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  • I'm born on the 20th March, 1989 and i'm defintly not even a little bit Aries haha

    I have a Virgo moon sign, which constantly pulls me in 2 directions. I'm practically impractical...

    These just make me constantly worry about everyone around me haha

  • hi lori, i'm a psces too, my birth date is also 23 1950...i love who i am, and feel lucky being a fish sign..i used to beleive we were a very weak sign, but my lifes

    journey has. proved not so..alice

  • I am a Pisces born 3/11/1975. My sun, moon, and Jupiter are in Pisces and my rising sign is Cancer. Find a more emotional person, I dare you.

  • Wow Drejay,

    You probably do really struggle with your emotions! Do you have any air signs to help you detach? Or earth to help ground you? Sometimes doing things that are earthy can help us, like I am a gardener- I was drawn to that. Then I read where that can be a great way to be grounded. It would be cool if you could have interests that would provide balance for you. Anyway, I am sure I would like you and understand you.

  • Wow Drejay,

    You probably do really struggle with your emotions! Do you have any air signs to help you detach? Or earth to help ground you? Sometimes doing things that are earthy can help us, like I am a gardener- I was drawn to that. Then I read where that can be a great way to be grounded. It would be cool if you could have interests that would provide balance for you. Anyway, I am sure I would like you and understand you.

  • well I am a pices born March 7, 1950 l love music poertry I AM VERY SPIRITUAL AND INSIGHTFUL AMONG OTHER THINGS



  • Hey All,

    I'm not real big on the whole astrology thing, I do read my daily, and tend to agree with most of it , But I've been in a 6yr. relationship with a Taurus , man they can be so bullheaded and wrong I mean all the time , is that just there nature or what?????

    Well I was born on 03-11-69 I'm 40 now and just swimming with the current I dont see any reason to fight it , just go with the flo and 99% of every thing will work it self out just fine, just stay away from hooked worms lol

  • Hi lori i was born 3-7-50, and I was always shy i have gone through so many changes I love

    helping others. nice meeting you


  • Hey Moonlady76 here would love to talk to other fishes out there. talk about what's going on in there lives right now good or bad. Have any spirit story's I have a lot to tell.

    hope to hear from you.



  • My Birthday is 3/4/84 And I am also a Wood Rat. I find that being a Pisces, I can never find the right words to say exactly what I Mean / Feel..... I sometimes Hate being able to soak up peoples emotions/energy like a sponge. It's is Again Very Difficult to Find Me in the SEA of Everyone Else. In resent yrs I find myself Hiding from the world, because of all the Chaos.... It's nice at times, but having that undying Pisces urge to help people sometimes (lol most) brings about the ones that like to hurt..... And in having an Aries Moon I am always at odds with who I am and my Believes.... OH ya side thought March 4th is the Original Euro Mother's Day called Morthering Day!!! I tend to be the Typical Pisces from what I read Grin My Best-Friend is a Scorpio , O How I Love Them , but Some not all you must watch with SHARP Pointy Objects LOL.... And I know the Puppies we have in the Water Bearers.... They find us Utterly Bewildering. And thats hard for them to do. LOL My Brother is one. And I also know the Taboo of being w/ a Twin. Was not so sucessly Married to one, He was alas a Horse as well.... (not so much loling anymore) And I have been w/ a Virgo/Cancer for over 6yrs now, and Bless Him he Drives me Krazy.... Doesn't let a lick out, but Oh My does he feed me that Cancer, and now I see in reading here that it is better to just let them come to you.... when They have that Energy WE so Desperatly Crave They come to US w/ Open Hearts.... And busy myself to keep myself busy until then.Grin And Our lil Girl is also a Fishy Just like I, she was due on my b-day but desided to be her on Fishy.... 3/10/08 Also is an Earth Rat, And also has a Moon in Aries. Also born on Hypatia's Day and Boy is she Smart. ( The book I use for holidays on ur b-day is The GrandMother of Time by Zsuzsanna E. Budapest so sorry guys only for women) She is a Hoot to yells at us when we yell, I guess shes sayin Hey, Its Not That Bad.... But at times I see my insercuritys hytent in her. Like OUR Fear of Being Alone. She Hates it when I leave the room. So I am here to try and discover more about me from the SEA of everyone else, And to hopefully makes some new Forever Friendships. Anyone that is a Fishy w/ some insight into raising another Fishy child will be GREATY Reseved. And Other Then That I LOVE TO TALK.

  • This post is deleted!

  • be gentle. this is my first time. i just found this forum.

    question: how do i just post rather than reply to a msg? don't see a button for that.

    i'm a female pisces Mar 8, 1939, scorpio moon, libra rising and am everything you've all said about me! ha ha. i seem to notice there are lots of you with capricorn influence. interesting. i have lots of cancer friends especially lately. have had a few really close virgo friends and was married to a virgo and to a pisces with virgo moon. emphasis on WAS. my first daughter was born at the exact degree of the recent eclipse at 29 deg cancer and it was on my pluto in the 10th or cusp of 11th. am still waiting to see what it will bring.

  • I have a double whammy of the sun and Mercury in Pisces with Scorpio rising and moon in Gemini. Although I have a hard time being in a crowd, most times successfully shut out the psychic noise in groups. I do live in the country so I am not so bombarded. I constantly see spirits and other unexplainable things and have to constantly keep myself grounded as I tend towards floating out there. Drinking water seems to be the best way to bring me back down to earth; imagine that!

  • i'm also a pisces with scorpio moon at 2 degrees and have a scorpio daughter. she has 5 planets in scorpio opposed by saturn in taurus in the 7th house. she brags that she's a B and proud of it! i have to agree. my doctor is a scorpio and i dearly love him. everyone in town loves him. i've always been attracted to scorpio and aries men but not for marriage. i married a pisces with virgo moon and a virgo but not for long term! i've had several really good virgo friends and have numerous cancer friends now. aquarius is the sign i don't run into much and can't even describe what they're like. interesting.

  • Hello, My Bday is Feb 23. "61". I like a variety of things, my favorite pass time is dancing, I dance the way I feel when the music raps around my soul. I also enjoy most music, crafts, theatre, movies, horseback riding, camping, bowling which I'm terrible at, drawing, writing when the mood strikes, etc. I'm spiritual not religious. I'm intuitive, sometimes I know something is going to happen before it dose. Sometimes it a bit scary. I don't like knowing some things. But I do like being able for the most part to read people when I meet them. I like to people watch when I go out sometimes. It is very interesting.

  • Hi, in answer to your p.s., Yes I tend to have the worst of luck at very weird not so good times. It gets a bit frustrating. I'm part Irish, I wonder if my Irish luck will ever kick in sometimes. On the other hand when the good times peak through the clouds and decide to shine on me, I couldn't be happier. I guess it all balances out somewhere along the line. Oh, and I know what you mean about reading and wondering why a story line takes a certain direction. It can be irritating but I do love to read anyway. LOL.


  • hey my birthday is the 21st of february 🙂

    i'm a Pisces, and proud of it.

    I would say i was a very spiritual, compassionate and kind person. I really only think of others before myself, like giving everyone the bigger portions and leaving nothing for myself haha

    I can't not help people, i have been on forums on different sites, giving advice to people all over the world and i wanna be a psychologist when i'm older.

    Although i must say (judging by others and my own experience), pisces can tend to be easily impatient and bored. It seems theres more to find, explore and learn than just whats in that fish bowl 🙂 so true, i have done nothing but look after my sblings as my mum works and i haven't been out of the house in like a month 😕 its just bottling up so much stress for me 😕

    also pisces are very picky when it comes to friends even though they are the most flexible of the star signs 🙂 we tend to evaluate people and come up with a conclusion on whether you would be-friend them or not .


  • Hi sorry about last post to in to the moment i guess, i am looking in to my astrology more and i had said my moon was in aries and i have always looked at it like that. but it is only 01 degree and which is the same as my lil fishy .... i guess what im asking is .... is it really aries or is it pisces with oh so lil (01) aries? can anyone help me plz......

  • oh and as well my first post was my first post ever on a forum, so this makes my 3rd thnx lol

  • yea i agree, i get bored very easily, and im picky, i have a tendency to randomly ask ppl when are their birthdays, helps me get the general overview of them, alot of my friends are either Capricorn or Taurus, my mother being a Capricorn and my dad a Taurus and my sister a Pisces...very interesting household i must say lol(Pisces myself). for some reason i cant find Scorpio females for some reason, im really attracted to them, im also attracted to capricorns, but all the female capricorns i know besides my mom are kinda rude and self-centered and bossy, where as the Leo females arent which is what i wouldnt expect, its very confusing...

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