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  • I take care of my mother who has had Dementia type symptoms for years ( feeling people are spying on her stealing her things etc) If I told you how many times we moved when I was a kid well it is embarrassing

    Fast forward I met a man we have been engaged two years he lives in another state and we are trying to get together in one home and have a life together. We are very committed. I love my MOm do not want to leave her he in fact has his Mom stay with him. I want to leave the state I am in but worry about the ability to get a job..

    Anyone see anything going on here.??I start to lose hope sometimes. I think I wished too hard for a perfect partner and forgot to ask that he please live where I live.

    I feel so stuck and I am surprised how much my MOm isn't happy for me. She wants it just me and her forever.. I feel stuck I need some hope...

  • hunted lady

    You will be able to live your life with a partner with love many challanges can be sloved. Your Mom is being selfish and you need to think about placing her in a nursing home along with his mother where you two could go and visit them, yet have a life of your own in which you are entitled to/ You may think you will not be able to afford this but you will as I feel that spirit will help you make the move and get a good job to boot,

    I see a bld your going into it is a one level bld in concern to your Mother and I feel she will like it there and it will help her to release you and make room for others to become friends with.

    Job wise I feel that you will have a job soon as you do have good skills and a man will hire you and be a very good friend to you. he has an A in his first name. I feel water around you this means you will work or live by water in the near future.

    Have a good week,


  • You have no idea how much I appreciate your words than you very much and this matches things I have seen too -- I needed some confirmation== Thank you and blessings...

    I have no words for how much this has taken a burden from me !

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