How to end it with scorpio?

  • This guy is torturing me for at least two years now. I have NO brains left, NO energy No nothing. This is MADNESS. The thing is I have feelings for him as in "emotionally attached"... So I can't just say "piss off" He made me believe he liked me (flirting, touching, kissing tc etc) and then when I told him i like him he told me im insane so I deleted him outta my life and told him in english:"I cant be your friend" becoz I can't i have feelings way more than that and I deleted him off every social network we been connected on.. and this ****** up crazy jerk re-adds me after months, wtf?seriously why? WHY can;t he LEAVE ME ALONE? I told him i cant handle being friends and he doesnt seem stupid.. I dont get it. Tell me nice and straightforward why would you do this?

  • You may have to take out an AVO against him or threaten him with legal action if he persists. That might get the message across - Scorpions have great difficulty letting go of anyone, even when there is no more relationship there. And you must ask yourself why you are attracted to someone who abuses and torments you. Maybe this guy just senses you are still interested no matter what he does to you.

  • Hi [TaurusBunny] Why he does it because he can :). Scorpio just sex getting physical and passion. You told him you love him and he said you are insane. You shouldn't be asking why he behave the way he behave as the reality is none cant tell you exactly why, only him can. You should ask yourself , why are you still around?

    He show you he doesn't care basically, why are you bother whatever he does.

    People like playing games some like it to keep you at hand and manipulate you, there is not only good people out there.

    If he doesn't make you happy and don't return your feeling why you are around?

    He can ad you or delete you, it doesn't really matter, what matter is what you decide to do with your life, isn't it?

    who care what he does, if you keep trying to figure out someone that doesnt behave the way you will do this will bring you only pain.

    I know when you like a guy and he show you show you some sign of hope and interest you start to think maybe he like me but his scared to be involved or he been hurt before or his shy etc... and etc.. but bottom line is his playing your feeling right now and doesn't show much care if you are hurt or not by his doing

    it's to you ton decide if you want to keep going this way, you said it's been two years or you want to give your time NOW to a new man that love you and want a relationship with you?

    What do you want?

    i know its very hard for a Taurus to change their mind especially when they like someone but sometimes the battle and struggle is not worst it, you need to let go 🙂

  • thanks star2u maybe you r right. But what should I do now? Should I delete him again? I dont know....

  • Hi [Taurus] Well follow your heart, do you still like this person? scorpio and Taurus is a great match. Why dont you give it a last try and ask him a direct question like " do you like me or not? if he say no then delete him and move on to something more existing then games.

    Give it a last try, i know taurus doesnt give up easily i am involved with a Taurean right now and despite him and me saying goodbye a thousands of times thing seem to never end but sometimes better leave it alone.

  • Hi [ Taurus] how is it going? i got a book today maybe you can check out it pretty good, i thought it wont be but it is good: " why men love botches" by sherry argov.

    I wanted to ask you as you are a Taurus, How i can get ride my taurus man, we say goodbye many times but his still around, he give me 1 or 2 weeks break then txt me a short txt so say nearly nothing most the time

    i have offered that he delete my numbers and txt but he refuse to delete the txt, he said his trying to see if he can resist , wonder resist what?

    he say goodbye but say things like you and me is for a long time

    well sadly we have no much chance for us.

  • HEY star2u!!! Sorry for late reply! Had so much going on!!! Um Yes yes I do Love him so much I'm just 100000% sure lol I have never ever thought about a person EVERY second of everyday. Now. Regarding to your question earlier: "He is trying to resist" OH YEAH I KNOW what he is trying to resist!!!! Coz thats what ive been doing... The thing is I cant really tell you what it is.. Partly its the CRAZY CRAZY I repeat Crazy feeling to want freaking u naked and get naked ourselves LOL Serously though I havent felt such a strong physical attraction in my ENTIRE life lol But I get just drawn towards him and if we talk we always end up touching each other in one way or anotehr.. The was one time just talking and I havent even realised we almost hold hands... And this INTENSE physical attraction what scares me most.... Im usually quite logical and not stupid but when it comes to him my brain just shuts down... I swear to god if we where left alone in one room..... .LOL

    If you want you can read my story....

    If you have time. It just gives an insight of what Ive felt.

    I've been quite reserved with him.... We met a few years ago now, but didnt really do anything... I think he had a gf at the time. Anyway... he added me on FB or I did I dont remember. The point is after like a year or so we started talking on social network. And after that he would just KEEP sending me invites to go out party with him and shit. But at the time I was keep declining all the requests, and he didnt give up for a looooong time lol ANyway after that He gave me his number and added me on another social thingy lol And then we had same event to attend. SO what happened was whn I got to the event he was smiling at me and When we were talking pics and stuff he would put his hand on my lower back it felt so weird. He has such a soft touch not like other guys grbabed me but very gentle I liked that a LOT....BUT me being a Taurus I was quite reserved and tried not to go all crazy although inside I was LOL And then what happened when I was passing infront of him he touched my LEG OMG lol and I to be honest by tht time was turned on LOL Neva ever anyone could turn me on by touching a couple of time I SWEAR lol But I keep somewhat calm and colected on the outside like nothing happened and then he gopes like: Oh i gta go check bla bla out and I was like: SUre. Any way he left smewhere and I was with my friends so I needed to actualy go home but couldnt see him, forgot to txt saying tht im going and I just went home. He didnt contact me after tht for a WHILE. I went upset...... I thought he could feel what I did.... But at the same time I didnt want to contact me!! e seems so sexual what if he just wants to fuck me and thts it and stuff like tht... my HEART is sooooooo GENTLE its not funny I wouldnt be able to survive tht.... so i didnt comtact and wasnt on social network and he contacted me saying he wants to see me and I said I cant today maybe next week.? And he goes yeah fine. And then When we met next week he was late.... He was really really late by like an HOUR late... WHich pissed the hell outta me! I was pissed at him and showed tht but decided not to go on and on about it becoz he did came after all 😉 STrange logic that i have lol.... anyway next time we met he was late again. ANd I thought HE IS JUST PLAYING me I need to resist him and get out of this. But its sooo hard with scorpios and.... After that we were meeting randomly and going to same parties were he kissed my hand once right after I said hi and hugged him real REAL tight lol And then he kissed me on my cheek and right after that went away and grabbed randpm chick and was having fun with her right in front of me. THAT was crazy!! So I still dont know to this date what he feels. He doesnt talk to me. I deleted him off my social network becoz when I txted and said that I liked him he said:'Its all your fantasy" And I was thinking to myself"yeah right. who was all iover me???!" He LED me on or he is shy or he is CRAZY sick person I do not know still to this date.......Im a bit tired but he recently re-added me on FB again...... And I juat accepted becoz I atleast do not cry every night now..... It s so hard really ... I wish he just told me... But he is soooo secretive I have no idea....

  • Oh my god my [Taurus friend ahaha] I have the same issue with him, one night we broke up and we slept together and that night must have been curse. That night we had one the crazy intense, [ you know what] he was sweating like pig, it was passion unreal ahaha

    that night we had one of our worst fight but best s.e.x too

    we broke up and did not see each other since but each time he goes to sleep he will txt me or in middle of day and there it goes he cant stop doing thing to himself and me cant get the fire of that time out my system, it's punishment.

    He invited me to the engagement of his best friend but when he picked me up he brought his ex girl with him [ why in earth would he do that?] then he was fighting with her in car about her having a new guy. our first date the he kept talking about her, i felt so hurt, i took it for 2 weeks before i exploded of anger and kicked him that when we had that crazy thing it's like punishment for both of us.

    I realise i broke up with him and refuse to come close because i do not believe he love me. i believe he only used me to get back at his ex and it hurt me so much.

    on his damn facebook on front row many pictures of him with the ex. To me he has not moved on and i been doing all i can to not be close to him because of this.

    In same time he asking me to get him a puppy for his birthday i refused, despite our amazing s.e.x life i feel he just using me.

    when i do not do what he want he become verbally abusive and the words he tells me push me away i cannot forget what he saying to me.

    if we are left alone or not alone i think police will need to be call in ahaha as despite all our problem the passion is real, its no joke i never had this in my life and i met many guys but i cannot give in he hurt me so much.

    He doesnt show it but i think i hurt him too but i dont think as he dont care

    This is a serious problem as i am trying to get him out of my system and hate him , i did all to piss him off but i cannot take that passion out of my body and mind

    and you know my relationship is so bad ahahah because he hurt me and after i hurted him but i feel that massive massive passion and love for that guy, i been down for many months now ahaha

    we finally said goodbye the other day and we havent spoken for 2 weeks, for me it's over, over but i have to deal with this massive passion and love as it's not only physical, something is there

    When we in bed, wow that guy is in heaven i swear, hsi there saying i wish this never, never stop

    when i broke up with him he was in rage , how can you want to stop this , ahaha

    now, he got worst, as soon i look at him or hear his voice or what my body in fire MAMA, and same for him he cant control himself, well we both in that boat ahah

    damn ...

    I am asking myself why love and passion is in this place here where there seem no hope left, why

    i am an erotic writer and analyst, i write sexy things to him, when we argue i ask him to delete all my contact and txt, he agree on the contact but refuse to delete the txt because it turn him on aparently

    he said i am evil and crazy, i just want to strangle him really but really i cant wait to get my hands on him lol

    He saying goodbye to me but in same time kept telling me since the first day we met, [ us is for long time] or [ i am going to make .... you for years and years]

    not sure what he mean when he saying goodbye in same time.

    I think his trying to give me a lesson but he see no result and getting frustrated

    he asked me to be just friend and say he had a girl ahahah[ please] but he doesnt want me to come out of his life

    but everything his doing is pushing me away, it's so tricky i dont know what to do as i love him and want to S so much ahah but he makes me feel so hurt and upset

    ....Ok wow girl you got issue there too ahah, listen try to calm down with scorpio

    dont panic is all fine

    when he invite you next time, be late or cancel on him say you got things to do

    when you are with him, speak about another guy ahah, it will teach him a lesson to look at you again

    dont wait on for one guy, it's not attractive

    smile and play with him a bite

    touch him too, you must have some trick of your own right so do it, go on and plus you want too and you will have so much fun ahaha

    you deleting him, well put him back and post nice picture of you and some new guy on it

    come on have fun 🙂

    you know that saying: [anything that you chase will run far from you, if nor faster from you]

    so take it easy, passion is great when you play a bite

    you could give him the kiss of his life and go home alone and let him think about it ahahha

    or do something to him, in very intense way where you enjoy it and leave him there but you need to know how to control yourself too, it's not all to play fire and get yourself burn with it ahahah

    What do you think? if his player he should learn too to not play with fire too, if he is a player make sure you bringing a game that going to stick in every cell of his brain.

    give a bite is worst, more painful then give the whole cake

  • and yes, you are right, [ we both trying to resist it but for what for i swear it's insane]

    I am wondering how this going to finish as for me i feel it's over for good now,

    i met passion once in my life and may not meet it again

  • well you want to be with this guy, how can you get close to him? the thing is some guy play so much games, i hate that, do you see that there is a chance it can work out?

    my guy told me many times he love me but i do not believe him as the issue with the ex his not offering any change with that and i dont want to be around that.

    as a woman we need to not panic and under estimate their interest on us and just keep yourself busy on other things that bring you more satisfaction

    learn about him for example but i really think you should try to play to turn him more [bite by bite] , you know ahah

    oh question= when i was txt my guy he kept saying to me, too much txt, too much txt, then he say i am crazy blah because the txt but when i ask him to delete them he refuse

    he smoke weeds so i think his getting paranoiac or something

    what do think i should do to give this one a harder lesson?

    so far i been responding to him and txt but since the abuse escalated and his behaviour is getting worst i decided to not respond at all and not contact at all, for me it's over but i dont know how serious he his when he say bye.

    regarding your guy if i was you i will not give him too much attention , despite you sensitive, i will play a bite, treat him like a friend simple,[give him a lesson] no kissing, no touching and talking about other guy and keep it cool, when he doesnt expect him do something to him intense to drive him crazy and leave it short and HOT.

    dont call , if he call dont answer, basically do the same game he does, after all his not the only one that can play that game.

  • Actually[Taurusbunny]when he was bitching me about to getting him a puppy when he been terrible with me with no care in world for me and on top telling me if you me to see you get me the dog.

    i sent him a card saying there, go to this place your puppy is waiting for you ahaham he went there and he called me terribly upset saying you lie blah lol

    well i told him you lied too when you promised to treat me right and didnt, you been calling me names and did not ever bother to call me or sort things out but still there you are expecting me to spend 1000 pounds on dog for you, are you mad?he even told me he got a girlfriend so why he doesnt ask her to get the dog for him.

    how to get a Taurean mad i wonder? some guy go too far. his pride to show his the man is burning is brain out. he think he can speak to me anyway he wish, hurt me and still expect for me to run around for him to please him and give him s.e.x . well no darling i will glad play the bitch.. but i will not please you if you dont please me despite that all i think about is to get my hand all over you. i am very pride too 🙂

  • [ Taurusbunny] regarding your guy, he have showed exactely what you need to do to him but you dont see it as his on top of his game.

    what he been doing :

    1.flirting with you, get you hot then leave you wanting for more= do the same to him

    2. You told him you love him = he said you crazy and his not interested= his playing games and are saying darling you just fall too easy for me

    That guy is telling you basically he need more chase and you are not giving him any.

    he may still interested but you need to rise this game right up

    = do what he does, flirt with him then say you seeing someone else, it will confuse he devil on him and make him interested again

    3. you deleted him, add him right back= dont show him you are taking this too seriously

    add him back and dont talk about the past, do like you did not notice when he left and did not call,

    if he talk about it, do like you did not notice [because] you met this handsome guy there [ so did not see you left mate]

    Men are hunter and they like difficult things, they like a good chase even they get made when you give them a date and dont come, they love it make them want you more

    Get the temperature rising and get that scorpio burning hot and having nightmare dreams about his desire that is unmet.

    4. if you are alone with him and you use to touch each other, change that

    seat with him and dont touch him, talk about anything else, if he try to touch you, telling him nicely: honey not today ok.

    you are giving him his cake too easily and too soon and too available there

    By playing all those games with you, his teaching you something, his teaching what his cannot take himself, trust me, if you think for us woman is hard when we want it well there is good news

    it's harder for men, so play with him once and make sure you pull away after it without a single explanation about it, do like it was nothing

    watch what he does [ look what your friend is using as a weapon then hit them with it]

    dont worry you wont lose him, men like fire and relationship need a bite a chase otherwise the fire just die.

    if he didnt like you , he wont bother but careful some guy just like to have you at hand so he knows when he will feel a bite lonely and want some bite of fun you going to be there for him.

    Show him you wont be , if you are around is because you want to and when you want , it's not his call

  • Star2u WHats your sign by the way? R u scorp too? Haha I was smiling through your posts coz thats excatly what I got LOL Now back to you.... You said he was abusive... When next time he is abusive just SAY IT... COz honestly if you are a water sign you guys are wayyyyyyy to sensetive and take everything personal and stuff... So We need to know when we hurt you so that we dont do it again in future. Most of the time we do it coz we dont actually REALISE that we hurt you.. We think we teaching you LOL Taureans can be a bit harsh and overly straight -forward at times, the thing is with taurus/scorp relatioship can get abusive becoz of TOO much passion and verything ALL at ONES lol U know.... When me and him went on date once we went to his appartment and he brought his friend with him it was a chick.. The thing is me and him pretty much ignored her and were talking and drinking alcohol then next thing you know we went to bedroom lol And um I was lying on it and was pretty drunk(but still I remember), and he was standing in front of the bed.... what happened next was crazy! I was keep talking about some drunken shit LOL you know... Anyway when SUDDENLY out of the blue he just Gets on top of me and I go liuke:"What the..." and he grabbed my wrists with his hands and I "tried" to escape, obviously im drunk(no power) and Im a girl LOL And he is wayyyy to strong... What happened next I was trying to escape he put me down hardcore and then He suddly let me go and just were lying on top of me and I was kinda : what the hell is happening??: lol and I didnt control myself so I started to put one hand on his back and slowly rise it up..... and then the friend in another room started to say something and he SUDDENLY Just stood up and walked off LOL and I was like : what the hell was that? Next morening I woke up and guess what? I HAD TWO freaking BRUISE BRACELETS on my wrists!!!!!! LOL But since im a kinky Taurean I don't mind 😛 aahahhahaahha lol yep thats us, we all nice and shit outside but inside... OMG lol

    ANYWAY now back to you... You mentioned that he looked like he doesn't care... Well he wouldnt be still messing with you if he didnt... another thing is We normally Do NOT care on the Outside only.... but the inside is exploding.... In that sense we are like scorps...

    Lol I loved how you mention you can't control!! Thats what Ive been trying to tell you I can normally control and play games and shit with other guys BUT this..... Its like my brain turns off and I wanna get him NAKED LOL I totally understand "wanna strangle and wanna make love at the same time kind of relationship .... we really cant be with or without each otehr lol...

    You also have asked what I think you should do to give him a hard time? and How you get them mad? Well you know if you are a Scorpio then TRUST me you already FKED his brains OUT 😉 If not then I reckon you have something scorpio about u lol

    So.... you say its over... I said the same thing but now here we go it started again!!!!! LOL I just have one question if he was right there getting naked right now would you stop him or made love to him?? 😉 ahahaha Yea myabe your brain tell you its ver but oh man... my BODY AND SOUL wont let it go.. Also I loved how you said There is something else besides the phsycal... NO sh't! No sh't there is 😉 Its CRAZY.... I swear till we make Love I wont come down ever.. But since you said it get even more intense after it then maybe i shouldnt 😉

  • ah [ Taurusbunny] i cannot read you anymore damn it, we are like that too.

    I m aqaurius air sign ascendent in Gemini. Hey honey he txt me today, my taurean saying he want to see me, he want me now, he need it ahaha, he cannot do this anymore, lets just do it he said ahaha

    He first tell me he is going to be in my area tonight if i want to come and when i said yes he said oh better meet on sunday as tonight he already have plan with other people so no good but Sunday is ok

    i told him his playing games and i dont like it

    i told him anyway, i refuse to sleep with him as i believe i deserve more

    he told me the other day he doesnt love me, his seeing someone else and he insulted me badly

    we cant seem to put our difference onside therefore i cannot do this

    i am a girl and unfortunately for girls the society have teach us 2 things about s.e.x. one a woman cannot only sleept with a guy for s.e.x or she get bad name and [2] it's just not enough to have sex and not have respect and love

    when you lower yourself as a woman to just to sex men just loss their respect for you straight away, they see you as ok she is the girl i can have fun with but not married and sorry but i want s.e.x and marriage

    no love, no s.e.x never mind i am dying for it too, i cant handle to go this low for anyone

    i told him point blank " No s.e.x is possible with you despite my whole body is beging for it i have more respect for myself to sleep with a guy for the right reason then the wrong reason and animal instinct. answer your question if he get naked what i will do, the answer is NoTHING

    i will die inside but i cant go there, he told me he doesnt love me, he seeing someone

    i need someone that respect me and love me

    i cant let him touching me knowing his sleeping with me just for sleeping i cant

    i couldnt look at myself after it and feel like a worth it woman, i just cant

    Sometimes you can do this and it's fun but it's not fun here because i love him

    i love him like mad, i love him and pray to R.A.P.E him and shut his mouth with my kiss and suffocating him by making him screaming and moaning of pleasure, all night, damn guy, he wont hace any voice left after i am done with him

    i want to make him sweat to the point he got no water left, ahaahah

    i want to grab him by his hair and suffocate him with my breast ahah

    i make him so high he couldnt make a difference to be in bed and be in air ahahha

    ........Yeah i know how you feel, i think Darling you like the tease but you got to get this in control and tease him back

    i think what you like is he knows how to build you up, slowly but surely, he really cooking you up with nice fine species, delicious juice , his giving you more then S.E.X is making you enjoy it badly

    making your whole sense tense, your cell producing orgasmic nutrition to your brain,

    oh darling this kind action takes months to come out of your brain ahahah

    he know how to keep it going and he is not cheap with it

    so turn on ahahah

    he keep it going even outside the bedroom , oh yeah

    at lease you are lucking look at those people they need to be home or in bed to get bite that you got, poor them

    what woud be great is to mix that with beautiful food, champagne, sex and some violent pushing down ahahah

    oh, i have no ideal if it's over between you two sound HOT HOT HOT LOL

    How long this been going on?

    What you doing to do??

    for me i pray it's over but dont know he sounded pretty desperate today but still playing the resist game lol

    he just txt me saying i think you are in Love, with my lolly pop

    Idiot if only it was only that?

    since i hit him, we cannot meet with his friends and family, they hate me and he said i was crazy so now hard to repair all this

    it's quiet a mess

    ok question for you: what if he tell you i dont love you but just want to sleep with you once of month but i have a girlfriend, what you do?knowing you want him so bad?

    i know my Taurean baby doesnt have a girl, i know if he doesnt i kill him lol and yeah i have the scorpio fire man my friends told me

    ok we need to make a plan, what we going to do seriously with those guys hey?? any idea

    for me i think you need to play more with the scorpio guy, show him you can tease too come on Taurean

    is it something you can do and do the same for him and leave there too wondering and praying for it, it must be a way right? ahahha

  • Go Ahead make love to him, even it gets worst, why not, you live only once ahaha

  • Star2u!!! And again I have read your post and been HARDCORE smiling through it all!!! You are amazing at writing and stuff!!! And OH MY GOSH you are soooo similar to me in the sense that you mentioned """" i am a girl and unfortunately for girls the society have teach us 2 things about s.e.x. one a woman cannot only sleept with a guy for s.e.x or she get bad name and [2] it's just not enough to have **** and not have respect and love"""" You know its so so true!!! We cant just f around and I need someone stable enough although in other aspects that person is free to do whatever they want appart frmo cheating ofcoz its a big NO-no for me lol Anyway from what I read I dont really know your story, and yes Taureans can play games too... But ALSO there is this thing is he might be unsure if you might've sent the wrong signals like you been flirting or being phsycal too much maybe he thought like:"OH, she in for my candy only" and then acts kinda hot/cold coz thats what i've been doing to my Scorpio.... I did drift away and even declined his requests and I havent contacted him first! SO yea he had to work to get me out LOL anyway you do sound like you are more expereinced in relationships then me, I havent been in a "Serious" proper relationship but he was he had his forst gf for like YEARS lol so I can assume he is capable of being stable enough for me LOL '


    Can you tell me how you met your guy? He does sound strange I cant tell if he is being afraid or he is being an idiot LOL

    Damn girl you sound so freaking PASSIONATE I havent heard such things from an Aquarian before I have a few Aqua friends but they are real nice to talk to but they are very CALM like I know three of them and all of them are real passive and Im like a crazy freaking duracell bunny LOL

    Yeah I LOOOOOOOVVEEE The tease!!! I go CRAZY when he teases me LOL I did tease him babes, and I still do to this date LOL I freaking LOVE how you said he is cooking u up Ahahahahah I couldnt stop laughing I swear lol Well We have been known each other since like three years now but dating only sarted last year...

    Oh same here his friends think im a NUTCASE but the thing is they are fking insane themselves so that makes two of us, I havent met his family tho..

    As for if he said if he wants to sleep with me, I'd probably just go for it... Honestly I cant TAKE IT ANYMORE LOL I really want to fall asleep!!! Ever since we started dating I havent SLEPT properly a single freaking night !!! So if he said it I'd just jump on him and tear his shirt on him LOL ahaahhaahahaha im crazy like that but anyway and then Id probably left tho.... Because I cant just sleep with him but I NEED to do it atleast once otherwise I will NOT be able to be in peace.... LOL Sounds iinsane I know..... Many of my gf's go like:''hmm.... not sure what you talking about..." And i go like:"forget it ..." lol IM glad you get me because you know what I didnt belive in passion becasue I have NOT expereinced it UNTIL I met him and now I know it REAL HARDCORE PASSION like ALL-CONSUMING crazy passion and I wanna EAT HIM.

    Eh... What are we gna do lol Oh my god i cant believe me and you are so alike lol At least EVERYTHING you said I can really Understand and relate too like 100% LOL

    Have you said these things to him like:"I dont wanna f around with you I want something more?" Coz it makes a difference... Also I must say tho... With Taureans its REAL HARD and I know it... And especially guys... But the thing is we HATE it when anyone, even the one we love PUSHES us to do things..... We kinda have mind of our own LOL And we like tease lol The thing is if we really in love we wont let go so that gives you an awesome opportunity to just give him an "Ignoring therapy" lol If he really loves you he wont back down. We are like that but if he doesnt then..... anyway just tell me how you guys met and stuff..

  • Hi [TaurusBunny]

    I am very upset today, I had another fall out with the Taurean guy and I can tell you this is the last for me

    This how we met and you can tell me what you think if you think I am too sensitive or what:

    “He invited me out, to his best friend engagement party. We met in February this year in Spanish restaurant he was with his friends, it’s one of his friend [ the Scorpio that noticed me first but once he saw me too he jump on the whole deal and the Scorpio was out of the picture].

    Anyway at out first date he brought with him his ex girlfriend, they started to have an argument about her new boyfriend. i was in car with the two of them so i couldn't escape. i met straight away everyone around him, his best friends, brother, mother, dad, etc. i stayed straight on first date in his family home. On the same day we had massive fight regarding the ex girlfriend a he couldn't stop speaking about it, i asked him if he still like her he say no but then kept talking about her. After a few hours i told him i couldn't be with him as i felt not safe with the relationship. [ he started speaking about her straight after we slept together saying things like why she goes round and slept straight away and don’t look to be friends first, I felt he was speaking of me as this is what I just did with him , the pain just grow] then he started calling me all kind name when I was telling him how this whole situation made me feel. He did not know me and did not even try to know me but there we are his calling me names when I have a very good job, 5 homes and made a life for myself I had no one supporting me since age 10 years old and there he is disrespecting me already.

    That day I left his house in middle of early morning at 4 am , I did know where I was or how I could get home but I could not be there any more.

    He followed me and we talk and tried again but I was hurt inside.

    after 2 days his telling me he want to get married with me, speaking to have kids and also insisted for us to go get a puppy together

    our first kid will be the puppy, his talking about holiday etc….

    he criticize everyone around him, especially their relationship with their girlfriends, he said he know all their girlfriends want him.

    he tells his friends what to do.

    he smoke and i dont when i tell him to not smoke in car he still do it and open the window ever i said i am cold

    he will choose what i should eat and how much i should eat.

    if i speak about something that concern me he doesn't give much feedback

    he will not validate any of my feeling, he never let me finish my sentence always cut me during the time i speak or what he call " adding" to things.

    his always turned on , always

    he said he never was like this before

    he start telling me how he met his ex girlfriend, he was with a girl and he was cheating on her with that girl [ the ex girlfriend he brought to my date]

    i felt so insecure by the whole situation because felt he was not over her and she was not over him

    i felt so much hurt by the whole things

    personally i didn't know really how i felt about him , what i mean is i don't know if i liked him or not as i felt my feeling were been sabotage by the meeting with the ex girlfriend.

    feeling drain, was so unusual to me, in such short time

    he will call me constantly

    he will take me out, when i tell him i don't want to be with him he will say lets just be friends and hang out

    but then he try to kiss me

    on first day, everyone around him knew already i was his girlfriend before i knew it or I agree to it,

    when i broke up with him he will tell me why i want to leave something this beautiful and so important

    One night, , he came to my home overly exited, we had sex that night, he was sweating like river. It was a

    as soon the sex stop he called me idiot again and get disrespectful with me again. i blow that night and throw things at him , i told him to get out

    he called me psycho and got dress slowly, asking me to use to toilet like he was smiling

    we fight again this time he grab me and push me again the wall, my phone broke

    he hold his hand against my face and told me he is going to hit me

    for some reason he drag me from the kitchen back to the bedroom

    i felt he was sexually turned on by the whole situation

    he drag me in the bedroom , i have a cross trainer in my bedroom and he push me into it

    i also felt that save me a bite as i felt he wanted to do something to me in the bedroom

    he told me i will fuck you up, i will fuck you up and then i will call the police

    it felt it was his right to do so

    he pulled away asking me to let him out the place

    he spoken calm and relax

    i pick up my phone and closed the door of my bedroom and call the police i heard him panicking and he run from the garden door

    Since that incident I have not seeing him in PERSONAL

    The police told him to never come back to my address or contact me

    But that night and since he been contacting me

    His trying now to say that I am crazy that it’s my entire fault and if only I was claiming my insanity we will be ok

    He refuses to look at his behavior and the pain his doing to me

    One day I planned this whole dinner for me I really went out my way to please him but not only he was only smoking and out of reality but we went out to this bar for a short drink

    All was good but he made excuse that he needed to get another coke

    When he went to the bar he gave his business card to this girl

    Why would he do that? He cant look at his part in our problem

    He been insisting for us to go on holiday, of course his hoping I pay for all of it and take care of his little world for him, I do not feel at all this guy or should I say this boy is around me because he care of me, I think he see things to get for his own self in it

    I see his game , his not the first guy that try to use me before

    Then he insisted that I get him a puppy Labrador dog

    To get back at him I sent him a card gave details where he can get his dog


    He went to the place, over the moon but when he got there he realize it was not real

    He called me and said you lie , you lie why?

    Well because you lied to, didn’t you before?

    Today, he brought the dog again and this time he said that I lie about my whole life, work home, everything basically that I am insane

    I did not arguing back and I agreed, I lied about absolutely everything

    I feel his pushing his own insecurity on me, his the one that still live at home at age 30 and don’t have any responsibility in his life

    I feel his very insecure

    We may have a great sex life but that’s all we got as this guy is better out my life then in my life

    He is so abusive it’s untrue.

    The great thing about meeting his ex is I saw how he treat her, the same abusive way that he treat me, he devaluate her in such way it’s disgusting

    I feel his full of hate or something, especially at me as his trying to control me but his just not working

    I am kind glad things fall down again as this kind is some sort psycho or something

    Imagine that I entertaining the psycho to get HOT ahahah

    His penis look like a lollip pop maybe he use it to attract little baby like me ahahah

    I am sure your guys his not horrible then this one, the thing is I do not know him at all and he didn’t try to know me at all when we first met

    Because apparently he told me he got some ability to read people mind, idiot ahahah

    So what you think?

  • I felt good yesterday until i speak to him today, i dont know what his deal with.i really believe his insecure and he got to put my whole life down to feel good about himself

    i was going to argue today and decide no i cant be bother man

    He only want to go travelling around like a little kid and have fun

    i have responsibilities in my life, bills to pay and a home to take care of, projects and also holiday and money saving i want to do

    imagine how miserable i be if i live with such guy, a little baby that will abuse me night and day and make me run all around , get me a puppy, pay this and that, i want this and that, NIGHTMARE

    Despite that the sex is handsome my life will end straight up with stress and desatisfaction

    oh dear

    i am so down to a point i cant even think of sex, imagining his penis kind turn me off ahahah

    i prefer go home and do things to myself, it's better this guy is just such vampire .shite

  • i am alone, got no friends or family and have my own problems but i keep smiling i cant deal with this people that are careless in their life,

  • Hi [TaurusBunny] i feel so sad you cannot imagine, i am in love with an evil man that just love making me miserable. a man that is obssess to touch my skin and starve to make me scream until the dawn, the only issue is 🙂 the way he speak to me and think run dry my river

    Stupid fool, poor soul despite we just cant stop bruising each other, we just cant stop, be tormented by the vision of his being covering mine

    The memory of how it feel when we join , consumed by fever, i cant breath just remembering his hands running over me

    I pray every day, if God exist please get me out of this right now because i cant take another second of this emotion holding my thoughts

    Damn Vampire he drain me so much, stupid idiot who does he think he is

    Darling you should see his ex, oh my God... who cant touch that?

    he got no taste for real flavor , poor guy lol

    ... seriously i will be working more..again to leave this out my life

    thinking of it right now i think i am going to torment it he deserve some punishment right now lol

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