5 Readings (please read all)

  • Greetings Tarot Friends 🙂

    I am going to be giving 5 readings to people this week. I am planning on getting them all done by Sunday. Please do not abuse this offer in the past I have offered to give people readings and have gotten a lot more requests than the number I said I was willing to give. I will give each person one reading no follow ups unless you are willing to wait until my next topic. However I will be willing to give you advice and clarification regarding original readings.

    Also any feedback is welcome and please let me know if what I have said has been helpful/unhelpful.

    I hope to hear from you soon.

  • Thank you so much for this offer . i would like to sit for a reading. i have been told that a bad opportunity is on its way to present itself in my near future and i should avoid it at all costs . i am wondering what kind of opportunity it would be that i should avoid ? would it be career related or my personal life ? any advice in this regard would be most welcome . thanks once again for this opportunity .

  • thank you so much for the generous offer,i too would like to take part in it...my love life feels a bit blocked now...can you give me a reading about what will happen in my love life in the future?

  • Hi Laura,

    May I have a reading on opportunities for love relationships? I have been focusing a lot on work... and trying to let go and achieve closure on a previous relationship. But recently, 'old feelings' have been stirring up again.

    Thanks for your help, in advance 🙂

  • hello.

    To those who have requested readings I have found that when you formulate a question the reading is much easier and more accurate. Also the answers have a tendency to be more specific.

  • ok,in that case my question would be-what changes and developments will happen in my love life in the near future?

  • sorry,sorry laura i didnt really want a reading....i posted that by accident

  • larajj90,i hope you dont mind if i use your question then because you put it so well-

    what changes and developments will happen in my love life in future?

  • Hi Laura,

    To frame my situation a little -

    The guy I dated is still my environment but we're letting things be, and I'm trying to allow myself to heal and to see possibilities beyond him. I have made many new friends/acquaintances in the last few months but no one I'm interested in, or vice versa. Just no spark, or opportunity. My job and colleagues have been occupying my mind alot - but today I remembered that I still do want to find a great relationship with someone.

    And hence, my specific question is will I meet a great guy and begin a happy and lasting love relationship with him soon?

  • Hello,

    I would like a general reading on my love relationship and future developments in my life.

    Thank you and many blessings

  • thanks Danceur hi arieslost would u like to formulate a question for me? I find the readings are more specific and accurate when it follows a question

  • Hello,

    My question is what is going on with the relationship with my boyfriend right now?

    Thank you and many blessings!

  • Hi Laura,

    I would like to know, Is there anything that I can do to get Mike to talk to me again?

  • HI Laura

    I'm not sure if this is 5 or 6 but will ask just in case. Will my house sell soon & will I move to the house on the pond?

    Thanks for your time & efforts on my behalf

    Blessed Be

  • hello hiighpriestess,

    your welcome. I will give you a 4 card reading using Ludy Lescot Tarot.

    What kind of opportunity is it that I should avoid?

    Card 1: 1, The Magician

    Joy through life experience and letting go. Loss of inhibition. Power and divine light from within. The Magician is able to use what is at hand to help him progress, however in this depiction a band of hungry looking women crouch primal-like behind him, as they plan to attack him violently or sexually. Although this magician is worshipped not all followers may be loyal. A conspiracy. Womanly cattiness and competition.

    Card 2: 11, Justice

    "Stand up for what you believe in, even if it means standing alone." A wrong situation put right. There could be a legal dispute which commands your involvement, however this may not be in your best interests. Avoidance is best. Two wolves lurk in the background while an eel which appears similar to a snake slithers towards the beautiful and distressed woman. Hidden enemies.

    Card 3: 9 of Wands

    Another wolf is present in this card. Again the woman is unaware of its presence. She signs a contract in blood. Think carefully before making anything official with paperwork. She rests against a tombstone.

    Card 4: Advice

    13, Death

    There is a situation which needs to be put to rest. Before moving on make sure of what you are moving towards. The woman holds up a crucifix as if for protection. A scroll of paper sits beside her. Be wary of the fine print.

    Story of the Cards:

    Whatever it is that you need to avoid I assume it is life changing considering the 3 out of 4 Major Arcana Cards present in this reading. There are hidden dangers you are unaware of & I mention this because of the suspicious women in The Magician Card, the 2 wolfs in Justice, the wolf in The 9 of Wands, the snake-like eel in Justice and the grim reaper in Death which leads a group of people to their doom. Legal contracts should be avoided, read the fine print, and then read it again. The 9 of Wands features a piece of paper signed in blood and Death also features a piece of paper, in this instance something official. The Justice card leads me to believe this contract is related to a legal dispute or something binding, like a lease or will.

  • Hi Laura

    I am not dealing with any kind of paperwork at the moment. There is no will or contract or lease I need to take care of. Infact I am unemployed and not even working so official paperwork is out of question. I wonder what it could be that would prove disastrous / life changing if pursued by me ? Even if I get an opportunity to work in future ( as I am searching for a job) how will I know that what I need to avoid ? I Am confused and don't know how to relate this reading to my situation. Will/ lease/ official documents is something that is absent in my life . Honestly speaking I am totally confused what it could be ..... Could you help me more in this regArd please ..?? I hope I am not bothering you with my request ?! If I Am please feel free to skip my request . I am thankful to you for reading for me already.

    Love and blessings


  • hello hiighpriestess

    Honestly I am not sure then if it does not regard legal matters/paperwork. I do not know what you will need to avoid. Maybe you should try giving yourself a reading or you could always ask someone else for one. A lot of people do that on here, they get multiple readings on the same question from different people.


  • hello chytra 🙂

    I am using Ludy Lescot Tarot and Im going to give you a 5 card reading.

    "What changes & developments will happen in my love life in the future?"

    As soon as I turned the cards over they read like a story chytra and so that is how I will read them, the cards dont always read through in a linear fashion though.

    Card 1: The 1st Stage

    10, The Wheel

    The first step is a change in your situation. If you are single you will become attached and vice versa. Your current status will not remain the same forever. Fate has strange ways of working and can influence our lives in unusual ways. Take risks, doing things you may not usually do and trying new things will help cause a change sooner rather than later. Do not be intimidated by social events or gatherings even if they seem unorthodox. Shine from the inside, let yourself bath in the spotlight for a little bit, it is ok to receive attention from time to time.

    Card 2: The 2nd Stage

    7, The Chariot

    Love is a driving force for you and carries you. Perhaps this is even an obsession. Do not be daunted by the idea of being alone. Much time has been spent on romantic ventures in the past and this has left you cold. In the future your love life will inject you with an intense amount of energy as opposed to zapping it like it may have done in the past. To find what you are looking for take the driving seat.

    Card 3: The 3rd Stage

    16, The Tower

    Once you have meet your soul mate it will shake the foundations of your life. Beliefs, values and desires will change. It will be an intense and overwhelming experience. Self discoveries will be made and parts of yourself will come to the surface which you didnt know where there.

    Card 4: The 4th Stage

    5 of Wands

    An inward struggle, self-bondage. There should be a release before you can be free to move forward in your relationship.

    Card 5: The Final Stage

    13, Death

    Once you have found love, true love, it will be a freeing experience and parts of yourself and your life which no longer help you will be destroyed. The unnecessary clutter will be cleared away. Through love your life will begin again.

    Story of the Cards:

    Unfortunately I was unable to ascertain anything about a new partner. However judging by The Tower and Death card (these are the ones which stand out to me) when you find your soul mate it will incredibly intense, maybe even a little to intense. But this is a positive thing, its unique and thrilling. Through your love life you will change and develop as a person in ways you never imagined.

    I think that because I didnt draw any significators it means the person you will end up with will be a strong silent type who hides in the background and is very careful about who they reveal themselves to.

  • thank you for the great reading,laura .....i admit i dont want a comfortable relationship either,i want one that will be able to transform me and allow me to grow and so,for me thats great news..thank you

  • hello chytra

    thats great Im glad to hear it. :-). Judging by the cards that were drawn it will certainly transform you and allow you to grow. Your welcome. By the way I dont think I have ever done a reading where there have been such a majority of major arcana cards. There was only 1 minor out of 5!


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