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  • Hello There,

    I'm a cancer female and I dated a pisces male for over two years. When we parted ways (over a year ago), we continued to see each other and to this day have an ongoing sexual relationship. The problem is that sometimes I feel a really strong connection between us, THEN, like clockwork, he will go days without speaking to me and avoid me at all costs! I'm not sure what to think of it all. I tried to talk about this situation with him, but I'm not sure that he even realizes what he's doing or the intense effect his actions have on me. Please help!!


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  • Hi there, im a pisces too .I think we start books and poems ,.And learn what we need to know from them before we are finished the labor part of it,so then it becomes old to us before anyone else has a chance to see what we have accomplished. Think it thru. Have a real nice day ROLA12

  • TrueTaurus...

    hmmm...I don't understand your wife's reaction to you in Iraq. I'm a Feb. 22 girl myself. And I'll tell you...I've been Pisces for 59 yrs and I don't think I've EVER thought of "gain" in my life. We Pisces like money because we need it to sustain our lives while we go off and study mystical stuff and become artists and musicians. We don't usually think of money just for the sake of having money. Probably not a good mindset but...back to your situation. If my man was in Iraq I would be hysterical, period. Pisces tend to be independent but clingy at the same time. I don't understand your situation because I couldn't deal with it in the first place, good money or not! Like a couple of previous posts suggested, maybe there's another issue the two of you need to address. Sorry if this wasn't much help.

  • My birthday is also March 2nd. I am wondering of all the people born on March 2nd, how many actually do write?

  • I also was born on 3/9 but of 1970. I would say I embrace my pisces traits quite well. Very emotional...sometimes that proves to be a bit overwhelming. My kids call me a hippy, because I try to surround myself with peaceful, calming things, and when they come to me with their typical teenage problems my solution always breaks down to everybody just getting along and enjoying the good in the world and avoid petty things that might bring you down. I can honestly say that most of my world is zen, everything except my love life. I try not to dwell on the terrible relationships I have survived and just hope to someday find someone to love and to love me. Hopefully.

  • what do you mean you don't fit. From what you are saying sweetie, you find just fine. Its all a matter of interpretation. Good or bad you do sound like you are a great piscean type. Embrace it for all its worth. We have so much to learn and also to give to the world.

  • sometimes you have to factor in personal tramatic experiences that may have had an influence on who you become. I have had some terrible relationships that sometimes make me react uncharacteristicly, but I work very hard at getting over those emotional scars, so that I can be myself and enjoy life like I was intended to. Unfortunately we tend to run into those destructive people that hurt us so much that we can't help but be scarred as a result. I hope that helps you understand why two people of the same astrological sign could be so different. But that is just my opinion.

  • hi,

    I am born 2/23/79 female, 100% pisces ! I'm starting to realize an intuitive side of knowing things before they happen or as they are taking place, but not until i see it or hear about it. If that makes any sense? Also im becoming in tune with knowing what someone is feeling without the person telling me; I dont even have to know the person. Is this even possible? Or am i losing my mind?

  • Thank You All Fishies...

    I truly love Pisces, I'm a Scorpio gal and am so lucky to have many Pisces in my life.

    Life is so much...better, loving ~ and funny!!! 😄

    you ROCK!



  • I'm a pisces 3/7/86 and I must say this retorgrade sucks so bad I feel like I just keep going no where fast these days I help everyone and get nothing in return not even so much as a thank you and my love life absolutely sucks and doesnt look like its ever going to look up again is anyone else feeling like this??

  • correction that was supposed to be 3/17/86 sorry just caught that

  • HI! My birthday is March 11, 1984. Sometimes I wish I wasn't a pisces. I am way too sensitive and feel what people are and are not saying way too much I wish I didnt. I feel everything. Sometimes I dont want to feel anything! I'm going through hard times though that I think are making me tougher. I'm going through something that has given me a bit of armor. I am too giving, TOO selfess, that it effects me tremendously and I am just left in the dirt.

    I'm going through a part of my life that causes me to actually be a bit more caring about myself.

    Im learning how to say no, and take what is mone, and keep what is mine.

    UGH. is anyone going through this or is it just something that I only have to go through??

  • UGH is right, IgoH!!!!

    And you're not alone, at ALL!!!! Me too, you couldve been writing my post...

    Love and Joy to you, keep going! We will survive this, but OUCH!!!!

    Sometimes my heart hurts, it's beyond any ration.

    I'm talking about life, not a " broken heart" in the usual love affair dept.!!!! Lol...Hey I'm trying!

    Lisa 🙂

  • Don't get me wrong I love being a pisces at times with the intuition and the mystery that drives us and just how we are kind to all people, popular with anyone and everyone but then doing everything for everyone and never having time for myself gets old and I am honestly just learning to say no myself and the worst part is they know you do everything as it is and they can tell your tired and exhausted and they still expect you to help them someone told me recently no one cares about you but you and honestly it couldnt have been at a better time in my life because I'm tired of feeling used and abused and exhausted. So I told myself from now on I need to know my limitations and do what I want to do for me and no one else.

  • Im glad you guys understand. I seriously felt pretty much alone like I was the only one feeling the feelings intensely. I wonder how we can use this to our advantage? instead of this being such a pain in the butt for me how can I help people with it? Like the psychic ability of the undercurrents and the unspoken. I wonder why we're this way and what I can do to use it in a positive way.

  • aww thanx. i have to agree you are right bout some of the things u've mentioned. we do tend to be easy going and have a good head on our shoulders. about the single thing, i myself am fine being single. i wouldn't mind having a boyfriend, but i think it would add to much stress to my life. i honestly think i would be better off single for a while, but if that special someone comes along.....i'd willingly grasp on to that oppertunity. i have recently been attracted to virgos and cancers mostly.

  • hi!i'm pices and my b-day is march 10th 1988.i found myself in many of you other pisces posts and i'm quite relieved.i have losts of artistic interests..i cannot live without music,i've been writing journals for the last 5 years (im 21 now) and i'm intrigued with people and helping them.i'm naive and i trust those around me..but i cannot connect with people- i maintain distance as to not get hurt.i'm very funny-i crack jokes all the time just to see my friends laughing.i'm not very ambitious but i hope that i have enough will to succeed.

    i think we pisces are very lucky people because we really care about others more than for ourselves and we see deeper into one's behaviour and try to understand how everything around us works.although i feel i suffer too much-especially when it comes to love and relationships..maybe we're destined for higher purposes-think of all the famous artists born under this sign!

  • Hello all ye fishies! 3/18/60 and i too am way too giving, too emotional, intuitive ( to put it mildly), creative and i choose the worst partners I can possibly find! I may be wrong, but since we are the last in the horoscope line, perhaps It's because we've actually done it all before. We all know that to love is more important than being loved, and giving actually strengthens us for are next (and possibly final) journey. But, like I said - could be wrong - probably not too far off tho.

    I have never met a Pisces who's heart wasn't ready to love fully and without hesitation. Of course, we are still human, and will reach the "no more" zone. Doesn't matter if it's one year or ten. But I'm always able to love again with a whole and pure heart.

    Like the proverbial cookie jar; always happy to share. But if none are ever replaced, the empty jar becomes just a piece of space-waste.

    Yet even during those useless times, my writing flows kinda nice . One boyfriend accused me of using him just for material - ( I work with what I have and with him that's all there was!)

    And yes a lot of very creative and dramatic people are Pisces. As are many delusional, schizoaffective, geniuses with dis-associative disorders. Or is it just us... I mean me??

  • Hey there, kZk!

    I was going to say, " yeah, it's you!", kidding around...but I know my fishies get hurt and you know I love ya, girl!!!!

    Why is it so hard for me, Scorpio Momma, to connect with my beautiful Pisces girl???

    She is 15 1/2 yrs old...probably all it is. I think I'm trying too hard? Just let her come to me?


    Love all around...


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