Captain info on symbols

  • Do you know where or who can advise me on symbols I see. How to develop or understand better. Specifically, owls. I tend to see them before a passing. It's quite overwhelming at times. Sometimes it's an indication of ones already departed.

  • Look to legends and old wive's tale. Or under superstitions. You will find many there. For instance the owl means that there will be a death. And I do know that there are many more. Some may even vary a bit according to the area that they may have originated from. Sometimes it will mean a different thing in one place and something else somewhere else.

    There are also different signs in various religions as well. From the Catholics to the Mormons or the Celtic to the Wicca, you will find they also have certain "symbols" for a variety of things to be. Oh, asnd don't forget what the Native Americans beliefs were as well.

    I am sure that if you look closely you will see a bit of a pattern in a lot of these "signs". There are way to many simalarities for these to be all "hogwash". And you will also discover that most of these also believe that what ever you do, "DO NO HARM". And that you must give back for what you take.

    I hope that this does help you understand about signs a bit. Research what they may mean in your area before you accept what it means to someone across the continent.

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