Will I hear from him?

  • I met a guy a couple of months ago, at a wedding. We hit it off and he began texting (instant messaging me) a lot. We went on a date, and saw each other again. I was really inspired by him and energy and positivity - refreshing as I've been going through a bad time lately and ended my last relationship at the beginning of the year. I felt like there was something between us - I don't know if this is in a platonic sense or otherwise it just felt really easy. His father has been very ill since (we have a mutual friend) and he has other things going on at home. I'm wondering if i'll ever hear from him again in either a platonic or romantic sense.

  • yes you will hear from him and soon, possible within a week. in the meantime get busy with your life... he is also thinking of you, so you are on the same wavelength it seems, and he will need a friend or someone who will listen to him. he has lots to talk about.. he is comfortable around you, and does feel he can trust you.

    blessings jazzy

  • Thanks Jazzy for your reply.

  • Hi Jazzy, hope you are well. So this mysterious man still hasn't been in touch. Do you still think he will be?

  • sorry, i just saw this post. i still feel he will come around. patience is required. I don't think he is having a good time right now. feels there is some sadness in his life. was there a funeral/ or a serious illness in his familyperhaps friend. he is thinking of someone, but feels like a loved one/relative

  • Hi Jazzy, thanks for coming back to me. Yes, his father was very unwell the last time I saw him and I think it was serious but I don´t know any details. That´s why I didn´t force the issue as figured he had a lot to deal with in terms of his family x

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