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  • Yes I have air in my chart. My mercury is in Aquarius, my Pluto and Uranus are in Libra, and my Saturn is in Gemini. I also have Fire but am totally lacking any earth. I am emotional, passionate, and intellectual but have no grounding force!

  • Hi I found your post quite interesting as I'm a female pisces who's always been attracted to male Leo's (my partner is Leo and we've been together 7 year's now) and I think were attracted to Leo's because of their charisma, and intrigue so hopefully that will help with the confusion, however I don't know if you find this but the male can be quite stubborn but that just adds to the fun. Let's face it pisces love all things that are beautiful and Leo's are, lol

  • By the way my post was in response to Ricky7 I'm new at this as you can tell !!!!!!!!

  • Hi Guys,

    I am pisces born right on the cusp between aquarius and pisces February 20, 1985.

    My ascendant is Aquarius, Moon- Pisces, Sun- Pisces and Mercury - Pisces.

    I wanted to know if there is any compatiblity between me and this person:

    February 20, 1985 (Me) and JB (November 7, 1984) (Sun-Sco, Moon- Taurus, Mercury-Sag) Ascendant is either Capricorn, Sagittarius or Leo

  • I, too, am a Pisces. I was born Feb. 28th, 1982. I know that my Chinese astro sign is the Dog, but other than this I don't know much about my Sun sign or any other pertinent info. Could someone help me out here? lol

    I do know that I am extremely compatible with Cancers and I get along pretty well with Leos. Actually, one of my best friends is a Leo. And matter how much time passes between us seeing one another, we always seem to pick up right where we previously left off. Really though- she is the best! Plus she gives some of the best advice.

    I am currently and have been for many years now (6 years on and off to be exact) involved with a Cancer. Our relationship is undescribable. I never know what will happen on a day to day basis with my Cancer. I know that I feel completely whole when we are together. However, nothing is ever stable when it comes to "us". I have read the forum on Cancers and it was pretty helpful, but I would love more advice from you great Pisces (and of course Cancers and other signs). My problem is that I know I am loved but for some reason my Cancer is waiting for something before making this "us" official again. What could he be waiting on? We were once in a official relationship but I ended it. This is, of course, something I regret now, but at the time it just seemed like the only thing to do. Due to stress in my Cancer's life (career-wise), I was getting pushed away. My Cancer has admitted that things soured between us due to his regretted bad behavior, but refuses to take another chance even though it is more than clear that there is a desire to do so. This desire has been verbally expressed many times in the pass 2 months. I believe I have found the one- we just fit. How do I make it clear that I can't wait around forever without driving the object if my affections away?

  • I have a question to any Pisceans out there, or any Geminis who might be reading about us Pisceans. My best bud is a Gemini...SMART, genius really! We connect intellectually, we're both accomplished musicians, we are very spiritual and quite religious, butttt....and here it comes...he tends to "impose" shall we say, in MY space more than I would EVER in his! (he's gay and has a partner so not to worry about romance here!) I get SO angry when this happens because he seems to not respect my space and my things but gets extremely out-of-sorts when the tables are turned on him. He also tends to jump into and take charge sort-of without being asked or thinking he might be stepping on my toes. I feel the usual "Pisces guilt" when getting angry with him because he seems to really, seriously, not "get it!"

    I know, this is a bit mysterious but it's hard to be more particular because it happens around many different areas and subjects. It's his personality I guess. But does anyone have advice as to how to handle this kind of person? On the plus side, he is a very caring and nice guy...funny, crazy! and really creative. He's charming so his choir (he's a major choir director and organist) just loves him. I think people kind-of adopt him, if you know what I mean. He is kind of adorable like that. His partner is a Cancer so we're good on that end!

    Anyway...not to ramble...anyone have any advice so I don't get so angry over these situations? Re talking to him about this, he's not necessarily a person you can confront with stuff like this as he tends to get "hurt" not seriously but...he tends to be non-confrontational. Clueless would be the best word!

    Thanks to anyone! πŸ™‚

  • Fell in love with a Pisces (born February 24th), being a Pisces myself (born March 16th), last year and so did he. Not a love at first sight, but we became friends and then love emerged. Originally met on holiday overseas, and then we returned to eachother's country, kept in touch, he came to visit, we realized we wanted to be together, that we were in love, started making plans for the future (not "castle in the air plans" but we will do this then that and then we are going to live together, probably get married next year, etc), I went to visit him and after a small fight (triggered by the fact that i had a fever and was a bit "crankier" than usual) from one day to another, he changed 180ΒΊ. He got cold, he said he didnt want his life with me to be about fighting about stupid things, that he wasnt sure about things anymore.

    I came back to my country, he said he wanted to give it a try, because i meant the world to him, he loved me but he wasnt sure i was the love of his life, but wanted to, and i quote "find the love in his heart again"....but eventually broke up with me.

    Funny thing is, he still isn't "sure" about things, and if i "dissappear" for a couple of days he starts reaching for me, people tell him to let me move on but he says he can't because theres still a chance for us. I'm in a bit of a deffensive mood myself, considering, but sometimes he gets so sweet i lower my guard and get as i used to be with him when we were a couple (sweet, caring, etc), but the minute i do that he sort of snaps and starts being mean again.

    I love him with all i've got and I do want him back, because the love we had before things got messed up was one of those things that happen just once in a lifetime. Something hapenned in his head along the way, i know in my gut (and thanks to my intuition) that he loves me, but he is just lost.

    WHAT SHOULD I DO?? Help please (and by help i don't mean the "get away from him he is not good for you you deserve better" yapping, I want him back) Besides, i've been hearing us pisces are having a rough time in general lately, maybe that has something to do with it.

  • Hey everyone! I just read something on here that my sun sign is an outdated version of astrology and I am actually a pices. Really? This is really confusing. I ve read some of your posts and I can relate so maybe i feel more pisces than aries. To tell you the truth most aries get on my nerves and I just avoid them. Sad but true. Pisces are cool!!! I write my own poetry as well and I despise that too. I am always fatally attracted to cancer men and my last relationship ended abrubptly because I became insecure that my cancer boyfriend didnt really love me and I found a million things to back up my crazy notions. Now I am dating a new cancer man that is much older than me but I am hoping the maturity of the relationship will override my over actice imagination. Oh yeah and I have always had problems with jealous scorpio women. I also have dreams about people and events in my life. have done this as far back as I can remember. I am def a sensitive peaceful happy go lucky girl until my imagination takes me to a scary horrible place of negative delusion. Could it be true that I really am picses and not Aries? Oh the confusion. Well mabey you awesome pisces will let me be in your club because like I said I dont relate to aries traits and most of them really irritate me and sags annoy me too with their judgemental attitudes. So what do you all say can I be in your pisces club? lol

  • Hi's Eve.

    Well, I don't know if my advice will work since I can't seem to keep a relationship going more than 3 years and I'm still whole life I'm looking for a partner. So, with that background (batting 1,000), here goes.

    Maybe "be there for him" but don't "visibly" wait for him...let him know how you feel and then cool it for a bit...stay in touch but don't "hang" on him...we Pisces are such good hangers on! haha!

    It's the ole' give-him-space routine which, hopefully, will make him see you in a different light...and might make him think he could actually lose you! Sometimes a little planned scare-tactic works wonders. Get him thinking you won't put up with crap and could possibly leave him. I think it's time he comes to you.

    Hope this helps a bit. πŸ™‚

  • Hi jwads!

    I know you posted 2 months ago. I don't have time to read 29 pages of posts very often.

    I'm your age...2/22/50...a tiger as well. oiy! I don't give a **** about age either! I'm as young as can be and expect to live forever. And I'm not married either...but I would love to finally have a partner that I could marry! I can't seem to keep anything going more than 3 years.

    I'm an opera singer (not famous), voice teacher and piano teacher, and choir director sometimes. I am highly spiritual. I also like my space. I think all of this adds up to people not understanding me or just not wanting a non-conventional life, with someone who makes music in the house as well...nice music and beautiful singing but...

    I am happy with who I am and what I do...just have that missing link, ya' know? And I am also very protective of my family although I live in MA and the rest of them are in IL.

    So, talk to me. I am an astrology, numerology, tarot, u-name-it nut! I love all of it! And I love night and the night sky...sometimes I wish I could be a star in the sky. I'm not nuts but...hmmm...maybe that's my problem. haha!

  • Hello fishies. I'm one of the "later" Pisces, 3/18/1984. My rising sign is Gemini (there are four of me!) and I'm the year of the Rat. I feel a lot of the typical Pisces traits, i.e. drawn to the arts, hard to focus on one thing for a long period of time, procrastination, empathetic, intuitive, people immediately feel at ease around me. However, while I wouldn't say that I am NOT a sensitive person, I really don't cry at all and it's difficult to get a rise out of me. I joke with my friends that I'm a robot. I suppose I just internalize everything and deal with it introspectively (don't know if I used that word properly). This could be due to my rising sign being Gemini. Not only am I muddling through deep rooted, abstract feelings in my subconscious, but I'm analyzing everything at the same time.

    Before finding out that my rising sign was Gemini, I wondered why I didn't "wear my heart on my sleeve" the way that other Pisces do. But after looking into rising signs and learning that they are what you present to the world, it makes perfect sense. I feel very Pisces down to my core, however, in social situations, I'm quick and witty like a Gemini (when I actually feel like talking or being around people πŸ˜‰ ).

    Like most Pisces, I hate confrontation and will try to avoid it at all costs, a lot of time to my detriment. Could it be that I've cultivated a cool exterior to protect myself and not appear to be the negative stereotype of the wishy washy Pisces? (sidenote: Please don't be offended. I know we Pisces get the bad rap of being overly sensitive and seemingly weak, however I believe us to be the strongest of all the signs).

    I wanted to ask you guys if any of you have taken the Myers-Briggs personality test? If you have, did you find that the results coincided with your sign? I found two things to be really interesting. 1.) I have taken free online versions of the test several times, and sometimes I get INFJ, while other times I get INFP. And the last time I took it I got INTP! Is this a Pisces/Gemini thing?

    and 2.) All of the descriptions were very accurate. Are most Pisces INFP or INFJ?

    Okay, I'll give it a rest, I've been rambling, lol. I'd love to read people's insight, especially about the personality test.

  • Hi Pnkstrfsh3, I am a Pisces born 3/4/84 and Dear sorry also being the year of the rat, there are indeed 6 of you. the rat is the only sign that I know in chinese astro that is a also a duel sign. lol and I have taken those tests and I ether get ENFG( Growth Teacher) ISFJ(Caretaker) INFJ(Counselor) ENFP(Social Philosopher) ESFJ(Dutiful Host). when I take the test "what sign should you be" I get Gemini.... so I do know where you are coming from. lol hope to get to know you....

  • Hi There Eve, with your best bud, you might try taking him to a neutral location, like going out to eat. and calmly tell him that you would like to have a few more bondries in somethings, if you are not around his stuff or yours, he may see things diffrent. and see where he can be stepping on your toes a lil. just explain it like this, you try to respect him and his things and you would like it if he would respected yours a lil more. but say it in a way that shows him that your not mad at him just you would like the same respect that you show him. hope this helps!! πŸ˜‰ Zalin

  • Hello I am a pisces and I heard that pisces is in an astrological storm. Does anyone know what that is? Di

  •'re such a sweety for replying so kindly. What a good idea...I will keep that in mind and play it by ear. I find it's best to discuss things with him sort of "spontaneously." I will probably have to add some humor too. Ahhh, people, relationships! uhhhhh...always dancing so you get the point across without squishing their feelings.

    Thanks again! πŸ™‚

  • Hi, Just found this site & from what I've read I definitely relate to you all. 3/4/1959 Moon Capricorn

    I avoid confrontations, am very intuitive about people-but don't always listen when it comes to choosing men in my life, find decision making hard at times, am funny & most comfortable with people who like to laugh, and find tarot cards & spirit guides fascinating & useful.

    glad to be among you

    Eileen πŸ˜‰

  • I'm a Pisces, March 13th, 1970. I'm also a Dog in the Chinese horoscope and my personality type it an INFJ personality in the Myers Briggs tests. It's funny to me how each one of these says I'm sensitive, feeling, intuitive, caring, loyal....three completely different "things" and yet the description of each is so close, and sooo ME. I wonder if I ever even had a chance to be anything else.

  • OK! you pisces people..I'm a true taurus my wife is a pisces.I'm in Iraq for 9 months,wife wants me to stay for 2 years here(good money).Why dose she not like to send me stuff here?Never gose out of here way for me.But as far as I know we are going to live a long life side by side.If I dont get shot!!So why the risk of my life for money?Dont seem right.Im very easy going,she runs around like the world is going to end.But the thing is dose a Pisces see the risk or do they look at the gain?wife Bd 22 feb 83 im 16 may 77.

  • TrueTaurus, I'm not sure...she doesn't sound like a typical Pisces to me...or at least not like I am anyway. I like my loved ones safe, secure and close to me, like a mother hen ... if anything I may inadvertantly hold them back sometimes because I like them close to me. Money means little to me and while I do know that we all need it, I don't think that money solves any of our problems or makes us happy just by having it. I'd take love over money any day.

    I think that weather she's Pisces or not and weather it's a Pisces trait or not that you need to take a good hard look at what's going on. You're the one putting your life in danger, not her. Don't stay because somebody else wants you to, it's not worth losing your life over. Just my opinion.

  • TrueTaurus, I agree with Piscesgal70. The most important things to me are love, safety & security. I'm known to be overprotective of loved ones. To me, a job provides money which is a means to the rest of my life but personal happiness comes first. Time with loved ones is precious money can't replace it. Look closely at your relationship & life goals. Life is short & your job tempts fate. Be safe & true to yourself everything else will fall into place as it is meant to be.

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