Captain Please help really important

  • My Mom and her brother are always arguing and fighting he thinks he is owner of this house that we live in and trys to tell everyone what to do and it gets really crazy here. He chocked me one time he messes with my dad i just want it all to stop. Arguments like crazy here it is really making me a bad person that im thinking of casting revenge spells on him. One day i know someone is going to end up in jail. Anyways the question here is it is between him and my mom for owner of this house i want my mom to stay with this house because she is good and he has done alot of evil things to my grandpa. Do you sense the outcome of who will stay with the house or sense anything that will happen here that i should be aware of? Or anything to calm me cause i really dont want to lower myself to do a revenge spell or karma spell on him

  • Well, who is the legal owner - if it is your mother, she can ban your uncle from visiting unless he behaves himself. If he is the owner, it might be better in the long run if you all find another place to live in peace (and don't tell your uncle the new address). He sounds like a night mare - is 'chocking' hitting because you can threaten him with the police if he does it again. You all have to get really hard on this guy or his behaviour will just worsen. Sounds like a restraining order needs to happen...

  • right now my grandpa is the owner but they are fighting for the house. My grandpa wants to take his son out of here and make my mom in charge but he owes money to the bank. My uncle name is on loan of house to get his name off of loan my grandpa needs to come up with $200.000 or so or find somebody else to put house under their name. Lots of drama here. Let me know what comes to you from this information.

  • i meant my uncle owns half of house from being a cosigner of loan for house, to get his name off my grandpa needs to pay $200.000 which he owes. Its a complicated story cause he owes on his daughters house to so we are basically helpless to deal with his son. Cannot get rid of him unless a miracle happens.

  • Why doesn't your grandpa sell the house, pay off his debts and come live with his family?

  • yeah that is smart hopefully all will be calm in the near future.

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