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  • wow.. amazeing, an here this whole time i thought i was unique, im still getting used to how this forum reply thing works so that post right above this was intened to go to a specific user, crazy that i can tell when an who my gurlfren is cheatin on me with from inside a juvy cell but have a hard time with my computer sometimes : ) but im fairly new to all this my bday is 3/5/91 an i would like to hear from anyone with some insight on this spiritual psychic thing. or has had the kind of mindblowing experience ive had. ohh an if it helps my risein sign is pisces (obviously) my moon is Scorpio and my risein is Cancer.

  • You have some psychic ability, don't you? I know a guy who is a Pisces, Scorpiomoon, Cancer rising and he is an excellent psychic and palm reader. I would love to know what you have in the rest of your chart but I am not surprised that you knew who your gf was cheating with etc. Do you know your time of birth?

  • March 18th!!!!!!!! I know alot of people with this birth date, Queen Latifah being one of them...she is totally not a pin up gurl, but america seems to love her, typical of a piscean women...

    I love poetry and music...of course,and though I am a strong Christian, I am very confused as to why all Pisces are alike if this is not the truth! i dated a pisces man for two years, man...a total rollecoaster of emotions and craziness, but I am head over heels in love with this man...and dont see myself ever connecting with someone else like this ever again. I have to try harder than others to stay on track, I'd rather just have fun. I love being around people, talking and laughing, making jokes is my favorite thing to do! MUSIC takes me to another land, i often times always imagine a story with ever song i listen too, its never just about the song, but I connect the song with a real story or a make believe story, is that wierd? I guess not, i am often times considered a border line pisces since my b-day is so close to aries, but nope, i am a full fledge fish all the way...mother like and caring and at the disposal of being 'used' and abused.....well...that is all i have to add for now....Love, Peace, and Pisces!

  • ya i do, heres evrythin

    march 5 1991

    saltlake city utah

    and my birth cirtificate says 2:00pm

    when was your friend born?

    id really like to speak with him 🙂 and yes i have some abilities im just coming to terms with, if you want to you should read the 2 topics i created "some of my gifts?" and "i need someone to help me understand more (psychic)"

  • Pisces/Scorpio rising here. March 6, 1957. Have had two husbands, both Gemini. Dated a Scorpio and we had a beautiful, sensual relationship but he was not over his ex wife. Dating a Virgo now..we seen to get along well. My children are Gemini (son, deceased), Pisces, Virgo and youngest is Gemini. Guides told astrologer I would meet someone I have a contract with in 2011 who will ground me. Very intuitive, but a little afraid to fall in love, been burned and am a little protective....any advice or comments would be appreciated.

  • As Pisces' does anyone else sence the change of month and feel different eas the sun moon and other signs change?

  • I'm a triple water sign - Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio. I like to wander the earth and I do. Have been wandering since 1980, first in the US, then out. Still wandering. I work along the way, of course, chose work that allows living in foreign countries, where I immediately establish a comfortable home. I can't reconcile myself to myself if you know what I mean. I'm a homebody who likes to wander!


    My set up is as follows :

    Sun in Pisces, Moon in Capricorn • Ascendant in Scorpio, Mars in the Seventh House • Moon in the Third House • Sun in the Fourth House • Venus in the Sixth House • Saturn in the Seventh House

    Another chart says:

    Rising Sign is in 12 Degrees Scorpio

    Sun is in 20 Degrees Pisces.

    Moon is in 20 Degrees Capricorn.

    Mercury is in 08 Degrees Aries.

    Venus is in 04 Degrees Taurus.

    Mars is in 19 Degrees Taurus.

    Jupiter is in 05 Degrees Capricorn.

    Saturn is in 01 Degrees Gemini.

    Uranus is in 17 Degrees Libra.

    Neptune is in 05 Degrees Sagittarius.

    Pluto is in 00 Degrees Libra.

    N. Node is in 04 Degrees Aquarius.

    A 3rd shows:

    Bente Millek Sex F

    Sønderborg 0 Denmark 10/03/1972 23:20 - Julian day 2441387.43

    Adjust -1.00 ST 10.14 Lat 54.55 Long -9.47

    Zodiac in degrees 0.00 Placidus Orb:0

    Sun Pisces 20.27 Ascendant Scorpio 12.30

    Moon Capricorn 20.58 II Sagittarius 11.41

    Mercury Aries 8.08 III Capricorn 20.20

    Venus Taurus 4.16 IV Pisces 1.26

    Mars Taurus 19.21 V Aries 3.08

    Jupiter Capricorn 5.18 VI Aries 25.49

    Saturn Gemini 1.00 VII Taurus 12.30

    Uranus Libra 17.21 R VIII Gemini 11.41

    Neptune Sagittarius 5.15 R IX Cancer 20.20

    Pluto Libra 0.59 R Midheaven Virgo 1.26

    Lilith Scorpio 1.46 XI Libra 3.08

    Asc node Aquarius 4.27 XII Libra 25.49

    I can go on loL

    sO lemmi know what ya get.

  • Wow I've been a member of this site for years and just now found this forum. Pisces/Pisces/Scorpio - Mar 9 a long time ago. Like the rest of you I lived many lives in this one. Teacher, Healer, Psychic, Wanderer, always catching the latest trend before it is one and wondering why it took others 2-5 years to catch up. (Just dancing to the beat of a different drummer!) At this stage in my life, I am trying to simplify. Funny enough, I prefer being alone to being in a 'school'.

  • My B-day Is March 15 1979

  • I to am March 18,1972 though reading about you is a repeat of

  • Deborahlee333: Hello, I'm Pisces, Pisces, Sag, Birthday is March 9, 1959 and my name is Debra. I feel a lot of similarities between the two of us. Curious to know more about you. I love to be alone but my life is filled with many, many people and they just keep coming.

    Linquist: In just your brief statement, I find you totally fascinating. I love travel, have traveled to many countries but never alone. My dream is to take off for one year of my life and travel, but I'd be too frigtened to do it alone. I would love to know more about you and your travels, your ideas, your thoughts. I hope you post more.

  • Hi SFP-pie pie!

    Thx sooooooo much for your 2 replies, which I just saw! Haven't checked in lately... And u r very truly right @ being gentle, not getting mad with her...and u know, she and I do not ever really get angry wth each other! We both r the type that find angry scenes almost intolerable! So that's good. I've got to say- Pisces r just so strong. She's doing incredibly well in her recovery, really amazing...I am so so proud of her. Thank You again SFP! U helped me so much, being a pie pie I KNOW u know!!! 🙂

    lisa Scorpio Mom Score

  • Hi Lori, I am an older Pisces than you, born 3rd March 1952 (57!!!!|), but am also interested in all the -ologies (not so much music which I like but cannot hear to well, as a bit deaf...) including sociology, psychology, astrology, numerology, etc. I used to live in Zimbabwe, in southern Africa but now live in Gloucestershire England, as the economy collapsed in Zim. Anyway, it would be good to chat with you Lori, as we have a lot in common...

  • Hi Nev, I agree Natal Mars is very important, mine is in Scorpio - which is strong, and too much so sometimes - being in the 10th house. But the natal moon placement is also v nb as is rising sign - my moon is in Gemini (help! that makes 2 fish+twins=quadraphenic!!!) and Ascendent is Capricorn - the only earth I have in my otherwise air and water chart! Where is your moon and what is your rising sign?

  • Hey Pravad, unfortunately one of the weaknesses of we Pisceans is procrastination - but then as you say once you get your teeth stuck in, well we tend to be a bit shark like, hey? I am also into murder stuff (mars in Scorpio) and like you am a Dragon (a water one thank goodness, which softens things a little). Dragons often prefer the single state - which I think I do, but am in a relationship which I find very difficult.

    Someone else said that Pisces does not like to be alone, that is not true - I like solitude sometimes and sometimes I like company, but when I choose it.

    Like Lori and I am sure many other Pisces, I am more spiritual than religious.

  • Might be an idea to have the latest postings on top - on the first page

    I have just joined and was replying to postings of over 2 years ago - only just noticed - silly me...

  • (The ex girlfriend is a taurus)

    Hey, I know this is old but Im just getting around to it. Is the mother a Libra? I'm a Leo myself and this exact situation still goes on with my mother and my ex-girlfriend taurus. Taurus are very loving, affectionate and good providers. They get very close through there giving, and they generally give nice things. Most mothers want their son's to be well cared for and this is the image that taurus give. Plus, they are very loyal and real people just stubborn as hex!!! I love myself some Gemini, once was engaged with one and just before the wedding date we or should I say she broke it off, but we are still really good friend and I have an attraction to her that I don't play on or let her know about it. My wife is a Pisces and she has met my Gemini.

  • Hey Souldier91:

    My friend says for you to give me some questions that you want to ask him and he will give me his answers to tell you, ok? Only on here for a minute, will answer more later.

  • hiyall pisces n friends this is san francisco pisces this is 4 suebaloo omg i agree wit our traits and cant change no matter what ur so right this fish enjoys being a loner but not always and also this is 4 score ....your most very verrrrry welcome and u 2 take care like i said scorps r tops in my book

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