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  • a message from Allison Rae

    As the Sun crossed into Cancer this evening, peace set in.

    Beyond the exuberant eclipses and Venus transit in Gemini over the past few weeks, this Solstice offers a moment to pause, to integrate and set intent before the next round of volatile alignments.

    Solstice is stillpoint, the apex of the solar year. For three days, the Sun hangs in the same place in the sky before reversing direction and continuing on its journey toward the December Solstice.

    Planetary movements signal the slow, steady, deliberate passage of time. Their movement mirrors our own. This moment, now, the next three days, is a turning point.

    Added Bonus

    This weekend, Uranus and Pluto begin to face off in seven exact squares over the next three years. This is the next major turning in their 138-year cycle that began with an exact conjunction in the mid-1960s, at the height of the Vietnam War. Themes and archetypes in play then fuel the next phase of revolution now.

    If you’re looking for a major shift in your life and want to contribute to a planetary paradigm shift, this is your chance. A revolutionary wave that began last year in Egypt and Tunisia and sweeping through the Middle East, Europe and North America gains momentum in 2012 (whether it’s reported in the mainstream media or not).

    I’ve experienced, and have heard from many people who also notice, excessive nervousness and agitation, a sense that something’s about to pop – or drop – and we don’t know what or where or when. Such is the nature of this passage.

    The transformative potential is enormous, and it’s up to us to focus the creative-destructive forces in positive ways. The energies are…







    When aggressive Mars enters Libra on July 3, he begins to form a tense T-square with Uranus and Pluto. The configuration continues through mid-July.

    This is also the time each year when our Sun aligns with the great star Sirius, a conjunction associated with fertility, leadership and revolution. The annual flooding of the Nile, Independence Day in the U.S. and Canada, Bastille Day in France and the births of major world figures including former president George W. Bush and His Holiness the Dalai Lama fall during this conjunction.

    With the Mars-Uranus-Pluto T-square also in play, watch for:



    Nuclear crisis

    Increased seismic activity

    Accelerated manifestation and transformation

    How these configurations relate to your birth chart indicates which areas of your life will see the biggest changes. Anyone with significant placements in cardinal signs (Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libra) and mutable signs (Pisces, Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius) will be especially affected this year and beyond.

    Stay grounded, centered and relaxed (as much as possible), practice nurturing self-care, spend time in nature, play, be creative and get used to changing gears quickly.

    The 2012 Factor

    It’s not a coincidence that heavyweight alignments like the Venus transit and Uranus-Pluto square are happening when vast cycles of time are coming to completion. New cycles are also beginning. In the crease period between world ages, rapid transformation is possible, clearing the way for younger generations to create a more sustainable presence on Earth. This is the gift of the turning of the ages.

    Our responsibility is to bring our lives and our world into balance. It’s going to require a major paradigm shift and a lot of ingenuity.

    This weekend is a perfect time to set that intent individually and with others. I’m on my way to the Dwell on Design event in Los Angeles where we’ll celebrate design innovation with a focus on sustainability. There are many gatherings around the world to raise consciousness and focus on solutions to the environmental, social and financial challenges we face in our society today.

    In this Solstice moment, pause. Open to the vast love of this creation and the divine genius that guides us forward. Connect with the Earth and cosmos for nurturance and support. And when the time comes, act.


  • That is a perfect gift of a moment of stillness to hang in the sky....and set our intentions. Harvest will be here before we know it. Thank you!

  • 🙂

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