Astraangel,help please

  • hello astraangel...i am sorry if i am disturbing you ...i have gone through your amazing work in this forum and you truly are a wonderful reader and person..i was hoping you could help me with a reading in your free time if you can...

    i have been very confused regarding my love life as there is a block there..could you tell me what will happen in my lovelife in the future?

    and i am also in the phase where i am figuring out what i actually want to do in my life and not giving into pressure..i have been thinking a lot about entering a new field for a while..the fiels includes travelling,fame ,being in the spotlight and will also take a lot of effort and a whole lot of luck..will i be successful or will this remain a good dream...please ,help me

  • astra,are you available?

  • Hey chytra

    Sri I took a leave of absence there for a bit... I hope you are still out there, anyway here is a reading for you...

    You asked, "i have been very confused regarding my love life as there is a block there..could you tell me what will happen in my lovelife in the future?"

    The Lovers - yay! Wow what a wonderful card to pop up in answer to that question! I am so excited for you. Whatever you have experienced in love, whatever pain, whatever loss or block you feel is going AWAY because the Universe has someone very special for you. So hang in there, this is developing.

    and you asked

    "i am also in the phase where i am figuring out what i actually want to do in my life and not giving into pressure..i have been thinking a lot about entering a new field for a while..the fiels includes travelling,fame ,being in the spotlight and will also take a lot of effort and a whole lot of luck..will i be successful or will this remain a good dream."

    I drew the 10 of cups (wow!) and the Wheel of Fortune (exciting!) and the Six of Pentacles (success!) so ALL of that spells very good things coming your way in this path you are contemplating. Certainly some risk, the wheel can stop anywhere! However with the fantastic 6 pentacles (material success) following it says GO FOR IT! The money may not be tons at first however that will develop I am sure! The ten of cups shows a lot of emotion in this for you - you must really love it whatever it is!

    I hope that helps! Blessings to you, I see some really wonderful developments for you in love and that career direction! How exciting!

    love and happiness!


  • thank you so much,astraangel......i have been practicing visualization,seeing angel numbers everywhere left and right...and now this,i suppose i am on the right track....thank you so much you really have put me at ease

  • Hello astra...nice to see you back on the forum...I have been waiting to see your name pop up,I am so glad your back....dear,could you do an updated career and love reading for me...? I know certain changes are happening,I can sense it but I also feel it ll take time as I might not be ready for it...I am hoping to get into the entertainment industryI in a country/countries thats not my motherland ,do you see opportunities for that coming, can I get discovered?anything regards love with a foreign man?? I know its a lot of questions but I will be happy if you use your knowledge to help me in even one of them...thank you and blessed be,hope you ve a great day

  • Hey chytra

    Sure thing... let's see what seems to be developing for you! So you are hoping to break into the entertainment industry that is awesome! And of course love...

    First card that came up for you is the Ten of Cups! Wow that is very strong love, emotional, passion energy. LIke off the charts, you are certainly longing intensely for this passionate life, with your talents, and relationship. You are a very spirited person... I drew another card and was sitting here thumping it in the table and "drumming" came to mind... not sure how that connects to your life, maybe you are part of a band, there is drumming or something... not sure there, maybe that will trigger something for you.

    So passion is coming up strong for you.

    The next card is the 4 of swords. This is such a contrast to the 10 cups! So you are very much polarized in your life perhaps. Passion! And then quiet... reflective... and then PASSION again! And then drifting off into a quieter phase, this could be sort of a cycle for you.

    Then the Knight of Swords, which is focusing your mind on your life goals and all... so after all of that passion, there is intellectual quiet and focus. This could be encouraging you to spend more time reflecting and thinking of what you are wanting... exactly... in love and in your career. Do you have all of that figured out?

    Wow, the door here just banged open with a big gust of wind... something big is going to break for you soon, not sure what. That was a major sign for you while I am doing this reading.

    I had a piece of paper with dates and years on it, fell from the table in that gust of wind... so timing is developing for you...

    Seven of swords, another sword. Hmm... these swords all in a line after all of that love and passion. 7's are imagination and dreams, and this seems to be saying to take more time really thinking of your dream life, in relationship and in career. Draw pictures of yourself, doodle more about what you want to see develop. We play such a key part in creating the life we want, so for you it seems that the Universe is encouraging you to write out your specific wishes, crystallize what you are wanting, daydream with some practical application, like words, art or something to help you see it.

    And then the 2 of swords, wow. That is again some really strong inner reflection and affirming your path energies... 4 swords in a row, and they are ALL connected with inner reflection, dreams, focusing and centering in your own heart and mind while you close your eyes.

    So far what I am getting is that you have the passion, no doubt about that... all that you need to do is dream and go within more... take more quiet time alone, reflect more on your life, see yourself living what you long to live. Life is a product of what we can imagine doing, not really blind luck. Nothing can really happen until we dream it happening, and really embrace it. That seems to be the message for you so far...

    Drew some other cards under these...

    6 swords, 8 wands, 4 pentacles, Knight of Cups, and Empress (that is the first major arcana card and it is the last card). All of these other cards are more like your day to day life, choices, events, happenings, chance occurrences.

    Do you feel like your life is going through ups and downs a lot? Like, one day you are very, very excited, and optimistic... then something happens.. and you are plunged down into melancholy. I am getting that with you. Some ups and downs. Cycles. That can be typical of creative and passionate people, you know how life CAN be, and it can be difficult to process the apparent disparity between what you know you should have, and be experiencing, and the actual circumstances you wake up in the next morning.

    The only wand card that showed up for you is the 8, and that is traditionally rapid changes. You must be a little impetuous? Reacting? Swift to move. And only one pentacle the 4, which is foundations in your material and physical life. Plenty of swords though! You think a lot, so that you have down. I think if you can work more magic into your thinking life, don't focus on what you don't have, dream more about where you want to be, singing, performing before that audience, being held close by your lover... light some candles and see that.... couple that with your very strong intellect and you will be seeing changes very soon.

    The Tarot tries to give us advice, so that our lives can change... empowering us... it is not just about luck and destiny. However...

    There is a lightning bolt right in the middle of this... so something very dramatic is about to occur for you!

    A pair of 4's and a pair of Knights... You will soon see a breakthrough in your thinking and in something related to your material life. And the Knights both seem to be men. And the Empress right at the end, that is you. A door.

    That's what this is all showing. A DOOR is opening for you. Quickly! (8 of wands). Be ready to make some quick choices Chytra... do you know what you want? That door in my home banging open on one end, and the other banging shut...

    You have one door closing and another opening - now. Could be travel too... 6 of swords, a voyage across water... soon, immediately. The 8 of wands is touching that 6 swords, you could be looking at a voyage really, really quick, like pack a suitcase quick.

    I have a thunderstorm developing here at my location, so that connects to this reading, you are going to be seeing some drama Chytra...

    then the 4, 4, Knight, Knight. Then 7 sword (traditionally also showing some movement, fleeing), then rest at last, Empress, 2 of swords... seems to be your life you deserve. Quiet and peaceful, love and abundance, 2 of swords I see as your entertainment work, very beautiful, poetic, singing like an angel... very lovely soft blue lights, atmosphere, blue, piercing blue lights...

    44 is the angel number. you have angels all around you Chytra. Helping you. Prayers heard.

    You have some amazing things developing... took me a while to work through all of this... I think the key is balancing out "advice" with the magic of destiny, you play a part, and so do the angels, it is a collaboration!

    I hope that helps! I am really excited for you... beautiful, beautiful things happening for you... in love... that Knight of Cups will love you deeply with all of his heart... and you, looking radiant... on stage...

    love, astra

  • Astra,you are truely gifted dear...your reading practically drew tears from me...because it connected so well with me and yes,dear I am very very aware of the fact that there are angels around took me a while to realise they were there but discovering that has been my greatest blessing...this could be my imagination,but when I feel or think about them,I see or imagine three major angels,wish I knew their names but I dont,to me they r all about maybe 8-9 feet taller,they tower over me..their wings reach my height all white,he /she is the one that keeps close to me like hugging me or patting my forehead when I sleep or is that my imagination, I dont know....the second all red and the third theres a violet/dark blue shade I see..I know they are there all the time and am thankful to them and my spirit guides and spirit for them... They seem to support me throughout whatever I do but I wonder if they want to tell me something..I looked for a set of angel arcana cards which I knew was in a shop till a week ago but when I went there,it wasnt there anymore..I took that as a sign that they dont have a msg for me right now but am I right? I wonder...thank you astra,thank you so much

  • Hi chytra

    yes, your angels... they are wonderful, I have gazed into that place so much... lovely, kind and wise, and seem to know everything about us. You probably see signs a lot, little coincidences, a scrap of paper, a leaf blows across your path right as you are thinking about someone... a flock of birds sail overhead as you are sighing... words... numbers coincidences, all of that angels and a higher reality that they love and live in. Is it imagination, something we dreamed up?

    Well, that is the question isn't it. All I know is dreams are everything... what else is there?



  • I see number sequences a lot like numbers in threes or fours every day and decipher their meaning and take that as advice.,as far as other signs go...I dont think I have noticed them,oh well...I could be clueless at times and take signs for last ques I hope you can help me with.I am not looking for love right now,dont seem to be ready for it. .I am more focused on studying,travelling and career now but..I feel a very strong attraction towards a person,I am not sure if this is just a temporary infatuation or or could it be something more.,will I and jae ever meet and ve a romantic relationship in future or will it not be so?

  • Okay,

    Yes well sometimes we aren't looking for love... and it comes looking for us instead.

    As for your meeting with Jae...

    The Sun, Knight of Cups, the three of swords

    Yes, this looks like something developing, the Sun is rising on this path with this person, and there is a strong emotional focus, and some healing as well from something painful. This looks like something nice to in a relationship. Sun is very positive, the Knight Cups shows a strong focusing energy emotionally so that is good... and the three swords seems to be healing something, intellectually, memories maybe. An Ace of Wands turns up right at the end, so yeah, this all looks good to me.

  • So,you think there are possibilities of friendship and romance? The three of swords? Doesnt that indicate betrayal or sorrow? I know that the person has had his share of sorrow n betrayal from friends and others and as a result,much stronger today.... So,does the three sword indicate a betrayal by any chance for me or him?

  • chytra

    I don't see the three of swords 'always' meaning sorrow, etc. It is intellectual 3 energy. The challenge with the swords is that they can go either way, good or not so good (in your thinking). Our minds are sometimes our own worst enemies as we "conclude" things about life that may or may not be true. Really, so much is your CHOICE to see a relationship in a certain light. That is up to you, you can choose to see a person or a relationship in a positive or negative light.

    I drew the Page of Swords, and the 9 of Pentacles which sounds like someone taking a risk in some words, communication perhaps. Asking forgiveness maybe, or offering forgiveness. The 9 of Pentacles is very mature physical situation so that could be pointing to something solid in a setting, physical, closeness, home, security all of that...

    I try to see the best in any situation, (although I still struggle to practice that in my own life!), however I believe any situation will turn out into something beautiful eventually...

    6 of swords sounds like romance to me... see what YOU think, listen to your own intuition and heart... love


  • thank you astra,.,thank you for all your advice and help

  • hi astra...i have been trying to regularly thank my guides,my angel guardians for being in my life and taking care of me so well...i have recently tried to contact and befriend my dragon guardian....sometimes,i get the feeling he's right nearby and well,sometimes i am pretty sure hes with me but i am completely unable to sense him and am pretty sure that since i have invited him,things just seem like magic...might be my imagination...i would like to request you to ask the cards if theres a message that my dragon guardian wants me to know or give me,if you can............thank you

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  • dear chytra

    i asked your dragon guardian for a message for you and that message is

    "i have seen and felt your pain ever since you were a little girl, and i prepare a chariot.

    a new love for you."

  • i wonder if love is what i am looking for or need right now at a time where i am so obsessed with the future and career and not getting it wrong but i know for sure that noone knows what i need better than my dragon guardian and my,i ll put my trust in them and do my part in the scheme. thank you astra and if you tell him that i may not have seen him or felt him too strongly before but i do love him,i think i do ,i thank him for being with me,i know i am not the easiest person to be or deal with and i hope that the next time i call on him,i will be able to connect with him better ,.....thank you from the bottom of my heart

  • chytra

    I shared your words to your dragon guardian, that sounds like a very special relationship. Your dragon guardian understands you through and through I am sure. You are always a delight.

    I think you might be right also about your feeling that maybe love is not really your focus. The chariot is also defined as a "fence" so boundaries can be part of the idea here. And path. So I think you are picking up on something and I do believe your guardian may be working with you on boundaries in love, or setting clear boundaries emotionally, something like that. There was a 9 swords back there under you that looked rather reflective late at night.

    I saw some good things for you in work so that will smooth out. Positive changes there.

    blessings, astra

  • i have tried connecting with my dragon guardian and i have also learnt that dragon energy is powerful ,theres no way you can doubt it when its around you but i am having a bit of a difficulty doing this...i tried calling on him but is he there with me,i dont know ..... and i have tried meditating and picturing myself contacting him and when i do that,i am not sure where the line is between dragon energy and my own imagination kicking in...astra,your so knowledgeable in many things..could you tell me if there is a way to contact my dragon guardian or ask my dragon guardian how he would like me to connect with him,would he prefer i dont try if this is not the right time

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