How to end it with scorpio?

  • HI, what you mean you moving to new country? why?

    I really dont know what to say

    I told my Taurean today we can only be friends for now because of all that happen and the fact i didnt see him for months now,

    He straight away want S and planning holiday and i dont want to sleep with him yet and i dont like those talking of holidays when i am worry about my job and paying my bills right now

    He just got no sense of responsibilities at all

    We were supposed meeting up on Sunday and since i told him to be friend he have not responded to me

  • Hi, Where you moving to and why? is it because of him? God i dont know what to say anymore

    I am so sorry you feel this way, have faith there is always away in life

    I fight with my taurus today, after i told him that i just want to be friend right now and i dont want to sleep with him

    he started ignoring me and get upset

    then start saying he doesnt feel the same way for etc... and said we should not met on Sunday

    Anyway i got him to agree to meet on Sunday but dont know if he will

    I dont know why he say he doesnt feel the same because he keep contacting after so many months

    make no sense

    There is love there for everyone, if that scorpio was not the one then many of them will find you soon, stay positive

    you said you were sick whats wrong?

  • Hi, i have enough, i told him i going to party tonight and staying over to that guy house, and will sleep with him

    I have enough this guy i dont get him, i now just want him out my life

  • Hi Lady Taurus

    well today we did not met like planned

    i told him i just can be friend right now and no S and then he got all funny

    Anyway today he told me what i knew already, he told me he been seeing a girl for 3 months now

    he thought i was shocked but i was not

    i was not even upset,

    i told him the truth that i expected and this was the plan as i could never see myself with him since at out first date he spoke about his ex and i did not feel safe

    Now his been involved with another girl but been contacting me all the time and inviting for S

    I told him he would have done the same to me and he can't be trusted at all

    i wished him good luck and to try to not hurt the new girl and to now focus on his relationship

    i don't want anything to do with him at all

    and this is true

    my god, the guy got some serious issue in his mind

    before it was his ex now it;s me and now that poor girl must going through what i went through

    or worst as maybe she doesnt even know his contacting me

    what a mess up guy

    i wished him luck, i told him there is no way i want to be with him and i could give him my heart

    his not happy with himself and push this on other people

    i seriously feel lucky

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