How to end it with scorpio?

  • i contacted him, insulted him like mad and we end up turning each other on. he told me: i am so turned on right now.. you got this fix over me? what that mean??

    this is a nightmare

    i asked him to meet he said no, games playing ah!

    i asked him to not contact me for 1 year he didn't respond

    i took the decision for us to not contact him or respond to him for 1 year

    i cant take this anymore

  • Star2u Oh . my.god. I wish I read it earlier. I know a few Taurus men are abusive. Its kinda similar with Scorpio they can be abusive as well the thing is tho it's ony the "stupid" and "unelightened" people. Really tho. GIRL you are so lucky have to have a good job and homes!!! I'm in twenties and nowadays its hard to do what you want and get money for it... So I graduated and its so hard for me to find proper job to be honest... The only thing is I have lots of awesome friends, I traveled a lot and studied overseas, and still keep in touch with some of them!

    It seems to me you did sleep with him a little too fast..... But I know its hard to resist although me and my scorpio are extremely self-controled, everytime we met he would touch me and I touch him but I tried to resist going any further.. There was one time his friend was dropping me and him off, and i was drunk lol anyway I was playing with my cell phone at the back and his friend like asked my adress and I was distracted with phone so I didnt answer and he tells him:"oh she gna sleep at urs" and he says:"No way, I won't be able to hold myself" and he just walked off and IM like:"OMG" lol So yeah.. Nah man we have some respect going on for sure...

    Compare to what you wrote my Scoprio is a SWEET ANGEL LOL

    ANyaway back to you.. He seems so LOST... I was Lost once and drank... and even smoked(not everyday but did) anyway if anyone told me to stop I won't BUT if for example my Scorpio guy would ask me to stop I would! 😄 I respect his wishes and he is right lol ANyway this Taurus guy that you are pshysically attracted to is LOST and I get the feeling its NOT you he hates its either himself or his ex and he tries and tries to revenge something that has LONG GONE. SERIOUSLY GIRL LISTEN TO ME! I know its hard BUT You need TO STOP contacting HIM and if he ever txt or call you do NOT Reply. Seriously Silent treatments are the best. All you can do is contact him last ti,e saying to him:"Bro, you gta sort your shit out and until you haven do not f.cking contact me.." nd then JUST IGNORE the jerk!

    I can undestand him being childish since IM the same..... I like when someone buys me physical goods and stuff.. And I can understand that, its kinda like if you buy me sh!t it means you love me lol weird i know ... but seriously though if I love someone I respect them! And would try to change for better.

    Just honestly leave him sweety.... Just leave him to sort his life out. He is insecure and he drags you along and the worst thing is that you ALLOWING him to do all that crap to you. I KNOW I really know its hard to stop but you have to.

    Also you said he is like always turned on, well.... I tell you secret .. about 99% of the guys are always turned on at this age... Its not old age and people get turned on easly. And Common! Guys are like that, we girls have to reaspect ourselves more. So if he doesnt get it Just. STOP communicating with him! I cannot stress enough how imoirtant it is! Let him sort his life out. I dont mean to be harsh but he sounds like a totally lost person. All you can do is leave it.

  • Hi [TaurusBunny]

    You are completely right about giving him the silence treatment. YES BABY LETS DO IT lol

    For me through this will not be a test it will be real stop. I never waited for a guy and not going to start now.

    I have told him last night I don’t want him to contact me for 1 year [he did not respond to confirm that but so far I know he will not respect it despite he said he doesn’t love me I know he now got a routine with me and the routine is contact me every 2 weeks times]. I told him will no longer respond to his txt for that period and I am planning to follow through that promise. So girl lets see how strong I can be 

    I did tell him that I want more then physical with a man and also told him right now I feel I am in love with him but it can be wrong as it seem to go nowhere.

    Of course despite his not a catch I am heartbroken and going to need to take time to heal myself and focus on my life and projects.

    Regarding the sleeping, for me it was not a mistake at all, it was what I wanted to do, I like living my life and go with the flow and before him I was single for 1 year, I don’t regret it

    I want to just go with the mood and if the person can make me feel this good at the first met then I know there is more to look for.

    Also many times the guys they are so terrible in bed I know I didn’t waste my time waiting for nothing

    s.e.x is important to me and my God sometimes despite you love the guy the bed is so terrible

    Their thing are so small you cant even see it it’s terrible, I am sorry but how can you tell???

    Little Chinese people do a lot teasing and touching but their things are so small

    I was with massive guy that had tuny, tiny one like a spot in middle of their belly , OH NO 

    And sometimes I got guy with big , massive one but still don’t know how to do it

    Really , waiting I don’t know man

    I am such animal in bed I cannot have little puppy in bed with me, moaning like little cat, go away back to your mum

    I need a real piece of BOOM here , gee

    I get so piss off I kick you out of bed

    What other advice can you give me? Last night he admitted he think of me every day but when I told him I love him he responded that his sorry but he doesn’t want to hurt me and he doesn’t feel the same. [What you think of that? I can’t comprehend Taurus please explain ahaha

    I am an Aquarius and if this is a game I can tell you right now he just lost me for life, right there.

    He always trying to find a way to put me down it’s like it makes him feel superior or something. Like he cant handle my life.

    You are right he got issues I know, he lies and trying to say I lie, I don’t even think he got a real job with an income he say he is a photographer but his always free so far I see and live with his parents.

    He smoke weeds and drink quiet a bit. When the police came to my home they told me he was known by them but they did not tell me for what.

    He only speak about holiday and fun things, I don’t see any side of taking responsibility in his life at all, it’s scary

    You be saying well why you like him, Bump yeah the this is great but the thing is I see a lot kindness in him, his nice guy but very sensitive I like that and I also know he can faithful and I kind saw my little kid with him, I really love him I guess his punishing me now because when he told me he love me I broke up with him.

    I am in my 30 and I know what you are saying about jobs, I know.

    I did not have an easy life and still not, I left home at age 10 years old and have worked to survive since, I have a home I rent out and make money with my properties but I am also a business analyst working for major bank.

    I have no friends at all it’s by choice, I prefer have real friends then fake friends and I love been alone.

    My life is not perfect, I have no friend, no family and my parents doesn’t even know my life, all I do is to pay their bills

    I am alone but I am happy and feel content

    But when someone I love like that crap guy put me down, accusing me it hurt me because I am not who he think I am he just I have no family, who will marry that hey

    I wish I had someone calling him and say leave her alone she is too good for you anyway but I have no one

    I met many people that try to use me for what I have and I feel The Taurean guy he trying to use me in all different level

    Buying him a dog was not the issue the issue was his abusive behaviour and careless attitude I did not want to reward that and wanted to give him a lesson.

    Plus I am not stupid I met many people like him before that just want to be around you for what they can get.

    If he like me, he should like me for me not for what I can give him and lets not forget about what he suppose giving me too.

    Yesterday, he accusing me of lying, I said “ yes, i lie all the time, I lied about the dog, I lied about my job I don’t work at the bank I work at the market selling fruits, I lied when I met him I was not single I put up fight with him about his ex so my boy friend don’t find out, I lied the house is not mine I am renting it, and you should check yourself out as I am full of disease and yes I just escape from a mental hospital ahahah”

    Why trying to defend myself hey, when he first met me he did not try to know me, he said he had apparently some special power and he can read people mind[ My GOD who can believe those thing] so for him he did not try to know me

    Since I broke up with him and I hit him and i been pictured with a very sad and gloomy picture above me

    Basically I am the worst woman in this world

    Ok I need to stop about this, any advice?

    I won’t speak of him anymore apart he contact I let you know but I won’t reply.

    I guess your relationship seem to have more chance then mine to work, hey?

    What are you going to do about it? Plus you guys have not slept with each other yet so if you get together one day he will feel he worked a lot harder to get you. He must take the whole things so seriously, maybe he doesn’t want to spoiled the friendship or something.

    I most say that side with me[ The sleeping], to follow what I want wont change despite I know it can seem it is too quick, for me I got no time to wait and find out how it is in bed as many times, so many times it was not worth the wait

    The guy can do “ oh , yeah, I am worth it baby but then you try and it worst then you thought , damn what did i waited for that?, plus after sex people change

    Trust me having sex show you people real colour, they change and the change can hurt

    A guy can chase you badly and play with you, tease you or call you all the time then BAM , as soon you have sex with him he even:

    1. Leave straight away and make a little lie to leave

    2. don’t call you anymore when he use to call you all the time, after sex you now calling him, chasing him and feeling so low

    3. After sex he start to treat you badly, feel like his the king now and you are just nothing and you got to work now to keep him, damn

    Ok, so you think yeah girl but sometimes guy value you more after it, yeah maybe Darling

    The way I been behaving and I don’t plan it is just the way I am is

    I follow what I want to do, I sleep with you because I want to, FOR ME not for your you

    I please me not you,

    When I don’t want it anymore then I don’t

    I have so many guys still chasing me after 7 years and slept with them only once, they still chasing, they don’t get what happen and it question their big ego, why she don’t want it anymore and one time put a lot issue

    Maybe he was not good that night and now you don’t want him , his thinking oh I got to show her that I can be better then that, I got to show her

    The chase is right back UP UP UP and now it’s not just a question to get you but it’s a question of man pride

    The sad truth is I never try them again, sorry and they keep chasing and I never called

    It doesn’t matter if the s.e.x was good or bad I never call a guy and if he txt me I txt back on purpose 6 hours later and next day

    If the S.E.X was not good I tell you straight up, I always have something to say ahaha

    If it’s not good I stop right up and say I don’t like it we need to stop now, I get so upset in that moment I could kill the guy

    Like with the Taurean guy, I broke up with him in middle of great s.e.x, and yeah you too can go. He could not believe I did that, what it so good how can you [he said], yeah I just did so wake up. That’s why he calls me crazy because I broke something this good hey.

    Yeah it’s good but I want more then this so start working.

    So tell me what your plan about the Scorpio? Any idea? My plan with Taurean is to leave him alone, it’s over, it’s sad but hey it’s for the best

    I need to tell you something, since age 7 years old I put in my mind to keep away from people of sign Taurus. This is the first time in my whole life I dated a Taurean and I find out by my own experience and other people that are Aquarius and Taurus relationship

    It’s very intense and passion lives there.

    I don’t know about Scorpio as they are very sexual but Aquarius / Taurus is something really beautiful and real but it ask a lot work, it’s honestly amazing.

    I am going to stick to that 1 year “ No contact Rule” as I think it’s an excellent idea

    I have many things I want to do in my life

    Redecorate my home and especially my bedroom; I want a sexy bedroom full of sensual flavour, exiting pictures and aromatic chocolate aphrodisiac candle,

    I want some mirrors art deco all around, so you can see ,you see

    I want some games of lights, red and blue, just that the pleasure can run through and put your sense in trance yeah

    I brought everything to do that and I cant wait and I got those soft silk bedding from Thailand to put in and that massive Gold bed with massive stands on side , to hold you see in case we fall out of bed ahaha

    Thinking of it makes my neck tight and my legs checking ahah

    Opening another Business and get a part time job so I can have an income coming on both side

    I want to go travelling after I am done with my home and get a car and YES, and then after I did all I wanted to do, I then will get him his dog, never mind what I will get it but in 1 year time

    So in way this break is great as I be more happy with myself and maybe he will be too

    But all this time and days and hours I will be thinking so much about his body and his lolly poppy and all I want to do to it , jesus I make sure I go to church to get the devil out me too hey ahahah

    What your plan?

  • It's bullshite hey, i took care myself all my life, to try to have a better life after my mum became a drinker , i did not too bad but what for hey i am still alone anyway and people call me a liar because i have a different life to them, how brilliant

  • Hi [Taurusbunny] its really over between us, we argue all day yesterday, him doing his usual thing of swearing and put down, got use to it now and don't bother me as i realize this not about me but about him.

    We broke up in March but he keep contacting me just to be abusive if i am as bad that he said why he keep contacting me? just leave

    i piss me so much yesterday staying still and tell him his truth he told me he doesnt love and never will, he said he never contact me again

    he said he cant forgive me for hit him and not giving him his dog

    well looking how he treated me when i did not do a thing to him, lie about living with his parents, bringing the ex, putting me down, giving his number to another girl when all was good with us and i not do anything bad

    so better this way as i don't trust him, i think he just used me right from the start and still trying to do it now

    hearing him saying he will never contact me again give me so much peace as each time i start to move on there he is contacting me, it's annoying

    so i feel a big sense of relieve about it

    just go away and stay away

    the last thing i need right now is to be with a guy telling me, buy me this or that , if you don't buy me what i want i don't like you anymore

    and in same time swearing and put me down and put me through emotional abuse and drain

    oh what there is for me with this guy, honestly if he only knew how glad i was he said he never contact again

    If he have told me, lets try again like he did before, lets make it work

    i will seriously struggle to do that to see a future for us

    he live home, i cant sort out a relationship with him when he is home

    he smoke i don't and i hate it so he need to stop the smoking and the drugs

    i dont want to e with guy that ask me to pay things for him, seriously i have tons bills and responsibility to deal with i have no time to support a kid when i don't have kid myself

    i find the thought to live this way with him so stressful

    it's like if you don't have a job and you looking for a job and you don't know where your life going but you are ok alone then Bam you get a guy that demand this and that on you and feel so stress because you stress to not meet his need, you stress to lose him, you stress to meet your own need

    it's just too much

    and top of that , this guy send you the signal he still with his ex, my god

    no absolutely glad it's over and i pray god he stay this way

  • Hey sart2u..... I can't type properly my hands are shaking..... he says he slept with someone... and I can't say whether its true or not.... I just cant stop crying.. Im so hurt. I wish he just wont say that. I SO SICK OF CRYING! PLease please stop this I dont want to cry anymore.... GOD PLEASE... Why can't I find someone faithful in this world god god god

  • Shit.e what, how he told you this, i am so sorry, what the H.E.L.L is wrong with those guys hey

    trusted me there are many guys that are faithful, trust me

    Was he joking or what? Honey

    I dont know what to say as i am in same state here

    He told me he doesnt love me and will never love me

    Do you know who he slept with, why he told you and how?

    Contact me back honey when you feel better, everything will be fine

    This life is just a lerning process, if he really slept with someone he was playing you and you cannot be friend with someone that treat you this way

    If he was joking it's a very bad one and a mean one it's tottally careless

    If it's not true, the same it's mean and inconsiderate

    Honey, this guy he doesnt deserve you, your friendship or your time

    Whatever his problem, next time he see your face show him he did not even touch you with his doing

    he desapointed you to the a deep point it show he was just a waste of time

    cry at home but when you go there wear your best clothes, smile, show some attitude honey

    he surely like as he been playing all those games with you, it;s time you give him a piece of his own medecine right deep in his throw ASS,HOLE

    do something nice that make you happy today, it;s sad to say but he obviously do not care enough for you to stop himself to hurt you this way

    once again ASS.Hole

  • I am sorry, i know how much you love him but looking on how much you love him he doesnt deserve this much from you,he just showed that and thanks GOD you did not sleep with him yet, Imagine that

    so you lost nothing honey

    you kept your dignity and with this kind guy should i say little kid they always come around later see if he still got some charm over you, this time please give him the medecine his begging to get please.

    take the time to be sad about it then get yourself up ok, you lost nothing, absolutely nothing

    One thing through

    it seem he got some sort respect for you if he saw you wanted to sleep with him and he did not jump on it

    so in way i know it;s bad but he may just want to be friend with you thats all

    or i dont know why play the romantic Bast..d then?

    for sure honey he doesnt deserve you, keep some distance with him as he sound quiet instable with his own emotion, he maybe a nice guy but seriously what the H.E.L.L

    i dont get it

  • To answer to your question of your threat: How to end it with Scorpio? well you can just do what you adviced me, not to respond or act,

    we dont need anyone permission to end things we decide when we want someone in our life and when they need to go as the bringing you nothing than pain, there is no gain just GAMES

    I started since Sunday to have my day of crying and feeling miserable, i am still in it but at lease this time i pissed me so much he wont come around

    _There is absolutely no enjoyment in this relationship for me

    Sometimes he stay stuck with someone that really dont make us happy, that just give us a picture of it but we can never live that picture in our reality

    i know it's very hard when you feel you love this person and on top you feel your whole body night and day begging to be touch, kiss, Loved up by them, you just want to join with them, feel good, feel the love, the connection the Passion

    I dont know how to get ride of this

    all i can do for my experience is to deal of my need of him and my deep desire for him i only find one solution so far and that solution is to leave it alone

    Dont try to get rid of it or to forget it will back fire

    i just leave it alone and dont worry about it, dont worry if he love me or not or if he is going to come around or not or if this is the end for us

    i just accept whatever and focus on other things in my life, like looking for work, cleaning my home, decorating my house, do all i can do look good for me, feel good inside for me

    and whatever his doing well he knows where to find me i cant no longer worry about him seriously he drive me crazy

    i hope any of what i wrote here will bring you some sort confort, write back i know your pain


  • star2u thanks for encouragment.. but yeah I pretty much had it. Unfortunatly for him if he did Love me I cant accept i just CAN NOT accept infidelity. You are right probably he just came a round to see but now I didnt delete him I just BLOCK him so now he no longer able to see me or my pictures. JUst seriously F.U.C.K. this shit. Yes I do have a HUGE Passion for him, and connection and ETC ETC BUT this is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE behaviour. No way. No. You know if im in Love I wouldnt be able to cheat becoz I cant even imagine another person putting his p.e.n..i.s. in me. YES I think its UNFAIR. So no freaking wasy IM so tired of this! HE DRAINED ME SO BAD! I pretty sure he is A PLAYER and the WORST! GOD HOW COULD I BE SO STUPID??? HOW??? WHY??? And yes I sgree they only GAVE us a PICTURE in our head and that picture will NEVER be a reality! Becoz he keeps ABUSING and hurting me in Emotional sense. And Yes I cant take it anymore its just too much. And yes I believe when you in Love you keep you "boy" at a place. Freakinbg animal! ANIMAL!!!! Just animal! Nothing else. He never had feelings I think he was revenging his ex gf through me who hurt him BUT WHY IN THE WORLD am I suffering??? I did NOT hurt him in anyway. Honestly IM so upset my heart was hurting and i took medicine so i feel real tired and sleepy but I need to focus on cleaning my room so I should be feeling much better!!! WHAT A J.E.R.K!

    You know I never thought I was so STUPID IM a STUPID IDIOT WHO BELIEVED IN LOVE!!!! F.U.C.K. Me for this.... He hurt me so much the earth under my feet was slipping when i read that shit he wrote. He ain't deserve me! And Yes I will silent treat him.

  • [Taurusbunny] i am in same road, i don't know anymore if this thing called love exist and yes i also feel that guy was taking revenge through me because he still in love with his ex or he still not over her.

    Seriously leave it alone now and focus on your life , do thing that makes you happy, smile

    he doesnt deserve you and you are not stupid

    you went and follow what you thought was the right thing to do, it was real for you and he was just playing with you like psycho that feel now he has a girl he can control as his wish

    not worth it

    It's been 3 days for me and i can tell you i feel so much better, knowing i pissed him off to the point he will now leave me alone it's a great news, getting him come around every weeks , contacting me was breaking my healing with the issue

    i hope this guy is not going to play the same game with you but i feel he will try

    Honey this is not about you at all, it's him he has issues and his putting his issues on you it's not fair

    Leaving him alone

    Dont judge yourself through this miserable situation that you did not have any control over at all

    you only did your best and your best is you genuinely loved him and he is too blind to see this or to take courage to see what it could have been and to move on from his past.

    There are thousands guys like this in world, behaving this way, listening to songs and you see it there

    for while avoid romantic song or music, regarding the passion this is yours not his, you lost nothing and you could use your passion on something else for you where you can express it

    Smile honey you are beautiful

    some people after they got hurt , feel the right to hurt everyone around them, its like we pay for the other person doing but that his problem not yours.

    you are a woman, as a woman there are thounsand thing you can do now to make you feel better, go shopping, do your hair, make up whatever your deal is, go do it

    thing will be ok

    Advice through: people will tell you to forget about him and to shut it down

    i advice you to look at the issue and find out what went wrong and to learn from the experience

    this way you don't keep baggage with you. This guy obviously kept baggage with him and did not deal with his emotion properly so don't do the same then him, try to learn from the issue

  • Hello [Taurusbunny]

    There is always a better day :

    I met two guys 2 weeks ago and felt very attracted by one the guy, Michael, his French like me

    I saw him again today, he put the sun right back inside of me

    I like him 🙂

    but his friend just asked me out for a drink today, i accepted as his nice too 🙂 and i am not longer waiting for one guy to make up his mind

    I am going to try to get Michael coming to as it's friend drink

    See, Darling it's not those men that makes the rules but us, say goodbye to that idiot and as soon you do it another brighter door open for you

    Michael he is so charming, the way he look at me kills me inside i can bearly speak ahaha 🙂

    The Taurus told me he doesnt love me and will never love me, it broke my heart and pieces for that day but today and always my heart is shaping up with better seeds

    I am trying to not go crazy on that new guy, i waitied 2 weeks before i pop in his shop to speak to him again

    My love is in me it's with no one else, it's never lost and it cannot leave me

    That Taurean guy was wrong for me anyway and it's all over now

    Be strong all be ok, it was only a bad dream

  • Thank you star2u!! Im just in a weird state of mind right now... Im not even crying anymore... you know I cried at first when I found out and the earth just slipped away when I understood what he wrote... but Im seriously NOT crying at all.... In fact for some reason Ive been happy yestarday! U know... I still have spirititual connection with him and i can feel it....... BUT regardless of that I just got it... We are opposites of zodiac and we are tied up magically BUT I cant do this anymore I do not want him t hurt me, to abuse me to manipulate me anymore... I wish we talked I wihs he wrote me something, anyhting... I wish I could hear the TRUTH but he just being SILENT! And I can feel him ifact I believe he was controlling my mood! Thats just how crazy it is... Im not sure why im not stressing out anymore maybe because he HAS made me MUCH MUCH stronger then ever I was... And now i think if he REALLY LOves me and wants me in his Life he would do somehting about it not just being so silent!!!!! His silence hurts MORE then his words. Honestly. Damn it I just dont know anything anymore ...i know that he does watched over me fo sure..... thats crazy but i m 100% sure.....IN THE END... I'm not regreting anything.. becoz I found out how to Love and thats awesome, shit now tears just come to my face by themselves , and in the end I wasnt the one who gave up, I did tell him I liked him and I took my chance so I dont regret a thing coz I didnt lie i didnt give up. Ive done everythng I could, without trying to be too clingy..

  • Hi Girl, well yes you did all you could, the thing is i really believe you lost nothing here, you did not sleep with him and you guys were not dating so nothing is lost

    Guy sometimes like to test us see if you are jealous or possessive or something

    i will just say take it easy nothing is lost, the thing is if you react strongly to this like he cheated on you he will think you maybe mad as you guys were not dating

    so take it easy

    The thing is Yes he was playing with you as he did all those things with you and you can see clearly now that he was also playing with someone else as he slept with someone else

    This did not happen over night surely

    so he like to play

    But in your case you did not lost anythihng and for a matter of fact this may have gone to your advantage as now you can make it harder, much harder for him to have you if this one day happen

    I think you still have chance but you need to decide is it wort it??

    only time will tell

    now you know he like to play and maybe play in many different field, you can drive carefully by not showing you interest in him, not telling him anything, not let him touch you

    i know it;s hard but his playing and for you it's real, know your limit

    how old is this guy? if his young well it wont be a surprise why his playing.

    I went to my date today with Michael, it did not go, my mind is with the Taurean but i made up my mind about him, it;s over his kid and i need a man.

    Decide what you want or dont decide and take itn easy,m step by step, you lost nothing so dont be sad, you are hurt because he slept with someone else but this is good as you did not give in

    now, you can really watch your friend with both of your eyes open and watch your heart too

    dont speak about he slept with someone else as you guys were not dating, he may take it in wrong way many guys would

    take it easy, cool, dont mention it and just put distance between you and him

    overracting wont help here, take it with class

  • by the way his a fool, if he his a player he surely made a fatal error by showing you his real color, he play with you and do all those things and then sleep with someone else

    This his lost as he clearly feel something for you otherwise he wont do this but be careful what he feel can be he kind like you to he just like you for his pride , the pride to feel powerful to make girls like him, something stupid like that

    he maybe also he like challenge like many people out there and you did not show enough challenge for him

    well it's not too late to top it up girl

    now the ball is really in your side not in his

    he did not play his game well i must say

    when a man behave this way , sometimes it;s a test and when he see that you take it with smile like whatever so what???? he start to panick and wonder if he did not lost his magic

    if he see you panick after he told you, it show him you are not the right one for him as he feel she try to control me and we are not even together, how it would be if i date her, NO Way

    so relax, nothing is lost, trust me, a woman need to have class and she need to know her worth, when the guy run she seat and relax as she know other men will kill for her

    it show more elegance so stop those tears nothing to cry about, everything is all fine, now he lost his card with you and you got control of the situation

    you decide

  • Yeah maybe. But we didnt sleep maybe but we had lots of physical connection and spirititual connection., And frankly I do not want to pretend like I dont care because guess what I DO care and yes I do not want him to sleep with someone else. And if he doesnt like it then he can get lost. Im like this,, Its me THE REAL me. if he cant handle it then whatever. I have my rules. If you with me you with me. if you dont want to be with me then fine. I do not want to make anyone be with me I gave him freedom now I blocked him and thats it. Im SICK and tired of being HURT so f that... This is insulting, sleeping with someone and having such a connection with me is downright DISRESPECTFUL. Then do not fing add me if you cant handle me.

  • Hi [TaurusBunny] to be fair i am like that too ahah. I had that Scorpio guy from Canada that moved to my home as a tenant. As soon he move in he started firting with me in daily basic, i started seriously fall for him very quickly, he was so gentle, kind , fun etc,etc....

    We had a strong connection

    after two days he was at the apartment i had a date with someone and i told him, he was furious at the date and waited for me when i came home, i did not understand why he was upset as i did not have anything with him, he just moved in

    after that day each time i leave the house he would txt me etc..

    anyway i felt for him

    Valentine day came and he brought me in morning some flowers and cakes and a card

    i also brought him some gifts and told him i loved him in big way

    then one day from nowhwere he told me he slept with one his colleague and he want to bring her in the apartment to personally meet with me

    I blow out like [Taurus ahaha] i told him i was deeply hurt and i could no longer live with him, i told him i will not pretend that i felt nothing and he only played with me

    I told him there is no way i put up with the meeting, go to H.E.L.L.

    he behaved like he did not know why i was this way but i did not changed my mind

    he stayed 2 days more in the place and he moved out in a friend place

    I was his landlord and i felt he tried to manipulate me to some emotional games, i really did not like it

    I thought me and him were friends, he always hug me and kiss me on cheek,k i tried to tell him this need to stop as his my tenant and it's not right but he fight with me to say he couldnt help it

    it was all a game

    when i went to his bedroom i find more letters of girls desperately declaring their love for him

    what an idiot i have been

    Yes i know what you mean and how you feel

    Dont play with me if you not going to respect my heart for what it is, dont play because i dont play.

    Hey by the way 🙂 are you going to try an aquarius man now:) it's real passion it;s real

    i still in love with my Taurean, i see my kids with him, i am so tired fighting with him i just want it to stop and be with him anywhere he want

    win i dont care just give me a big hug you idiot

    Oh love sucks:(

  • oh i wanted to ask, now that you are mad at him and etc....

    Do you still think of him, S.E..ALLY? through or you lost it

    i am asking as soon i think of my Taurus i get so turned on i cant think about anything negative when i am there

    He is mad at me but S.E.X still ON ON and now we pissed each other off it will be a volcano connecion now

    Man i dreamed the other day to have S with him when i am pregnante 🙂 seating on him with slow S ahahah

  • SHit! That scorpio dude!!! I can see right through him, obviously he didnt wanna pay rent and wanted to manipulate you emotionally! What a f...tard!

    YES Im still thinking about him and YES I get EXTREMELY turned on LOL THATS a thing with me and him, he get TURNED ON but huting me in any way! Seriously he does!!!! And same goes for me, IM such a fing a.s.s.h.o.l.e coz I just want him so bad. BUt really s.e.x. isnt everything. If he gna try to communicate with me in any way I'll be like:"Just fing tell me what you want, otherwise f off" Coz Im seriously tired of these games! A little bit of gaming is nice and s.h..i.t but you need to snap out of it. IM sure tho ONE Day he will be the one who CRIES. He WILL.

  • Hi TaurusBunny, How are you? and how are things? Whats going on in your world, any news of him?

    How do you get ride of that damn desire and passion for him? it's such problem.

    Last night i received 40 abusive txt from the Taurus guy, i did not reply to none of it

    since he told me a week ago that he doesnt love me and doesnt want me to contact him anymore and doesnt like me

    i decide to no longer reply

    This is not a game through as Yeah, i have enough of his sorry A.S.S

    if I am so bad why does he still contacting me? why does he feel the right to ask me to get him a puppy? ask someone else

    I cared you know but now just the thought of him make me feel ill

    My s/x drive is reducing too

    i deserve better then this crap

    Each time he sent abusive message to me or tell me those swearing and degrade me

    it make me feel so cold

    i just wish and pray i never, never see his face again, that my brain erase the day i met him

    he just disguste me in point now

    "i know, i know his playing mind games with me and his exeptionally good at it, trust me

    i dont know what he want to achieve with this

    his sending me mixed message and now mixed move too ahaha

    one minute he missed me and want to see me and then one other minutes he doesnt want to see me, hate me and just cannot stand me

    I do not get turned on by a man that behave like a woman and with confused emotion i's not sexy

    i just dont know what he want and now i just care to get out of this for good

    he doesnt have the standard i am looking for

    and a man that swear to a woman has no standard or respect for himself

    He gets so mad at me it's like i am doing something horrible to him, he gets so bad

    he told me as long i dont change he will not like me or find me attractive

    but change what he doesnt even know me what his deal?

    Oh i told him the over day ok lets meet i dont care anymore i need to see you and then he tells me

    come on baby: you getting weak, be strong girl

    whats that all about

    he then go on and on about how i should not give in as he will think i am a weak minded, man this guy got serious issue

    he said mu family think you are weird

    my friends think you are crazy and should be lock up

    This morning i read all the txt he sent to me and realise this is not love but hate

    he hate me

    and i realise things will never be ok between us

    he put me down with his friends, family

    how can things be ok after all this is happening

    it will never be

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