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  • I have met a lovely Pisces man. We are in the beginning stages of getting to know each other as friends but my intuition tells me there is something more here. I am Taurus born 4/22/76 in Hyden, Kentucky, and he is Pisces born 3/6/77 in Lexington, Kentucky... He is deeply spiritual as am I. He stirs my love and desire for the deeply spiritual things of God. I find myself feeling more like the me I know that I am when we talk... I would love to know what is ahead for us and how to approach this. I tend to come on way to strong without meaning to. Thanks!

  • There is something of a parent-child relationship about this matchup. Something about it is reminiscent of the school yard too. Its theme is a kind of tentative yet enthusiastic self exploration, with sudden bouts of stubbornness or even stormy altercations blowing over quickly against the backdrop of a welter of social activity. In short, it is a rather unequal, unsettled kind of relationship, one that is unlikely to suit either of you for long.

    This combination is unlikely to manifest as a passionate love affair. Your friend craves an unusual approach to love, often with an exotic or mysterious partner - a bill that you, the usually solid practical type is unlikely to fill (unless you have many water signs in your chart). Romantic, sensitive, poetic and creative, this guy may get turned off by your direct, more materially oriented (yes, I know you say you are deeply spiritual but you also love money and your creature comforts and possessions) approach, and he must be wooed by subtler means. Both of you like a relationship to be less 'busy', more peaceful and calm than this one will be. Your views and goals of marriage may be very different, as your friend may prefer to lead a more selfish, isolated existence with few intrusions and where he can be his own person, without having any children - and social interaction and children are two great themes of a marriage. If it means giving up on having children - not just now but maybe forever - you may back off. However, this man may also be the type of Pisces man (depending on the rest of his chart placements) who can handle taking on the responsibility of a large family, so make sure that if you do enter into a love relationship with him, you find out what sort of future is his ideal lifestyle before you commit yourself. At least he won't be controlling of you and that is definitely something you want to avoid, so a more passive partner like him would suit you well. You like to be the one in control. You also like someone whom you can't completely read and who keeps a few secrets from you - this is attractive and intriguing to you, although it can cause you a lot of frustration too.

    Deep down you have a fear of losing yourself to someone else and this holds you back from choosing very compatible partners.

  • Thanks, Captain. I am fearful of losing myself to someone else. I love the idea of love, but I fear being wounded and taken for granted again. There are days when I want nothing to do with a relationship, but most days I long for the love and romance I know exist. I am as fearful as I am hopeful. Me and Pisces are just starting out... Maybe this will be as all my relationships seem to turn out-friends. I appreciate your insight.

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