Hanswolfgang-I wondered if You could do a reading for me?

  • Dear Hans,

    If you have time to look and see if I have the chance to move in a few months.

    Of course in these time money has such a big factor.

    I feel its possible,but I have never been in such wonder.

    If you have the time I really appreciate your time and answer.

    DOB....7-10-1953-N.N Va. 628pm


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  • Thank you Kathy,

    when your body is relaxing, you have to feel it. You have to

    keep feeling your body and relaxing it. Slowly you will

    feel that you have lost your hold over the body -- then

    if the body begins to fall, let it fall; don't hold it.

    If it falls forward, let it fall; if it falls

    backwards, let it fall. From your side, don't maintain

    any hold on the body. Let your hold over the body go.

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  • Do you have an idea about this? You just seem to be in harmony with the world by now (at chance) and this seems very frightening to you.

    So if you feel to answer I would love to see your thoughts on this matter: take the money and go.

    It happened: a young man, recently married, was going

    on his honeymoon. He was a samurai, a Japanese warrior.

    They were going on a boat to an island when suddenly a

    storm came. The boat was small and the storm was

    tremendously terrible, so there was every possibility

    that they would be drowned.

    The wife became very much afraid. She started

    trembling. She looked at the samurai, her husband, but

    he was sitting silently. It was as if nothing was

    happening. And they were in the throes of death! At any

    moment the boat would go under water.

    The woman said, "What are you doing? Why are you

    sitting like a statue?"

    The samurai pulled his sword out of its sheath -- the

    wife could not believe it: what was he doing? -- and he

    put his naked sword right near the throat of the wife.

    She started laughing, and he said, "Why are you

    laughing? The sword is so near your throat -- just a

    little move and your head will go."

    The wife said, "But it is in your hands, so there is

    no problem. The sword is dangerous, but it is in your


    The samurai put his sword back and said, "The storm

    is in my God's hands. The storm is dangerous, but it is

    in the hands of somebody whom I love and who loves me.

    That's why I am unafraid."

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  • Kathy,

    as far as objective reality is concerned, modern science agrees more with Buddha than with anybody else. Hence Buddha has a great future, because science will come closer and closer to Buddha every day. Science is going to speak in the same language as Buddha. Science says there is energy but no matter. That’s what Buddha is saying about the inner world: There is energy, movement, processes, but no entity, no ego.

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