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  • I have had a difficult relationship with two female childhood friend over the years and wanted to share get some insight on her nature so I can stop trying to change/feel bad about things that are innate to her.

    She born May 6 1969 - North Carolina

    Second born December 25, 1969 MO

    I appreciate your help on this !

    Me born 3/16/1969

  • You and the Taurus woman: a melding of interests in music, dance, theatre, performance arts, design etc is usually prominent here. There is an aesthetic orientation between you but not an understanding because of your different approaches to life. Sometimes your passionate friend can be a bit too over-enthusiastic, noisy/busy, or even threatening for your milder nature. She can be frank and uncompromising, eschewing emotional sympathy at times, though it is essential to you. She can also be very independent and may not satisfy your need to be needed. But that is her way. Yes she may be insensitive to you at times but it is not meant - she has a good heart but doesn't understand how fragile you can be, since she is tougher emotionally and less aware. She would be horrified to know she has hurt you. If you can perhaps focus on your shared interests and cultural awareness, and accept that you have very different approaches and natures, then this relationship can go smoothly. You two can exert your influence perhaps on a social group that enjoys going out to clubs and concerts.

    You and the Capricorn woman: the two of you have a balanced strength together that can make things happen just by thinking about them. There should be no big surprises or disasters here and like your other friendship, this one can be extremely effective and creative in guiding the destiny of a particular group, either social, familial, or professional, simply by forming a clear picture of what is needed and miraculously realizing it. The two of you can call on each other in times of need and the relationship is usually a supportive one. Arguments should be rare but the relationship can be a bit too relaxed at times, lacking real connection or enthusiasm. Your friend can also be bossy, ambitious, or domineering, or take over a situation which may irk you. During good times, you might not see each other much, just meeting up for a pleasurable night out to check in with each other.

    I think you are hoping for a deep emotional connection here with your friends, Haunted_lady, but neither of them has the sensitivity and awareness of your water sign. They are earthy types, practical and pragmatic as opposed to your dreaminess and vulnerability. But you can merge your strengths. You can come up with the fantasy and they can manifest it in the real world. You can balance each other out as long as you don't expect more than they can give and you don't get too touchy about their lack of empathy for you.

  • Thanks for your insight 🙂 Most piscean woman I have known can seem fragile however when push comes to shove we are tough don't mess with us 🙂

    The Capricorn is a pathological liar and contacted me a few years back when her mother died. I did not reciprocate people coming to folks when they are in crisis well that is not friendship. I was dating a man who turned out to be gay and then she invented a story years later that her own husband was gay. She wanted sympathy and will get it at any expenses she is a very lost person. She and I have had horrific fights-- I am thinking she gave me the wrong birthday even!

    I do not want a connection out these folks but somehow they seem to want me in their lives always seeking me out on the internet -- feeling begin spied on is the downside of begin psychic . LIfe is best when I unplug! Thanks again for all your help.

  • You seem to feel angry at these people. Don't they deserve your compassion if they are so desperate for someone to listen to them?

  • Captain are you a person who takes in stray people? You seem to have good boundaries. If you let the world it will take every ounce from you-- Hitting 40 made me wake up to how much I wasted my life with people who will keep sucking you dry forever if you let them. When I ws a school teacher I gave a lot to my students and I felt it had a lasting effect someone who cared they remembered however adults are not like children -- they are looking for people to do the work they do not want to do in their own lives. We are breeding a culture of "look at me so I do not have to look inside at myself"

    Sometimes having compassion for a person's own true self first is the best gift we can give the world . Forgiving oneself for making mistake. I am a very kind person I see they are hurting however it is not up to me to live in the past forever and keep helping them feel better.

    One has to see one's patterns with taking in strays and remember that I did not choose these people they chose me. I want people I choose.

    Sadly when I forgive people they start to come back into my life....I keep getting reminders of them as well everywhere. Synchronicities can drive a person mad. I went to this Shamanic meeting with a well known Shamanic author and asked him to help e his response was someone who is very jealous of me put a spell on me. Well I believe that if you put your energy into a dark place dark things become real so I dont want to go there. It did made me look at how much jealousy I have had to contend with. People blocking my path. I am done with this. Yeah anger in women is seen as a bad thing and sometimes it can motivate you not to be a victim anymore.

    I know anger is my issue. BUt there are a lot of worse issues in life this one I want to own it and cherish it because it will prevent me from wasting more time with these same people. I love helping people however their drama is something I will not tolerate. LIfe is too short.

  • And for the record I have given out free readings to people my entire life. I did much of what you do here for a long time on the internet. I wish I could have those years back focusing on my health.

    I am open to what you are telling me and I thank you 🙂 I realize anger can cause health issues a little is good but to much is bad.

  • Anger and awareness are not the same thing. You sound like you are trying to justify your 'rage inside' instead of finding and healing its true source.

  • This is the Universal Spiritual Law of Attraction at work here. People and situations are mirrors of what is really going on inside us, often things we cannot admit to. So spirit send us clues in the form of difficult people and experiences. We cannot recognize in others what is not in ourselves first. So if you keep drawing these dishonest, angry people who want attention, then they are being pulled in by the 'like attracts like' vibe that you are giving off. Inside you are feeling angry, you are lying to yourself or others, and you want someone to listen to you. Once you resolve these issues, these women will no longer be drawn to your (formerly) similar vibes.

    Anger is good as an initial motivator to get us moving but, if we hang onto it, it becomes destructive to ourselves and those around us.

  • I want to thank you for your words


  • Namaste --mispelling! 🙂

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