Can anyone give me birthday present- and interpret this reading

  • TODAY (last week) is my birthday so I asked the tarot what will happened to S and I for the next months

    How you feel about yourself now:The High Priestess

    2. What you most want at this moment: Judgement

    3. Your fears: Temperance

    4. What is going for you:The Hermit

    5. What is going against you"The Hanged Man

    6. Outcome:The Chariot

    Thank you so much for your interpretation


  • The high priestess says that you are a strong woman & that you follow you intuitions.

    Judgment suggests that you want to be complete & you are almost there. You just have a few more lessons left to learn.

    Temperance says you fear that you can’t mix fire & water (maybe symbolizing you and S)

    The Hermit says that you need to & have the ability to reflect & analyze, again most likely about the situation between you & S

    The Hanged Man suggests that you need to look at the situation from another angle.

    The Chariot says you need to learn to "drive" your own life. Find your independence.

  • thank you so much

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