Psychic help or Advice please

  • I read the forum comments on cancer men and they are all so familiiar. I fell in love with a Cancer man and I am a cancer woman, quite a combination. He also told me he loved me but that he could not commit, I got my own place and spent great times with him but he has now moved away with his workand within only a short time I am not sure if we can survive this but I so want us to make it, he calls me every day, sometimes twice a day but I get very little emotion in the calls and he tells me he doesnt think long distance works but hes willing to try make it work is there anyone out there with some psychic insight for me it is driving me crazy and I just need to know if we can make it.

  • Hi SS, My feelings are that if it is love then absence will make the heart grow fonder. In other words, he would be experiencing the exact opposite of what he's feeling. That's not to say break off communication. Just get your heart prepared. I would try to meet other people or at least stay occupied with other interests. He is truthful about how he feels. A lot of guys don't want to hurt you. My gut is telling me that he'd like to see about starting his life where he's at. I think he may be having a hard time and just needs some support (friendship.)

  • I was wondering if you could help me out in my situation. I have been in a boyfriend girlfriend relationship with my cancer for a bit over a year. He was out with friends drinking and as he was on his way home I told him I loved him. He responded " I was wondering what took you so long?" He then told me we needed to talk about it I gave him a day or too and he kept stalling, when I asked him about it he went into his shell. No contact for a month now. What is my next move?

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