships, and in the most dark place, other peoples minds) and then we want to make it real and maybe only that way we are really happy. Nevertheless i think we are very strong people despite what the opposition thinks. i am starting to feel a change in my life i just hope is the brise of most deserved good fortune arriving. to all my fellowmates i wish positive thinking and clarity in the soul.

  • Just reading the posts and have a comment on soulmates for healing water. I believe that soulmates are not always a great love or the one. Soulmates can be a friend or coworker. I think soulmates are people that are always with you your sister, best friend, uncle. It could be someone you just met. It is the connection that you have always known this person your souls are connected hope this helps the soulmate question. I also a Pisces with Leo. To all the other Pisces out there dont you love when other signs try to guess what we are thinkining! so funny!!

  • PiscesDani - Yes, I went slightly "bananas" myself this weekend. I felt very upset and couldn't figure out why and just "blah" all weekend. Must've been the saturn square pluto thing! Just didn't feel too perky all weekend long.

    HealingWater, I believe in soul mates and even further, in the twin flame. I am an extremely guarded little fishy and the people I connect with are people I feel like I have known forever. My best friends include a Cancer male, a Pisces female, a Taurus female, and a Cancer female. (Yes I have four best friends) lol and my spouse is a Scorpio male. I believe of these five people I feel closest with: my Cancer male best friend is my twin flame (just not there yet), my Pisces female and Cancer female (these are two soul mates I have) and my spouse is a soulmate I contracted to learn from. My Taurus female best friend is an enignma but we are friends to challenge each other. So to answer your question: yes soulmates exist.

    jjgurlz - I get the giggles when people try to figure out what I am thinking... Only one person gets me enough to usually "know" and I think he's otherworldly, at times. LOL We have our own little worlds that we escape to and there's not much anyone can do about it... Try to figure us out and we'll morph into something else. Love to be a Pisces!!!!

  • Hi HealngWaters: You may be My soulmate. you tried to answer a question about scorpios on another thread for someone else. I am trying to figure out if my scorpio friend likes me better than his girlfriend. I will tell you about me as a Pisces. First of all, I was born on the same day as Albert Einstein. I am not quite a genius but in the top 2% of the mentality bracket AND JUST as forgetful. TIME is RELATIVE. I am almost always guaranteed to be late. Once I get where I am going, I can get so absorbed in something, I can fortget I even have a home or a job to go to. I dream about things - creating things, doing things, the kind of life I would like to have and I work very hard to achieve those dreams. Its really painful when reailty crashes the party.

    The problem is that it doesn't take me much to get started dreaming. My Scorpio friend and I will talk for aocuple hours on the phone and make up stories and he'll tell me how he is going to build this or that for me. He'll tell me what good friends we are and how he wants to help me

    out and I will profess how much his friendship means to me and how much I want to help him out. He'll talk about what he's doing with his kids and what he's building, but has never really talked about his GF so I didn't consider her as a very important person in his life. I don't know if that is a typical Scorpio trait because USUALLY if someone has a girlfriend they are madly in love with, you hear it from them. If someone is your friend, you usually know their girlfriend's name. So in typical Pisces manner, I have fallen for this guy that I don't even have a chance at forming a relationship with because I felt he he sort of "courted me" on the phone - -- that's difficult to explain to anyone but a Pisces because I think we tend to feel emotions that people have even if they are not expressing it in words. That makes it easy for the other person to deny. If they don't do or say anything to act upon the emotional energy they are putting out, they can't say that we got the wrong idea. So Pisces people get confused between what they feel is going on and what people say is going on. Are the feelings the lie? Or is the other person lying or trying to deny their feelings? Or is Pisces imagination running away with thier little fishy hearts again? As a Pisces, my life is much simpler if everything that people said matched their emotions and if people do what they say they are going to do. Because if people say they are going to do something or if something is going to happen, I tend to believe that things will occur. Pisces people have difficulty dealing with rejection, denial and emotional pain.

    I am an artist and a photographer and a writer and a scientist. I love animals. I cry at stupid things and I make weird joles. One of my favorite things to do at work is to walk behind someone very quietly to see how long it is before they notice that I am there. When they finally notice, I just crack up. I don't know why I get such a kick out of such a corny thing. I like to pull little pranks on people. At the same time, I am kind of naive and gullible myself so people pull little jokes on me sometimes for laughs. My exhusband used to make me laugh - he had a funny sort of sarcasm - but it got more and more cutting the longer we were together.

    I think that rust is a big thing with Pisces people. If they come to trust someone and that trust is broken, it can just hurt the fish to the depths of their soul. this has happened to me. I will let someome break the trust once, twice, multiple times until I just can't trust them anymore. My exhusband is a Geminii. What I saw as a lie and a breech of trust was nothing to him except something he forgot or "never promised."

    For what it is worth - only my sun is in Pisces. I have Scorpio in Midheaven, North Node,Neptune and Jupiter. I have a Capricorn Moon and a Capricorn/Aquariu Ascendant and a Capricorn Mars.Venus and Mar both in the First House.

    The other thing is - I feel like I have lived many many lives before and like I am beginning my 5th or 6th "life" of this life. I feel like sometimes I din't belong on this planet. Like I don't really fit in. I thrive on positive attention but it has to be from the right people. Sometimes, I feel like the Hank WIlliams song "I'm so lonesome I could die". Another thing about me personally - I love to be loved and to have the affection of the right person, but that other person has to have a combination of intellect and chivalry. - good looks count too. But I need my space. I definitely do not like to be controled or squeezed. I am such an enigma - even to myself - that I sometimes even understand why people look at me and shake their heads silently behind my back.

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