How to end it with scorpio?

  • Hey babe yeah you know Ill keep posting in here as soon as something gna happen. But tbh I think we're done...... He is QUETER then ever so I guess he lets me go I guess he doesnt LOve me STRONG anough to come and get me to tell me how he feels. Oh well too bad but at least I wasnt the one who gave up. I will always remember and cherish our amazing "moments" they are the best and I will always be in Love with him, but I cant go through this anymore I guess I'll have to find someone else who will value me more.. Oh s.h.i.t. I wish he would ran after me but nothing had been happening in TWO years so why now any different? I guess he is just a jerk, jerk who LOST something SOO Special something so Once-in-the-lifetime. At least I touched him and run my hand up his body that was the best feeling ever and I hugged him and he kissed me, even it was on the cheek it was so amazing. Its really really hard on me and my heart literally hurts from typing alll these things.. not that we done and he is so silent i realise the reality of us being appart.. I feel so sad and sick of crying I wish I could wake up in his arms and hide in his chest but i can't I just have to endure the pain and just keep going. Coz I am a fighter and fighters NEVER EVER give up. So I will try to do my best in Life meanwhile he will realise what he has lost and he lost so much of valubale time...

    Babe Im off to holidays but if anything happen ill come on here and IM soo glad that you read me.. You really help me to go through this. To go though losing my Love... So I wanna say THANK YOU so much for just listening to me and I'd be glad if you would check on me from time to time. Maybe things will be much much better in soon future.

    Lots of Love and Peace and Light to you hun! Hang in there and dont respond to your Taurus Love. Take care

  • Hi [Taurus lol]

    How are you? well it's brilliant you going on holiday i think it's a great idea.

    well see it this way, his quiet and you are quiet so it's all good:)

    You are not chasing him and it's brilliant, well done to you because it can be so hard to not chase when things gets here but again he has made it so easy for you to not do so as he is the one that break things

    just breath it all be good soon 🙂

    My desire for my Taurean for the moment is sleeping or gone, i dont know, he desapoint me so much

    I am going to date with this gemini guy that been contacting me for 3 years now for dinner

    and meeting a new guy on Thursday

    whatever happen, what make is i am moving on with my life

    he can say he doesnt need me but again why he been in touch all this time, his lying and it's too bad as i no longer care

    well email anytime you need to speak girl

  • Hey star2u !!! How r u?? Hows your relationship going? Um I returned from my holidays and it was so nice to get away from all this insanity! You know I havent contacted him at all and neither he contacted me... This silence is really scary.... And its SO COLD ..... Im scared...

  • Hi [My Lady Taurus :)] Glad you are back i missed your HOT company 🙂

    How are you feeling about the whole thing? When you said you are scared, you scared it's really over 😞

    Well i told you before you left for your holiday what he said to me, he insulted me like mad, told me he [dont love me and never will love me]

    He asked me to not contact him and he want me out of his life and it's really over

    I was hurt by the whole deal like you can imagine and stayed quiet,

    I ridded my bedroom and i gave myself something to do and be busy to redecorate it

    It's been 3 weeks and guess what there he is , right on time [ Thursday seem to be his weak day]

    He txt me 3 txt on row

    "Talking about how nice the weather is and asking me when he can give me a weave of pleasure in my body"

    I have not replied to him since he txt me, i stay silence

    I dont want to answer as i have nothing to say anymore, and i prepared my brain to not respond to any sexual comment as we are no longer together and this is not appropriate anymore.

    i give myself time and feel i am healing and feel less the need to want him in my life

    so look like our relationship are over

    Next week it will be 4 weeks, nearly a month , this is the longer we havent spoken or take contact

    I have accepted now he will never love me, he will never respect me and i remember why i broke up with him because i believe he love his ex and nothing that his been doing or said told me any difference so far

    I have accepted its over and despite i feel the urge when he txt me to txt back, i really have nothing to say

    I dont want someone just to sleep with and i dont want him to take advantage of me in my feeling by sleeping with me and go home straight after it

    it will kill me so it's best this way

    .......Where did you go on Holiday? what have you decided about that guy? how are you feeling about it now?

    I am pretty sure you feel kind desapointed , hurt and confuse right?

  • Hey[Taurus lady] you have no idea how much i miss him but what he told me last time is just too much.

    I am concern if i take contact with him his going to verbally abuse me again .

    it's been 5 months now and we have not manage to move from where we break

    i have lost hope and with it my desire of him

    Actually with what he told me last time i cant never allow him to touch me, even i deeply want to i cant, he as no respect for me

  • Hey star2u!!! Glad you replied!!! Well what I feel is I don't I feel how two people like us could break somithing so amazing and something so strong?!?!! Its crazy! Me and him should write a book with a title :"How to kill Love" seriously! I dont know what to do anymore but since he hurt me I wont speak to him unless he explain his behaviour to me! This is so annoying and you know everyday since Ive been back I feel so drained of my energy..... You know mine one didnt disrespect me never only when he was late! I dont know what to think anymore... I cant believe I just hate how he left everything so unaswered! And I cant believe he hasnt feel anything so deep towards me like I did... Its justso unfair and iverall I got the feeling he just enjoys playing around with me but nothing more... anyway I could be wrong.. I'll keep posting if anything comes up....

  • GRRR....hold on this is too weird... seriously you speak exactelly like my Taurean, he told me i was crazy to break something this good and so strong and how dare i etc... when i tried to speak to him he said shut up and just love me ahahhah

    He also told me we should write a book about us, seriously you sound like his twin

    You think like him..hum thats good

    The thing with me and my Taurean is i feel this blow of passion it killing me

    Even when i walk on street i feel his hand on me and hear his voice making my whole body vibrating

    Oh seriously i dont know what to do too as i dont want anyone else

    I been with many guys and never felt this before , this strong for anyone

    But he said he doesnt love me and there is no chance of relationship with us so passion wont be enough to keep us together

    I also have some worries with my work, money and my home right now so i feel it's not the right time to have a draining boyfriend around

    Oh i didnt tell you i had 3 Taurus men after me right now

    Listen, i dont know about scorpio but Aquarius and Taurus is Big "O" guarantee the thought of him will make you spin around of pleasure oh yeah ... ahahha

    Serious i was and still and the same situation then you and us it's crazier, we are crazy about each other i just dont know what to say

    I am crazy about him and want him so bad, i want him so bad that i sometimes want to kill him, ahahah

    Well my [Weak] advice to you is to keep yourself busy

    The reason you are drain is because of the s.e..x , after your mind and body feel so intense need you are starving of fluid of passion so you need to put that passion in something that make you feel GOOOOOOOOD.....ok

    For now..until he come again and then well i dont know what to say ahahah

    as sometimes i want mine so badly, it hurt and i get so frustrated i just txt him and insulting straight

    Right now i am painting my room all in dark black, i know sound depressing but it's so sexy, all i thinking about was the last time we did it, oh he was so hot the sheets was burning with the fire man

    the hair so got heavy ahaha

    and he was sweating like pigs, it's like the whole room was in flame

    Oh baby his my desire

    i wish we could argue and make love in same time it's more fun

    I have this constant need to want to explode with him all over me

    Ok got to stop now ahah

  • I just cant sleep now at all.. and now here it goes again Im CRYING agai I HATE HIM I HATE HIM for making me feel so miserable Im so tired please PLEASE help me please please help help help at least when we were as friends i didnt cry that often but now its crazy.... god GOD please stop torturing me PLEASE I cant take this anymore... I really cant ... I need respect and Love towards me WHY CANT I HAVE IT.... my friend got it why I cant??? Im not worse then her. Im not ugly.... Im so hurt my heart tearing appart. I dont know how to get him off my mind ID PAY ANY AMOUNT of money to remove this from me... I cant bot breathe I can not come down .. I cannot sleep. I dont deserve it I dont deserve it I SWEAR to God I dont deserve this! I cried so much in the past it HAS TO GET F@CKING BETTER NOW!! RIGHT NOW!!! RIGHT FKING NOW! please stop this please please please please i wanna stop crying and I dont want to feel my heart so hurt... help help

  • Man you are kind funny and really you sound just like my Taurus, he pray night and day to stop wanting me too and he and i will pay any money or anything to just not want each other anymore

    So i know what you feel

    Honestly i dont know what to say here as i am in same boat

    Try to just find peace with yourself and accept his not with you and you want him

    The more you fight against passion the more it beat you down, i learn my lesson by now

    Just try to make plan and do something that you like as hobbie

    The only thing i can tell you is Taurus/ Scorpio is a very good match but if this guy is young you may just need to be patient and forgive him to have slept with someone else

    With time, all will be answered

    Try to take your mind out of him and out of your HEAT for him as right now nothing you can do to get any satisfaction

    Maybe go to yoga or meditation

    there is no much you can do right now about it this

    Or if you really want the Truth, call him and just plain tell him how you feel and you think his a player

    Think about what you want about this

    I can tell you since i made myself busy i got my mind out of him, i still want him but it's just not the same

    He contacted me and i did not respond and not going to anytime soon

    So there is a solution to this issue, keep yourself busy and reorganised your mind and train yourself to think about other things then him,

  • Hi [LadyTaurus]

    I was thinking today how to help you

    You know it's not that i dont like that guy but he told me he doesnt love me and will never love me, so thats it

    About your guy, he slept with someone else and maybehis with this person now

    why keeping the hope?

    If he loved you he will be there with you or showing sign of life or something

    My guy he said he doesnt love me but keep sending S message to me about S and meeting for S

    i cant sleep with him knowing he doesnt love me and doesnt respect me

    I just cant

    I cant even let him touch any piece of my body without feeling hurt

    ....To get rid of him in your mind you need to face what keep him there in your mind

    most the time his in your mind because we have not let it go and the hope still alive there can be a relationship or something can happen

    We believe strongly somehow that the person feel like us etc.....

    That the person somehow is in love with us and feel the desire we feel like us

    But we forget that we are all different in this world and what is true to you maybe not for him

    All you told me about this guy doesnt show his in love with you, he is just playing, there is the firt but many people firt without been in love

    and lets think he love you, why did he sleep with someone else

    this is a sign of trouble in himself

    what insurance you got once you guy get together that he is not going to do this to you

    Honey, there is something about love and passion and all the rest

    never mind what you find, if it's not real and all is in your own heart and mind and it cant be shared what the point?

    Right now, in this moment i love deeply, i have passion but the guy doesnt love me, doesnt respect me, doesnt appreciate me, doesnt want me as his

    The reason we broke up is i couldnt handle to feel been used by him and feel he still like his ex

    thats the reason and i cant move from that

    I want him to love me, it's all or nothing with no hidden asset and thoughts

    If he dream about someone, i wanted it to be me not another girl

    If he slept right now with another girl, it will be over

    I dont care the reason it will be over

    I know your story is not the same then mine as you know each other for many years and things been going on for long time but how long can you handle this

    How long you want to wait for a guy that can just switch off from what you have in click

    How long?

    Is he so worth it for you to wait for him, dream of him

    You living in torture and his right over there kissing, sleeping with another girl

    what the point?

    Try to direct your feeling and need toward someone that appreciate who you are and want the same thing that you want as this guy seem to not want the same then you, it's clear

    Face the fact

    Once you end the relationship in your mind, you will no longer cry or feel sad but you are sad and crying because you have not let go and still waiting

    The door still open and with it pain and resentment will come through it

    let it go

    If he love you never mind how far you run he will find you but for now let it go

    what make you hold on to someone like this?

    with thousands questions with no response

    I want to tell you those things as so many times i saw beautiful and worth it girls wasting themselves , waiting for a guy that just dont care, that doesnt make them happy

    Look, how much you got with this guy, and you realise there is no much apart the firting and excitment when his firting with you there is no much

    obviously , otherwise he wont do what he did or he just a player

    There is not a daythat i dont miss my guy but me liking him is just not enough as i need him to like me and he just dont

    So like a big girl, i pick myself up and stick to my worth that i just deserve the full package and not half, i wont accept half or empty bottle

    I deserve more

    The worst part is, i could never saw my vulnerability to him and thats is a big part for me

    The great news is , after you pick yourself up from this kind connection you become stronger

  • He left me no choice. I think you are right! And thanks for saying that! This is UNACCEPTABLE for making me cry and shit. And now I realise and see more clerly he doesnt want the same thing. So I have no choice but let go..... just let go. I need to end this. I dont deserve to cry. And most of all he knows Im sick and still puts such pain and pressure on me. This is dead. IM tired.. im real sick and tired.. Its gettting over now. I need to stop thinking about him. I need to delete him outta my brain and my heart coz he has no right to hurt me. If he really loved me im sure he would take care of not making me suffer like this. This is HORRIBLE. He used to be a nice guy and I guess I just realised that PEOPLE CHANGE a lot. He WAS someone I could be with but he is NO LONGER that person.... Unfortunatly Im in Love with PAST him. WHen he was enlightened. Now he is fallen and drags me in it, and i dont want to go there. I need to take care of my body my doctor said: You just can NOT afford to cry, do u get it? and I couldnt explain to doctor that IM in emotional pain as well... but oh well Its over then. He lost me. IM tired and sick of this. And um excuse me? Wait for him? HELL f@cking no way I will wait for him. You know why? Becoz by the time he realise what he lost Ill be gone and with someone better with someone who deserves my huge passionate love. IM over this cr@p.

  • Taurus Lady, you need to put your effort on someone that want the same then you

    He said he slept with someone else, thats should be the end of it

    Your feeling are simply not meeting a positive response

    You love him or the old him but you should never love someone else more then you

    You deserve more

    To take someone out of your mind, you dont need time you know, You need awakening

    When you truelly realise this guy in front of you got nothing with the guy you have in your mind, you just STOP and start looking or that guy in your mind

    As his out there waiting for you and right now you are wasting your timeon someone that cannot give you what you need and that is simply, LOVE

    Not everyone that you love will love you back simple and yes people change and most of people change for the worst not the best

    But in life nothing is clear and dead end

    Right now you do need to let go, you also need to change here not just him

    Right now you need to let go so you can find peace

    If it's mean to be it will be but right now, MOVE ON and STOP waiting for a guy that is sleeping right now with another girl and kissing another girl etc..

    Think of it

    GO have some fun and i tell you something about guy, It's when they see you living your life and enjoying it that they get attracted by you again

    Men dont like girls waiting for them at home as the chase is too obvious and easy


    dont speka of him, for 3 week to no one, if someone start to speak about it, stop the conversation, avoid sad movies and romantic movies

    Treat yourself like you had the flu, you need time and stay away from draining friends and people

    even demanding friends and people stay away, this is a time for you , ONLY.

  • I can tell you i feel so much better and it's now been 1 month of " No Contact" with him and the more i am going the more i dont want him around so feeling great day after day, after day 🙂

  • Awesome, seems like what Im a bout to do 😄 Nah really I feel much much better reading what you wrote you see my parents failed to teach me one thing.... When I was little they gave me EVERYTHING my heart desired and when I couldnt get something I would cry and make my mom buy shit for me.. Its horrible !!! I mean I Love my parents they did so much but common! WHen Ill be a mom and if my child will be crying and screaming I'll be like: Well too bad, in life you dont always get what you want." And thats it... END OF STORY! Nice and simple and you know thanks to this idiot for teaching me to Love me myself, to appriciate the right person and that he taught the tough way but still I do respect myself more and wont let any jerk get the best of me anymore. Of course I understand it wont be easy Ill be okay IM sure.. Ive been through worse shit in life so I will survive this im sure haha but honestly when he gna want me back i aint gna come. Becoz of the suffering he inflicted on me.

  • Awesome, seems like what Im a bout to do 😄 Nah really I feel much much better reading what you wrote you see my parents failed to teach me one thing.... When I was little they gave me EVERYTHING my heart desired and when I couldnt get something I would cry and make my mom buy shit for me.. Its horrible !!! I mean I Love my parents they did so much but common! WHen Ill be a mom and if my child will be crying and screaming I'll be like: Well too bad, in life you dont always get what you want." And thats it... END OF STORY! Nice and simple and you know thanks to this idiot for teaching me to Love me myself, to appriciate the right person and that he taught the tough way but still I do respect myself more and wont let any jerk get the best of me anymore. Of course I understand it wont be easy Ill be okay IM sure.. Ive been through worse shit in life so I will survive this im sure haha but honestly when he gna want me back i aint gna come. Becoz of the suffering he inflicted on me.

  • Hi Taurus Lady, hum keeping busy really help to get your mind out of the guy

    i think of him less and less and want him less and less but i still think of him

    You know we only see the bad side of the situation, for me for example there are many good side of not having the relationship work

    i didnt spend money on it

    i didnt waste my time be with a guy that will just run me over and still think of his ex

    It leave space for me to meet the right guy 🙂

    Knowing me i would have invested money i didnt have for myself into him and his need

    he so demanding and as expensive taste that he cant afford with his own money but he would have took my money to satisfied himself instead

    Maybe he will be cheating on me as the ex story and after 3 days together on great evening, the great time we were having did not stop him to give his number to girl at the bar

    What chance did i have with this guy?None

    Whatever i would have done good or bad, i just had no room in his life

    Sad, isnt it? but it's kind good to face reality

    The last thing i told him last time is [ i kept away this time and i will remember you dont love me and you never will]

    Thats it right, everyone need something in this world

    Fish need water

    Cats, to be free

    Women need love

    Men need S

    I need love and respect

  • Yea Until I get my Love and respect I wont settle for less.

  • Morning 🙂

    I wanted to ask you how would heal a Taurus that you hurt?

    I mean there is his behaviour but there is also the fact that i have no clue how to fix our problems as i feel our problem are mainly drive by his behaviour

  • Hi LadyTaurus

    How are you?

    I called him today, it was nice we are meeting this Sunday

    i did that and was happy all day but now , this evening i feel strange

    This thing i got with him is so strong, i cant let it go

    I am so scared to be close but i dont want anyone at all

    for life i want him

    but i am scared if it's not real and i am scared if it's real as it;s so strong

    it's more then s.. more then love, more then passion i dont know it blow so deep in me

    I cant be without him

  • Hey star2u I know what you mean... I um I just realised that im FUCKED for a LOOOONG time... I realised I cantg fight my feelings anymore. I can't I just embrace it. I need that person more than anything but I cant have that person.... I moved to another country so I have no idea what is going to happen... I dont know.. I just understand that to say that I dont care it would be a LIE... Im very upset at this moment because he doesnt write to me at all, he doesnt try to communicate with me in any way... Im scared i lost him... but I cant do anything, I cant force someone love me... I wish he knew that I cant sleep at all...I just wish he knew how much i need him right now in my life...

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