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  • BaddyBa;

    Loving too much? Feel too much? To me that is the ultimate blessing we all share, it's higher than anything else, it comes with great responsibility too because we do affect others so make sure it's in a positive manner. Some great scriptures on love...."Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things"...1 Corinthians 13:7 also, "Now abide faith, hope, love, these three;but the greatest of these is Love." 1 Corinthians 13:13

    You are blessed, it's not a burden but a privledge, glorify in that and you will be happier. I too use to think my emotions were a burden but I've learned emotions make me real, make me compassionate, make me kind, make me understand. I was given this blessing and I want to share it too.

  • Hi...My birthday is Feb...28 I love poetry and dancing....laughing and being happy...I tend to make a fantasy life until the one that I have is what i desire....sometimes I hate that....I can't deal with sadness...I love people bu than I can be a loner....i forgive easily but if misused the trust is never to same....get so involve with things can forget about myself...working on taker...working on helping self more.....finding self loving self

  • i agree but I've started writing poetry...and I love that about myself...I have been working on not caring so much what people think of me....that hinders my growth....also i'm working on me....understanding what truly makes me happy...we are the kind of people that will be happy if the people around us are happy....alone time to think allows for self to shine through....I would help everyone and discovered that I had no one to help me....i had to take some of my time back for me.....lovin me

  • MY!MY!MY! We Pisces are definatley a breed of our own now aren't we? With a Pisces Sun, Aquarius rising and a Capricorn Moon, what more can I say? I just earned the age of 56 (March 10, 1953). I could go on about my life, but everyone has hit a "point" one way or another already. So all I will say is.....Life with a Scorpio (10 years younger) and the attitude of:

    "Anticipation withOUT expectations creates a great sensation"

  • Hi, Lori my name is marge farrish, I'm a Pisces too! I was born 2/25/51 and a true Pisces. I like and do most of the things you mentioned and still learning more. I'm originally from Pittsburgh, PA.

    I'm finding my purpose in life is a caregiver. I have been traveling helping family members that are in need of care. I make beautiful jewelry of stones for comforting the mind, body and soul. I like my sign because it allows me to be predictable and sometimes unpredictable at the same time. If you get a chance holla back, we have some things in common.

  • Hi Journey,

    I feel the same way, I'm a lone a lot because I pick up peoples vibes real easily. It's hard to be feeling good one minute and be sad the next,because you have stepped in a room where there's doom. I try keeping myself in an uplifting atmosphere which is home. I write Poetry, and make beautiful jewelry to keep myself grounded. I have grandchildren that helps also. It's always nice to see and hear how other Pisces live.

  • Hi, Pravada my name is marge, BD 2/25/51, I have 2 brothers that are Scorpios and we get along,now on the other hand, I have a mother, cousin, best friend that are Cancers. All was really good at first, now like the domino effect they have all fallen short of my graces and have become so negative I don't care to be around either of them.

  • Hi WhiteMilk, my name is Marge 02/25/51, I didn't know what you call it when you walk in a room you can feel so overwhelmed by something that makes me want to leave, and wind up doing so if it's too overwhelming. I walked in a Casino and walked right back out because of that feeling thanks for the input.

  • Yeah, my daughter's a Pisces and every Piscean on here sounds like her! Both genders, all ages etc!!!! Atleast I'm a Scorpio Mom! Love you fish things!!!!

    Lisa Scorpion, friend to Pisceans

  • hello my piscis people im sfp born feb 21 and love my sign i can really relate to all fish and thx to u all i can finally be with folks like me and i still have my head in the clouds until i have to come down to take care of biz so long 4 now

  • Hey sanfrancisopiscis haha me and you have the same birthdays, and yeah its good that there are more pisceans getting together because I have yet to find another pisces to be able to relate to . . . .which is kind of frustrating since I always have people buggin me when i daze off haha. They always think I'm depressed or something as the such

  • hi everybody,i'm a pisces and in love with a taurus.

    what do u guys think?

  • my birth date is march 20, 1989

  • we share the same birthday 20/03/1989.

  • Hello ^_^ ! I'm a noob around these parts. I am a Pisces (March 18th). I think it would be fun to discuss the wonderfully complicated life of a Pisces. I hope all of my fellow fishes are doing well and not wallowing in sorrow (as we are known to do).


  • hi earthly taurus,im a pisces in love with a taurus.

    sometimes i am correct about what others r thinking.

    eg. its like when im around my boyfriend i can sense what he is thinking just by the way he acts and his display of emotions.

  • Hi Lori, Notonly are you Pisces But your also a MOON child. ME TOO I was born March 5th 1975 I am 34. If you are born before March 10th things get even more interesting!!! I am Married and most of my family is in Northern IL along with myself. Family is important to me. MY husband is a LEO not sure how we ened up together? Everything I read says we are WRONG for each other. We have a great marraige and a beutiful 3yr old!

  • My birthday is March 6, Pisces, Rooster Scorpio rising. Why are things more interesting if you are born before March 10?

  • hi i am a pisces too my b-day is march 5th 1967

  • a tarus the worst kind my husband is tarus and i fine it hard to get along with him.

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