What's the use of hoping with a psychic?

  • I (January 22, 1952) am really down in the dumbs and keep hoping, hoping that a certain Sagittarius (December 1, 1950) will contact me. I don't understand how for three years we had such a great friendship but I no longer hear from him and don't know why. Rather than moving on with my life I keep hoping that the two of us can reconnect. But why am I wasting my time thinking of a pipe dream? Perhaps all of us should move on when we get into these types of relationships instead of spending our time on hope. Wanted to consult a psychic but can't seem to find one that is able to provide a straight answer. Would appreciate any reference to a good psychic - eh? one that will not feed me with pipe dreams that just never materialize.

  • Its over, he is not interested and you are kidding yourself, once you clear the clutter there will be better things ahead... and you know it.

  • Namaste, PoeticMagic.

    I agree with Tiger. From my own life experience, I offer those I love this perspective; if you are not currently in touch, ie, have some kind of current relationship, then your relationship is with past memories. I know sometimes it's hard to move beyond this point, but there are numerous ways to accomplish it, cleanly, quickly, and with the least effort.

    If you'd like, view my post Circle of Gold in the Divination forum and sign up. It is free.

    I would be honored to assist you from that point, but with the focus on YOU. : )

    In love and light love and light love and light


  • Thanks Tiger. Will try to move on. Will leave others to pull rabbits out of hats. No point believing in magic as our destiny is in our hands and no one else's. Again, thanks for the reality check.

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