Confused about my bf.. any help please?

  • Hi, me and my bf got back together recently. I broke up with him last month... It's been nice. We started to date last Dec. ups and downs. I know he's sincere in his feelings for me.. There is one thing bothering me a lot - it has been 6 months, why hasnt he introduced me to his family yet? Does he think its still too early? Or does he have fear that I might not what his family/mom want? Do you see when I get to meet them officially? Any thought please? Thanks!

  • You believe he's sincere, yet you doubt him? Has he kept you away from his family? Like whenever his mom calls he makes sure you're out of sight?

    Doesn't sound so good if he doesn't want you to meet his family...

  • I don't have doubt in his feelings for me. He's much older than me. I don't speak his mother tongue, so when he's on the phone with his mother, I don't understand what they r talking about... Most of the time. I think part of his concern is our age difference...

    Any insight anyone please?

  • Obviously you do, sweetheart. You wouldn't be here asking these questions if you didn't have doubts about what he feels for you.

  • i get your point. and i understand why you would say that. its true. but my point is not talking about how he feels about me! i wanna know why it takes forever for him to introduce me to his family. thats it. there might be some part of him that i dont know about , like his past relationships. honestly, i dont wanna bother knowing too much about his dating history. but it might be related to my question about meeting his family... or related to his culture?

  • Hi [Hll] Relationship are not easy but you need to try to build communication and trust inn your relationship, The best is to speak to man you are dating about those thing so you know what is happening as sometimes when we gets too many advice from other people about our mates it actually can make things worst .

    Other can advice but they are not him to tell you whats in his mind and heart.

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