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  • Thanks Neptune I'll give it a try, I've learned numerology, why not astrology.

  • Hi SFP!!!! It's me, Score... Well, y not???!! "aroundthedinnertable". U can visit if u like, I can tell ur a pie pie true blue, and I trust u fishies!! Oh it's so so timely of u to give me a " Biiiiiigggg Huuuuuggggg reminder"!!!! My dear daughter needs this, tho being 15 she can be " ewwww, don't touch me!" at times...she likes the warmth despite it all!

    Were u confused @ what I was saying in respect to the newest reply at first or last in a forum? Now I'm confused but it's ok-I feel like confused is normal for me right now!!! 🙂

    C U Later, SFP...Lisa Mom to pie pie!

  • Hi All!

    To Xenia22, ILOVEFISH Moosic and Lightworker...thanks for feedback! And i say again: Pisces have great gifts, embrace them, work with them and love yourself for them. We have plenty of weak sides to our personalities too, but dont endulge them or let others. Its hard sometimes as we all make mistakes and we are all a work in progress...but this site is great for reminding all Fish that we are unique and wonderful (without an ego)...its a real boost when we are having a "beat ourselves up" moment, or dragged down by someones bad energy!

    God we can cry buckets cant we? lose direction and get confused and can swing from high to low in a second! But swim up always (you know what works for you) and flash that genuine warm and cheerful smile and know your strength is in your faith in yourself...and feeling everything for real. Magnetism? bet we have!! xx

  • All true,true, true and thank you thank you fishmagnet.

  • FishMagnetism: I hope you continue to write on this forum, you have a wonderful way of making me feel very good about myself. It is so great to read words from someone that understands so completely the complexities of Life as a Pisces but as I've stated before I feel so blessed to be born under this sign, not only my sun but my moon, and it's very enlightening to read that you are so very close to my own thoughts and feelings.

    Peace and Blessing to you.

  • Hi, Almondjoy I... like you was born on 2-25-51 too, you hit the hammer on the nail we could be twins.

    Do you Astro-Project? Let me hear from you, if it's okay with you.



  • Hi ILOVEFISH...You need to get some space first and foremost! You cannot be everything to everyone without losing yourself and losing your way. Draw some boundaries and put yourself and your needs first. Hard for Fish, but you have to. By spending some time re-chaging/alone (walking/reading/yoga/meditating or just singing along through a day of your choice) the answers will come to your next step forward and the way will start to present itself little by little. Trust your flashes of insight, your imagination and the way your daydreams are leading you. You will also have the energy then to take action, not drained but throwing out your energies to all in need. Time for you can go back to all who love and need your big heart and compassion later!

  • To ILOVEFISH...i will keep writing! All of you inspire me to remember all that is great in us. ( i get down days too!) We Fish "heal" others whether through words, verse, laughter, touch, smile or love....and i love talking to others who get it! Maybe a healing profession for you?...there are many forms and we Fish get as much out as we put in because it comes from a genuine place...its our nature! Wishing you well and lots of Fishey positive vibes to you !

  • Hi FishMagnetism, Thank you for replying and your wise words. I'm feeling a lot of positive energy from your writings. You're right, I need to take some time for myself, and not allow myself to feel guilty about doing it either. I believe you are correct too with me going in the direction of a healing profession, I'm to the place in my life where I need to do something more humanitarian to feel that I am contributing to mankind in some aspect. Fish Magnetism, I guess I needed your positive vibes to clear my waters. Thank you again.

    I've been enjoying this forum for a couple months now, very inspiring in many ways with all the insights of my fellow Pisces Peers.

    Blessings to you all.

  • it is very hard to be a fish i myself seem to understand animals and children they love me as for adults they look mislead or confused and drained to be around me, i see more and feel more,i think they realize i can read them so they guard them selfs.if they want to talk to me i say what i see, or hit the head of the nail ,i have had people call me a witch i love mytically things,and fairies,mermaids,(i do not tell normal ha ha people that i have an openness to me and yes it is hard to be a fish,i love myself,and my oddities,my main heartach is migrains, can someone tell me how to protect,my sences,shelby r.

  • Hi magefarris,

    No, I dont know what Astro-Project is, tell me about it. Have Good Day, I work evenings get home 11pm. I love to hear back fom you.

  • I am the proud mom of 3 pisces children 3years,3 days with in 3 hrs of each other unplanned of course .Io3-13-74 2:57 pm, 03-16-7712:22 pm ,03-14-80 3:09 pm 3 is my lucky number lol. feel very blessed but confused sometimes over their ways of looking at each other they are so matter of fact . lol if ya did something wrong well they say hey ya did it ... no excuses like other people offer.. honest,loving good children

  • Hey 333!!!

    yah, I'm Mom to a Pisces daughter-you nailed it! Very matter of fact. Really good, honest child...

    I also have a Cappy son and a Sag son-they're very "typical" of their signs...but those Pisces!!! My Goodness, what a sign. I am really appreciating these folks more and more...what sign are you? Did you say? I'm a Scorpio. Keep posting! Us Moms need each other!!!

    Take Good Care--


  • Hi Piccolina,

    I am also a snake, born 2-26-53. Anything in particular you wanted to talk about?

  • hello pisces n friends ,we dont and never will have egos, what we have are escapes into other situations,cause theres always something else happening that we can slide into ,and getout of any bad vibes,and slip into something more comfy yes,yes,yes sfp,pisces,aquarius,leo ,feb 2-21 pisces r da tops

  • Hey SFP!!!!

    I am totally mystified...and now u have ME confused!! :-)???!

    But us Scorps love a mystery!

    Are u being a slippery little fishie???!!!!


  • Hiya, I am pisces-sag-sag in the year of the Boar

    I love all music, my collection is ecclectic

    I wrote poetry when I was late teenage - early tween - wierd thing was it just fell out of me, I could just write something that took minutes and it was fully formed

    I like gadgets but always want the best

    I finish people's sentences for them as I want them to get to the next bit quicker

    I know when someone is looking at me however far away they are, it used to be a competition at school to see if anyone could catch me out - I always new and turned to look who-ever it was directly in the eye.

    The sag part might make over opinionated but I alway end up taking over or leading through someone else coming to me for answers

    I love the esoteric and unexplained but have my own explainations for the unknow that seem quite straight forward to me.

    I like that everyone things I am eccentric

    I have always been dreamy and my nickname at school was enigma

    When I listen to my inner voice I am naturally lucky, when I don't things rear up and bite me.

    I LOVE being a unique human being that is natually existing on a number of plains at once.

    I LOVE being pisces even when in a mood, sulky and downright unsure as it does not last too long and hardly anyone knows - unless you know me well or are another pisces

  • Piscespiggy,

    My daughter is 3/4/1994. She's very sonding like you ( and many/most on here)!!!!

    A true deep beauty... who is strong, yet so fragile and eccentric! What a poetess, and when her muse comes around-world watch out!

    She's also very fast and efficient...while very "chill". A natural horsewoman (15 yrs old), math whizz and brilliant all around.

    I'm a Scorpio and it takes a lot to impress me or mysify me, but Pisces does!!!!


  • I am a proud Piscean, the last few weeks I have learnt so much about what I really am and this is what I know what a Piscean is ....a survivor, even when the odds are against us we are able to swim the storm and make it to safer waters...OOOh yeah there are sharks and barracudas out there too. ...and being a trusting piscean we get our fins and tails bit and we get thrown around (especially in love), but at the end of the day we are able to see the better side to everything and we make things better for us and for them.

    It is funny, but I think Pisceans can never have enemies or hate anyone and I am so glad that I am a Piscean

  • hello my pisceans family n scropios ,i jus wanna say heeeellllooo pisces world , an its time 4 me to come back n wish each n all a good glorious time , n i think its tiiiimme to go 4 awhile,lets stay n touch here pisces,aquarius,leo......stay cool n safe sfp ur piscean bro

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