Can someone PLEASE interpret this reading for me?

  • Hello, i did a celtic cross reading for myself (i am a newby) and i was astounded to see 8 major arcana cards. I figured this may be an important message! I am not so great for reading for myself and i was wondering if anyone could be so kind as to provide an interpration of the cards i got.

    The question was: tell me what i need to know about my love life. ( Its important to note for intrepretive purposes that at this time its none existant lol :))

    1. Central atomsphere: the chariot rx

    2. Obstacle: seven of swords rx

    2. Best that can be achieved: strength

    4. Foundation of issue: the sun rx

    5. Passing influence to be released: ten of cups

    6. Approaching influence to be embraced: justice

    7. My role or attiude: ace of pentacles rx

    8. My enviroment or the people im interacting with: death rx

    9. My hopes/fears/unexpected element that will come into play: the tower rx

    10. Ultimate outcome should i continue this course: the empress

  • What I'm getting is that you're on a path to improvement but haven't gotten there yet. Have you just gone thru a big change. Equal footing is required. Something has been really outta kilter. Money won't help. Money won't fix things. I get that something is not all your fault. Having trouble seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I'll try some cards later.

  • Yes! You have hit the nail on the head as far as changes. After dating someone not very seriously, and ending that ive had a real epiphany on trying to figure out what i really need from someone as far as a relationship is concerned. I know there are some emotional imbalances, and there has been some anxiety toward the future of my love life, will i find what im looking for etc. and yes money is an issue even as far as relationships are concerned, sometime i feel i would have more flexibility to get out and be more social if my financial situation wasnt such a stressor. And i do feel like the last few dating experiences were definately unfair and definately no fault of mine, i feel i didnt make the best choices in men which is why im at the point that i really need to understand where my love life is going. I was smart enough to walk away from both situations when i realized they werent sincere-just seeking a greater understanding of what this all means. Thank you sooo much for your response and i look forward to seeing what you pull 🙂 thanks again!

  • In your advice, don't have blinders on--ok. Don't be a victim of your own circumstances. I believe the cards are telling me that you're a creative-spirit. The problem is all these authority figures in this reading. In your situation I drew the Emperor. There could be several meanings here. In the future is the King of swords. In your challenges, your situation is improving as your not a hanged-man, your position is reversed meaning you're no longer in the situation (hanged.) I feel like you're somewhat divided in what you want and it may be that you're not picking the ones best suited to your personality. In your situation, there is someone that is very much in control and you're more carefree. Also, in the present I drew two #7 cards meaning waiting in hopes for something better. It's funny because there's a figure escaping between the Emperor and hanged-man rev. Is there something that you need to confront. Could also indicate something happening recently that involves trickery. The 7 of coins over this reading is a crossroads. I feel that once you get a clearer picture of what you want things will get better. Again, there's some strong personalities here. So, what is the awakening that is needed.


    over--7 of coins

    present--7 of swords

    below--6 of swords


    past--queen of rods

    challenges--hangman rev

    future--king of swords

    blocks--queen of coins

    friends--3 of coins

    advice--2 of swords


  • Wow thank you for the detail! Yes, ive been trying to really confront my past, my mistakes, and some of my guilt for those mistakes. Its been on my mind heavy lately. Whats funny is that i keep getting the judgement card lol, which maybe indicates that. Somehow ive really been thinking about the past and to gain wisdom from it, it also is making me acknowledge past lets me know that i havent completely healed. Im not sure about trickery around me, im sure it could be the case, ive pretty much cut off communication with the last two i dated but yes they had very strong personalities, very inflexible thinking and very a lot of ways my opposites lol. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this!

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