Need help understanding my reading

  • I did this seven card Tarot spread and asked question "Will I ever find true love"?

    1 Will the querent ever find his/her true love?

    2 Will the querent feel safe and secure with this person?

    3 Is marriage a potential for the querent?

    4 Will this new love be similar to the querent's past lovers?

    5 Will commitment be possible with this new love?

    6 Can the magic last between them?

    7 What can the querent do to make this person part of their life?

    My cards were

    1 Ten of cups

    2 two of wands

    3 four of swords

    4 four of pentacles

    5 The hierphant

    6 Seven of wands

    7 Queen of swords

    Im having real trouble understanding the reading

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